LW's Top 10 Simple Reusable Swaps to Use Around the House

LW's Top 10 Simple Reusable Swaps to Use Around the House

Reducing the amount of waste you produce may not seem like a big thing, but it can really have a positive effect on the environment. And using reusable items, such as glass straws or compostable-packaged goods is an easy switch to do! If you aren't sure where to start swapping, then take a look through this list of favorites by sustainable living blogger LW (@wherethewildasare).

She says, "With so many options out there online and in stores, it can be hard to choose what is not only best for the environment but what also works well! This list is only the tip of the iceberg in great products, but please always do your research and find out what ingredients are actually going into your home. 

As a busy, working mom myself, I understand we don't have the luxury of time. If I give you one piece of advice, it's to read past the terms "green," "natural," and "eco," just to name a few, on the product packaging since a quick list through the ingredients might show that they aren't actually environmentally friendly. Read on to find a few of my favorite products, with no research required."

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Leslie Wilda
Crunchy Mama & Memory Capturer
  • Georganics
    Organic Mineral-Rich Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

    Leslie Wilda

    Ditch the plastic tube and go for glass and aluminum with Georganics mineral toothpaste, mouthwash tablets, and beechwood toothbrushes. With multiple flavors to choose from and plastic-free shipping, this is definitely a smart switch. 

    Dab a pea-sized amount of paste onto your recyclable brush, and finish with a mouthwash tablet dissolved in water. They offer floss and gum as well, and, again, their packaging is completely plastic-free. The flavors are not as strong as your typical name-brand companies, and it only takes about a week to get used to.

  • bai-li
    Natural Deodorant

    Leslie Wilda

    An easy way to decrease plastic waste in your household is to swap that plastic deodorant bottle for paperboard! Bai-li offers five different scents (including unscented) and is free of aluminum and parabens, so no need to worry about irritation or harmful chemicals seeping into your skin. 

    While other brands of antiperspirants use greenwashing claims, Bai-li truly cares about making an impact on the environment by eliminating the plastic container altogether. It's a truly smart choice that the company is expanding to more locations in the US, but you can currently find them online if they aren't near you.

  • dropps
    Stain & Odor Detergent

    Leslie Wilda

    If you’re not keen on making your own laundry detergent from scratch, check out Dropps for a one-time or subscription package on laundry detergent and dishwasher tablets. These pods make it easier and quicker to do my laundry, all without any mess. I can even do it one-handed! 

    They incorporate plant-based ingredients that work in all types of washer machines. Make sure to use more than one pod for large loads of laundry, though! The only thing left when you’ve used it all is a small cardboard box, which is great. My favorites of each type of detergent are the lavender eucalyptus laundry pods and lemon dishwasher pods.

  • Hydro Flask
    Stainless Steel & Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

    Leslie Wilda

    Invest in a high-quality water bottle that will last you for years, without the worry of what harmful chemicals are leaching into your drink on a hot summer day. Hydroflask is my favorite water bottle company because it not only keeps my water cold and ice unmelted for hours, but it will also keep warm drinks hot. 

    They have plenty of water bottle colors, sizes, and designs to fit your needs. Personally, I have a couple for outdoor adventures and others for keeping in the car when I run errands. They also make kid-friendly options to fit your whole family.

  • Simply Straws
    Classic Single Glass Straw

    Leslie Wilda

    I've tried every type of straw imaginable until I found the best type: glass straws. Here's a simple run-down of types of sustainable straws: paper straws break down too quickly and fall apart, bamboo straws leave you with a funny aftertaste, and stainless steel straws are cold and hard on your teeth - even the ones with silicone tips. That's where glass straws come in!

    These glass straws come in narrow or wider sizes (perfect for you thick smoothie lovers), multiple colors, and lengths; the company, Simply Straws, even offers a lifetime guarantee. Even with kids in the house, we haven't broken one yet. 

    Grab a sleeve or make your own to keep a straw handy when eating out. A simple but mighty switch from plastic to reusable straws can really add up - and think of all the turtles we could be saving!

  • Threshold
    8 Sided Open Weave Basket

    Leslie Wilda

    Stop buying plastic bins and opt for baskets instead! One of the easiest changes you can make today is to upgrade your baskets around the house. We have seagrass baskets for laundry, and we also use them to organize things around the house. 

    They hold up well, and we store toys, shoes, cat toys, blankets, books, and so much more in various baskets located in many of the rooms in our house. Wicker and seagrass can really step up your home decor game, too! You can also try placing rope baskets in wooden shelving or save some money by checking out your local thrift store for other storage bins.

  • Parachute
    Linen Sheet Set

    Leslie Wilda

    Sleep better not only by knowing you’re shopping smarter but also with actually better sheets. Linen is soft, lightweight, and works well in both warm and cooler climates. They’ll last you for years to come, but make sure to opt for natural dyes to ensure the sheets are biodegradable. 

    If these sheets seem a little rough at first, don't fret! They get softer with every wash and hold up so much better than cotton. And don't worry about the wrinkles, it's all part of the look, so don't waste your time trying to iron them out. 

    Today, you can easily find quality linen in fun patterns, and they also come in varieties for your fitted and flat sheets, duvet cover, blankets, and more. Check out Parachute, Brooklinen, MagicLinen, and other high-quality retailers for the best choices.

  • PlanToys
    Wooden Balancing Tree Learning Toy

    Leslie Wilda

    If you have kids or need a gift for a friend, try a wooden or recycled plastic toy like this one from PlanToys instead of standard, new plastic ones. PlanToys offers so many great options, from baby toys to bath toys to kid furniture - they make it all. 

    Natural toys without the bells and whistles are the only kind I look for, to encourage a child's imagination and creativity instead of them learning to be entertained in a passive way. 

    You can find toys geared towards a certain age, interest, or for enhancing learning through fine-motor coordination, problem-solving, and musical exploration. Also, they use water-based dyes that are safe for kids!

    Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bandages

    Leslie Wilda

    Someone is always bound to need a bandaid, and why not stock up on hypoallergenic and compostable ones? Patch offers various types of bandaids depending on your intended use, but you can’t go wrong with any of them. 

    They are breathable, work as well as any other bandaid I have used before, and stay on about a day depending upon what you are doing and where the injury is. We enjoy having the coconut oil bandages to help with healing and because they prevent sticking, and the charcoal bandages have worked wonders with dirty scrapes and cuts.

  • Ukonserve
    Divided Rectangle Stainless Steel Lunch Container

    Leslie Wilda

    I find these containers to be so useful for the whole family. They are leakproof, they keep fruit cold with a simple ice pack, and they’re easy to clean by sticking in the dishwasher. We also use reusable bags for sandwiches, but these containers are sealed to keep your food fresh for much, much longer. 

    While a young child will need a little help to open and close them, you can rest assured these containers won't be spilling anywhere. I'm a fan of the divided containers that can be used for your lunch at work or school. Also, the company's screw-top insulated food jar is a secret staple! Plus, stainless steel doesn't retain odors like plastic, which is a big plus.