Karin's 10 Picks for Fancy and Frugal Mother's Day Gifts

Karin's 10 Picks for Fancy and Frugal Mother's Day Gifts

Certified Yoga Instructor/Fashion BloggerKarin Chen Loo

Karin is a certified yoga instructor and HR director in addition to running a successful Instagram account about fashion, lifestyle, and more. She describes herself as "a Boho Girl living in a Yogi World".

With Mother's Day coming up, you may be wondering what the best gift is to buy for your parent. Or, you could just be wanting to show your gratitude to a mother figure in your life. Either way, Boho-loving fashion blogger and loving mom Karin K. (@sincerelykarin) is here to help you out. You can catch more of Karin's lifestyle and Boho-fashion tips on her Instagram or on her blog. Concerning Mother's Day gifts, Karin says: 

"Whether it's your own mother, your hard-working bestie mama, or your fur-mom sister, what better day than Mother's Day to shower them with something luxurious yet easy on your bank account? 

We all love unwrapping a beautifully arranged, classy package, and Mother's Day is such a beautiful symbol of appreciation for moms everywhere. I've rounded up 10 Fancy and Frugal Mother's Day gifts under $100 from some of the glitziest brand names to give the mamas in your life that designer thrill."

  • Last updated: 04-25-2021
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Karin Chen Loo's mybest

ChanelNo. 5 Bath Soap


Missoni HomeYari Hand Towel



Yves Saint LaurentTatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain

16 Nude Emblem - terra cotta pink


GoogleNest Hub Smart Display

With Google Assistant


Venus et FleurLe Mini Square

2″ × 2″ × 2″ — 9 SMALL ROSES


Williams SonomaLe Creuset Coupe Cereal Bowls



Cacao & CardamomThe Jewelry Box

24 Pieces


Karin Chen Loo's mybest Summary

Gift-giving is literally a love language, and even if it isn't yours, a thoughtful present can make someone's day. Whether you're gifting your own mother to show your thanks, or have a special mama friend in mind, I hope that this list brings you inspiration! 

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