Karin's Top 10 Items for a Boho-Chic Look

Karin's Top 10 Items for a Boho-Chic Look

Certified Yoga Instructor/Fashion BloggerKarin Chen Loo

Karin is a certified yoga instructor and HR director in addition to running a successful Instagram account about fashion, lifestyle, and more. She describes herself as "a Boho Girl living in a Yogi World".

Spring and summer are fast approaching, and that means it's time to switch out your wardrobe. If this is the year you're finally going to try to achieve that bohemian look, look no further. We asked boho-chic style expert Karin K (@sincerelykarin) for some of her top recommendations for starting or adding to your new look:

"Whether you're looking to infuse a little more boho glam in your life, or make a complete lifestyle dive into a full-on brand new aesthetic, I love these top 10 picks for freshening up your look and lifestyle to get that you in that mid-strut at a festival, boho-vacation type of mood every day."

  • Last updated: 03-19-2021
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Karin Chen Loo's mybest

Lack of ColorTeak Rancher


SpellLove Story Short Sleeve Boho Dress


FisaceWomens Pointed Toe Ankle Boots



JudyBridalOversized Denim Jacket



SuosdeyVintage Metal Buckle Belt

1.1 in. width, Black


DaydreamerWomen's Concert Poster Tour Tee

Dusty Orchid


Rohb by Joyce AzriaHigh Block & Stiletto Heel Ankle Strap Sandals



Levi'sWomen's 724 High Rise Straight Crop Jeans

Good Measure


BirkenstockUnisex Arizona Essentials EVA Sandals



Free PeopleLayered In Lace Swing Dress



Karin Chen Loo's mybest Summary

Whether you're a corporate glass ceiling-breaking woman or a stay-at-home superstar mom, I hope these pieces will help you channel a carefree gypsy vacation on the Italian coast or transport you to mid-song at a music festival. Achieving a modern bohemian look is easy if you start with these staples and continue to add on vintage-inspired items or more floral prints!

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