Jordan's Top 10 Dresses to Make You Feel Beautiful

Jordan's Top 10 Dresses to Make You Feel Beautiful

Style BloggerJordan Ortlund

Jordan Ortlund (known on Instagram as @teacupofstyle) is a style blogger and fulltime elementary school teacher. When she isn’t in the classroom teaching her third grade students, Jordan enjoys finding great deals on a teacher budget. Throughout the years, Jordan has used her blog and social medi...

Finding the right dress to make you feel gorgeous can be a daunting task for some. Not only are there countless patterns, styles, fits, and brands, but you also need to think about what occasions you can wear your dresses for! That's why we turned to Jordan (@teacupofstyle) for some advice considering she is the queen of cute dresses. She says:

"Dresses are a girl's best friend when it comes to dressing for daily life. They really fit any occasion, whether that be a formal meal or a fun day out with friends; a good dress does it all! Here are some of my favorites that will make you feel beautiful, too."

  • Last updated: 02-08-2021
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Jordan Ortlund's mybest

R.VivimosWomen's Summer Half Sleeve Dress



EcowishBohemian Wrap Maxi Dress

023 Blue


DokotooLong Sleeve Floral Print Mini Dress

B Blue


BTFBMRuched Elegant Bodycon Dress



MansyWomen's Knit Sweater Mini Dress



BardotWomen's Roxy Leaf Lace Dress

Lipstick Red


SkylandLong Maxi Dress


R.VivimosBohemian Midi Dress



YobechoWomen's Summer Ruffle Sleeve Dress



MerokeetyStriped Short Sleeve T Shirt Dress



Jordan Ortlund's mybest Summary

I love how I can always rely on my trusty stable of fantastic dresses to help me manage my busy life. As a teacher, a fashion blogger, a wife, and a working millennial, I have a lot going on and need to know that my closet can keep up with my schedule. No matter the occasion, I know that the right dress will carry me through and turn a few heads along the way!

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