Rich's Top 10 Skin, Body, and Hair Picks to Get Ready for Summer

Rich's Top 10 Skin, Body, and Hair Picks to Get Ready for Summer

Beauty BloggerRichard Davies

Bringing the fun back to beauty, I blend insightful skincare reviews with humor in order to entertain. My passions are discovering and supporting smaller independent brands, skincare with a conscience and green science. I'm also known for my creative take on textures!

As the weather changes, you'll notice your skin's condition fluctuating as well. To make sure to always have glowing, beautiful skin, we talked to Rich (@theskincarestooge) about his best picks for head-to-toe. 

"As spring starts springing and we emerge from our caves following our winter hibernation (plus, of course, Covid restrictions) it's time for us to whip our skin and hair into shape ready for the great unveiling! 

The only problem is that after months of wearing only pajamas and being starved of sunlight we face a number of challenges, on top of how to socialize again. Namely - cracked heels, bumpy arms, dry knees, congested scalps, and dry hair - oh and not to mention our ghostly complexions! Not a pretty picture right? Well fear not, as this selection of head-to-toe beautifiers will turn things around for you quick-smart."

  • Last updated: 05-06-2021
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Richard Davies's mybest

Margaret Dabbs LondonProfessional Foot File


Margaret Dabbs London Foot Hygiene Cream


AveneCleanance Cleansing Gel


Amanda Harrington Perfect Body Ultimate Gradual Tan


Amanda HarringtonBody Mousse

Natural Rose


Dr SebaghDeep Exfoliating Mask

1.7 oz.


Kerastase ParisScrub Apaisant Soothing Scalp Scrub


UltrasunBody Tan Activator SPF 30


Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Hair Treatment

2.5 oz.


Richard Davies's mybest Summary

In much the same way as you would never paint your living room without first prepping and priming the walls and woodwork, your body and hair require the same care and attention. Put in the work ahead of time and you’ll reap the rewards with tanned, toned and hydrated skin and bouncy locks - summer, we are ready for you!

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