Camille's Top 10 Essentials for Making Great Drinks at Home

Camille's Top 10 Essentials for Making Great Drinks at Home

Cocktail Blogger/Content CreatorCamille Wilson

Camille Wilson is a NYC-based cocktail blogger who loves daiquiris, brunch, and red lipstick. Since October of 2018, she has been sharing simple recipes for expertly crafted cocktails and tips and tricks to help her readers host happy hour at home, no matter the size of their living room or budget.

Itching to bring your home bar up to par? Finding the right tools can feel like a chore, but not when you have at-home drink-making pros like Camille (@thecocktailsnob_) to consult. That's exactly what we did; we asked for her top 10 favorite home bar essentials and even some tips to elevate your booze. She says:

"Since the start of the pandemic, many of us have had no choice but to play kitchen bartender so we can get our drink on at home. And not being able to access some of my favorite bars and restaurants has given me a great excuse to create happy hour at home. 

So I’m sharing my 10 must-have essentials for at-home cocktail making-everything from tools, to glasses, and ice trays. These are the tools that I use most often to make my process easy and efficient. Cheers!"

  • Last updated: 03-21-2021
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Camille Wilson's mybest

GodingerDublin Cocktail Shaker

17 oz.


StesoWooden Muddler


Best ChoiceMetal Lemon Lime Squeezer


OXOSteel Double Jigger


BarflyMuddle Bar Spoon


RiedelMixing Glass

22 oz.


MikasaHighball Drinking Glass

Set of 4


LibbeyHeavy Base Rocks Cocktail Glass

Set of 12


Luigi BormioliJazz Champagne/Sherbet Coupe

10.25 oz., set of 4


W&PSilicone Ice Tray


Camille Wilson's mybest Summary

Cocktail-making doesn't have to be hard or expensive. And with just a few of these essentials, you'll be whipping up delicious, beautiful drinks in no time. Although having all of these items is great, I recommend building your essentials collection little by little with items that really speak to you.

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