Karin's Top 10 4th of July Fashion Favorites

Karin's Top 10 4th of July Fashion Favorites

Fashion/Lifestyle BloggerKarin Chen Loo

I'm a Boho Girl living in a Yogi World! I share pretty pictures and honest words through rose-colored boho-gypset-city-girl mama lenses. Former fashion retail merchandiser turned HR Director and yoga instructor. Shoe and avocado toast addict.

America's birthday is coming up, and that also means the heat outside will be cranked up! Getting ready for both hot weather and still keeping your outfit cute and perfect for Instagram can be hard to plan, though. That's why we asked our favorite fashion blogger, Karin (@sincerelykarin) for her advice again. She says:

"Independence Day is right around the corner, and regardless of what your festivities will be, I have your Fourth of July fashion picks covered with my top 10 pieces for this holiday! 

From a casual barbeque to a swim-fest, to a fancier backyard party, choose from one (or all) of the items below to look patriotic and stylish at the same time. Wear them now for a pop of that red, white, and blue, and wear them later to mix into your wardrobe!"

  • Last updated: 06-28-2021
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Karin Chen Loo's mybest

YidartonStrapless Boho Maxi Long Dress


ALEXIS for TargetTropical Leaf Tie Strap Asymmetrical Hem Dress


Show Me Your MumuCannon Romper


OmkagiSexy Swimsuit Bikini Set


CupsheV Neck One Piece Swimsuit


EpsionStraw Beach Tote Bag


FurtalkBeach Sun Straw Hat


ModaraniFrayed Cut Off Denim Shorts


Show Me Your MumuCoco Crop Top


Karin Chen Loo's mybest Summary

This list is a pretty well-rounded grouping of 10 items a fashion blogger would choose for the Fourth of July celebration this year. Whether you are going to be hanging out casually in a backyard, walking to watch city fireworks, or vacationing by a lake or far-off beach, this list will have all the items you need for your outing, and more!

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