Seline's Top 10 Romance Books for Summer Reading

Seline's Top 10 Romance Books for Summer Reading

Lifestyle BloggerSéline DuMane

An Instagram content curator who is passionate about fashion and literature. Fashion-wise, she is a huge fan of academia or Parisian chic style. Literature-wise, she loves to read literary fiction, fantasy, and romance titles.

Sometimes it's nice to curl up with a good book. You get engrossed with the story, setting, and characters, and it can be hard to put down and go to bed. And it always helps to have a good romantic plot! So for those of you who love romances and want to expand your booklist with a cast of diverse characters and storylines, check out these picks by avid reader and lifestyle blogger, Seline DuMane (@lifebytheink).

She says, "As the summer season approaches, one of my favorite pastimes is the chance to indulge in reading, whether that's at the beach or my front porch. Here are some of my favorite books. Some of them are on backlist and some are releases I'm anticipating, but all of them I recommend reading this summer!"

  • Last updated: 05-23-2021
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Séline DuMane's mybest

Casey McQuistonOne Last Stop



Talia HibbertGet a Life, Chloe Brown



Alexis DariaYou Had Me at Hola



Emiko JeanTokyo Ever After



Madeline MillerThe Song of Achilles



K.A. TuckerThe Simple Wild



Helen HoangThe Bride Test



Bolu BabalolaLove in Color


Abigail Hing WenLoveboat, Taipei



Christina LaurenThe Unhoneymooners



Séline DuMane's mybest Summary

Some of these romances are funny, some tragic, and some sexy, but each of them is hard to put down. And if you're open to exploring a ton of different topics and relationships, I highly recommend picking one of them up, even if you're not normally a romance fan.

It's always fun to get yourself lost in a book, and summer is the perfect time to cool down in the shade with a good read. Grab one of the books on this list, or any book you love, and have fun reading! 

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