Amanda's Top 10 Starter DIY Home Renovation Tools

Amanda's Top 10 Starter DIY Home Renovation Tools

DIY BloggerAmanda Walker

My name is Amanda Walker and I am a DIY home designer, proud mother of two, plant mama, and a unique voice in the social communities that I participate in. I started Dwell Aware halfway through 2020, although home design has been a passion of mine for over eight years. My blog explores home de...

Making our homes feel homier is more important now than ever, and that has inspired a lot of people to start DIY projects. But, are you sure you have the right equipment? Or maybe you're not even sure where to start? Thankfully, we have some amazing picks from DIYer and designer extraordinaire, Amanda (@dwellaware). When we asked her about advice for starting your DIY journey, here's what she said:

"DIY is so empowering and will help you to make home truly yours and to enjoy where you live. As you move towards your DIY journey, it can be overwhelming figuring out what you need to get started! Getting down to the basics is important. 

This list of 10 starter tools will go a long way in your journey of transforming your home. These tools will last you for years to come and will help you in both simple and complicated projects."

  • Last updated: 02-10-2021
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Amanda Walker's mybest

Ryobi18V One+ Handheld Drill/Driver and Impact Driver Kit



KomelonMonster Maggrip 30' Measuring Tape



Ryobi2.6 Amp Random Orbit Sander



NASUMHalf Face Cover with Safety Glasses



IRWIN16 oz. Hammer


Tacklife12-Inch Level



Pro GradeVariety Angle Paint Brushes

6 pack


Rust-OleumZinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer

1 quart, White


Bates ChoiceTelescoping Paint Roller Pole

3 ft.


Makita75 PC Metric Drill and Screw Bit Set



Amanda Walker's mybest Summary

This guide will help you dip your toes into how fun DIY can be! Having some quality items initially can be a catalyst in avoiding frustration and keeping to the task at hand. Once you begin to make your space your own, it can turn into such an enjoyable and empowering experience.

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