Karin's 10 Items You Need to Elevate Your Yoga Practice

Karin's 10 Items You Need to Elevate Your Yoga Practice

Certified Yoga Instructor/Fashion BloggerKarin Chen Loo

Karin is a certified yoga instructor and HR director in addition to running a successful Instagram account about fashion, lifestyle, and more. She describes herself as "a Boho Girl living in a Yogi World".

We all need a way to relax and get peace of mind, and yoga is a great way to do that. If you're looking to start yoga or wanting to improve your yoga experience, then look no further! We asked yoga teacher and practitioner, Karin K (@sincerelykarin) for her top recommendations on what to get to elevate your yoga practice:

"As a Yoga Teacher at one of the most popular hot yoga (vinyasa) studios in Houston, Texas, and a Yoga Practitioner myself, I love sharing the products that really work to elevate my practice and take it to the next level. 

I've tried, and witnessed my students using, all kinds of brands and types of mats, towels, and other items, and below are the 10 essentials that I think every yogi (new or advanced), should have in their arsenal. While some items are investment items that will last you for years, I've tried to get the best bang for your buck with the below products!"

  • Last updated: 04-15-2021
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Karin Chen Loo's mybest

LiformeYoga Mat and Bag


MandukaCork Yoga Block

9 x 6 x 4 in.


Don Miguel RuizThe Four Agreements



lululemonAlign Leggings


Do Essential OilsdōTERRA Introductory Kit


Pachamama EssentialsOrganic California White Sage & Palo Santo


UpCircleSevenYoga Wheel


ASUTRANatural & Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner

4 oz.


YogitoesManduka Yoga Towel


Karin Chen Loo's mybest Summary

Yoga is a great way to re-center yourself and immerse yourself in an aura of mindfulness, calm, and relaxation. Various yoga equipment can help enhance that experience. I hope you've been able to get inspiration from my list of recommended items and make sure that you stay consistent with your yoga practice!

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