Upbeet Anisha's Top 10 Flavor-Bursting Ingredients to Transform Any Meal

Upbeet Anisha's Top 10 Flavor-Bursting Ingredients to Transform Any Meal

Plant-Based Food BloggerAnisha Chandra

Anisha is recipe blogger, food photographer, wellness enthusiast, and college student interested in the intersection between food and medicine. She is known as Upbeet Anisha on Instagram and her blog, where she shares her favorite nourishing plant-based recipes. She loves taking inspiration from ...

Anisha (@upbeetanisha) is a food blogger, college student, and wellness advocate, focusing on bold flavors and healthy eating in her blog, Upbeet Anisha. Her fond memories centered around food inspire her beautiful plant-based dishes and she strives to show others how to make healthy eating fun, affordable, and approachable.

She says, "Good food is defined by nourishing ingredients and delicious flavors, so let's go to flavor town! This list includes spices, sauces, and other ingredients that can often singlehandedly elevate the flavor profile of a dish. 

Whether you are a beginner in the kitchen or a professional chef, the ingredients here will satisfy you and unleash your desire to experiment with flavors. Several of them originate from a particular cuisine, but in our multicultural world, they all deserve a spot in your kitchen!"

  • Last updated: 02-10-2021
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Anisha Chandra's mybest

MDHChunky Chat Masala


Primal KitchenOrganic & Unsweetened Classic BBQ Sauce



Rani Brand Authentic Indian ProductsGaram Masala


Rani Brand Authentic Indian ProductsChilli Powder (Mirchi)


BraggNutritional Yeast


Big Tree FarmsCoco Aminos Seasoning Sauce


Kirkland SignatureOrganic Creamy Peanut Butter



Soom FoodsPure Ground Sesame Tahini


Anisha Chandra's mybest Summary

When you choose to eat nourishing meals with real, minimally-processed ingredients, you do not have to compromise on flavor. There are plenty of naturally flavorful spices and ingredients for you to experiment with. With just a little practice with these star ingredients, you'll be coming up with your own uses for them in no time!

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