Hana's Top 10 Must-Haves for Decorating Sugar Cookies

Hana's Top 10 Must-Haves for Decorating Sugar Cookies

Decorated sugar cookies are a labor of love, and it can be intimidating knowing where to start and what products you should invest in, especially as a beginner. 

Hana (@hanamade.cookies) has been decorating sugar cookies for almost a year now and has tried several different products that have helped her streamline her business. That's why we found it only fitting to ask Hana to tell us her top ten favorite products that she uses every day to create her edible pieces of art!

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Hana Nguyen
Custom Cookie Maker
  • Metronic
    8 Inch Impulse Bag Sealer

    Hana Nguyen

    This is definitely a must-have for cookie decorators! It was one of my first cookie supply purchases, and I can't go without it. I use it to heat seal every single one of my cookies, which allows for optimal freshness for up to two weeks. 

    Once plugged in, it takes absolutely no time at all for it to heat up. All you have to do is press down on the handle for about two seconds on the bag to seal, lift up, and voila! Sealed. 

    It has a heat dial where you can increase or decrease the heat, which allows it to seal both thin and thicker cello bags. I have a clean and smooth seal every time, and it seals all of my products with no fuss.

  • AmeriColor
    Nifty Fifty Kit

    Hana Nguyen

    Before I purchased these, I was using normal food coloring from the grocery store. It only had basic, primary colors, so I had to guess and mix each color to try and get the perfect shade. Once I invested in this 50 pack, it was incredible for my cookies! 

    Since there are so many colors, you can achieve just the right shade of virtually any color you want with much less guessing. A little goes a long way, and I expect this 50 pack to last me well beyond a year! The colors are vibrant, beautiful, and all you need out of gel food coloring.

  • IKEA
    Bevara Bag Sealing Clips

    Hana Nguyen

    I use these bag clips to seal my piping bags once I fill them with icing. They close the bags so tightly, and I never have a problem with my icing leaking over the top of the bags anymore! 

    It gives me such peace of mind; before, I would use rubber bands or twist ties, and they always caused problems for me. These clips are also very durable and wash cleanly every time. They're so inexpensive, come in a pack of so many fun colors, and get the job done perfectly!

  • Bakerpan
    Food Coloring Markers

    Hana Nguyen

    These food-safe markers are definitely a game-changer! These are great for any details that may be too small to pipe normally, or if you want clean, crisp lines. I especially love using them for lettering or line drawings of people. 

    It also opens the door for many trendy cookie decorating techniques like the wet-on-wet icing technique where you outline the details with a black marker. 

    This is also a great option if you offer DIY cookie kits; just add a marker in the box and your client can write whatever they want on their cookies! Just make sure the icing base on your cookie is completely dry before writing with your markers.

  • Joseph Joseph
    Adjustable Rolling Pin with Removable Rings

    Hana Nguyen

    This rolling pin is genius. It has removable rings that act as measuring guides to how thick or thin you want to roll your cookies. I personally roll my cookies to three-eighths of an inch, which is the thickest on this rolling pin. 

    It ensures uniform thickness every time and takes the guesswork out of the whole rolling process. It's such a time saver. You can also remove the rings very easily to clean. I was shocked by how inexpensive but effective this rolling pin is! Bonus: it's also great for rolling out pizza dough!

  • Celebakes by CK Products
    Meringue Powder

    Hana Nguyen

    I use this meringue powder in my royal icing. It is the only meringue powder I have ever used and probably will ever use! My icing always comes out delicious; it crusts over but still remains soft to the bite

    Meringue powder also gives your royal icing a long shelf life and keeps it fresh for weeks at a time. It will come out rich, fluffy, and smooth every time. I have never had a complaint from a client, and they love the taste and texture of the icing every time!

  • Gridmann
    Pro Silicone Baking Mat

    Hana Nguyen

    Many cookiers use parchment paper to line their baking sheets to bake their cookies, but once I started using silicone baking mats, I never looked back. I love baking mats because they are reusable and environmentally friendly

    I also prefer them because they help with cookie spreading. My cookies all hold their shape when I bake with them! The bottoms of my cookies are also way cleaner and pick up easily off the mat, whereas they would stick and usually be warped if I used parchment paper. I've purchased these several times, and absolutely love them!

  • N Norocme
    Premium Craft Clips

    Hana Nguyen

    This is another product that makes the cookie life so much easier! I use these bag tip clips to close the tip of my icing bags so that icing doesn't leak out of the hole I cut. This allows you to store the icing bags without fear of the icing leaking or crusting and ruining the whole bag. 

    I love that it comes with a plastic container to store them all, which is great to keep them contained and organized. This pack also comes with so many, so it will last forever!

  • Sangle Spoffy
    Clear Cookie Decorating Turntable

    Hana Nguyen

    This turntable was actually a gift from a friend and is one of those things that once you have it, you don't know how you lived without it! It makes decorating so much easier and cleaner. You won't risk messing up your work because you don't have to touch the cookie at all

    It's also a game-changer for floral work since you can pipe and see your cookie from any angle with such ease. I also love that it is clear, so it doesn't interfere with your cookie at all. 

    The base also has rubber on the bottom, so the base won't move while you work. It spins so smoothly, so I have no complaints!

  • Wilton
    55-Piece Cake Supply Master Decorating Tip Set

    Hana Nguyen

    When I first started cookie decorating, I was so intimidated by floral work. I had no idea where to start, so I purchased this Wilton decorating tip set. There are hundreds of tips out there, but this set contains most of the basic and most used ones for decorators! 

    With this set, you can pipe different florals, leaves, stars, and other shapes with ease. I love that it comes in its own case, which helps you stay organized. This set is also very reasonably priced with the number of tips you get and is a great set for any beginner who is starting with florals!