Kelly's Top 10 Beekeeping Essentials for Beginners

Kelly's Top 10 Beekeeping Essentials for Beginners

Beekeeper & Food BloggerKelly Jensen

Kelly is the recipe developer, beekeeper, and food blogger behind and loves creating vibrant and healthy recipes with simple whole ingredients. When she's not in the kitchen, she's chopping wood on her homestead and tending to her beehives in the garden.

There's nothing that beats growing your own ingredients. You'll know exactly what is going into your crops and feel a sense of accomplishment from putting in the hard work. Beekeeping is a great way to get your own honey and even care for the environment! If you're interested in trying beekeeping, take a look through this list prepared by recipe developer and beekeeper Kelly (@theherbeevore).

She says, "Get the buzz on my favorite beekeeping tools for beginners! I've been a beekeeper for four years, and these are all tools I use on a daily and weekly basis. Beekeeping is a sweet hobby, and I absolutely love the feeling of caring for my hives and knowing the bees are in turn caring for the environment. 

My list below covers a wide range of equipment for the beginner beekeeper like protective gear, hive inspection essentials, and bee feeders. These must-haves are great for those starting a new hobby with backyard beehives!"

  • Last updated: 05-09-2021
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Kelly Jensen's mybest

Humble BeeVentilated Beekeeping Suit


Honey KeeperBeehive 20 Frame Complete Box Kit


FlexzionBee Hive Smoker


Foxhound Bee CompanyStainless Steel Beekeepers Hive Tool Set


WeewoodayEntrance Feeder

2 pack


Foxhound Bee CompanyHeavy Duty Beekeeping Gloves


JashemBeehive Frame Holder


Little GiantBeekeeping Brush


VIVOStainless Steel Honey Strainer Double Sieve


Little GiantPlastic Honey Bucket


Kelly Jensen's mybest Summary

There are so many amazing beekeeping tools out there, but these are my tried-and-true favorites. Whether you're a first-time beekeeper or a seasoned pro looking to upgrade some equipment, these products are great additions to your beekeeper's tool belt. Let me know if there are other tools you buzz about!

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