Jules' Top 10 Sustainable Self-Care Items

Jules' Top 10 Sustainable Self-Care Items

When it comes to self-care, it can be hard to find options that are great for you and the environment. That's why we asked sustainability and travel advocate Julia Miller what she uses to take care of herself in a sustainable way, and her answers did not disappoint!

Her list of sustainable self-care items includes items for the bath, your body, your feet, your skin, and even your bed. See if you can use any of all of these in your own routine!

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Julia Miller
Sustainability and Travel Advocate
  • Beauty by Earth
    Bath Bombs

    Julia Miller

    After a long day, I love to relax and unwind by taking a bath. These bath bombs make my baths feel luxurious, and they smell so amazing! They're made with organic shea butter, kaolin clay, dead sea salt, and other skin-supporting ingredients that smell and feel great on your skin. 

    I also love that they have no harsh, toxic chemicals. They're also formulated without any dyes, sulfates, and perfumes, so they're great if you have sensitive skin or allergies. And knowing that they're sustainable, cruelty-free, and made with minimal ingredients always puts my mind at ease.

  • Sand + Fog
    Soy Wax Blend Candle

    Julia Miller

    I first received one of these candles as a gift and have not gone back since. They smell amazing and last for so long. They are made with 100% cotton wicks, sustainable paulowina wood lids, and 100% soy wax or soy wax blend. 

    I have always loved candles but didn't love that they filled my house with toxins, so finding this brand made me so happy! And when you're done with the candles, you can repurpose the container (which is adorable, by the way) and use the lid as a coaster.

  • Orgaid
    Organic Sheet Mask

    Julia Miller

    I absolutely love going to the spa but don't love how expensive it is. These masks smell amazing, are the perfect thickness, and leave my face feeling so hydrated and plump. They are designed to improve fine wrinkles, moisturize, soothe, soften and brighten skin, and they do a great job of all! 

    My other favorite part of these masks is that they have no harmful chemicals or dyes and are biodegradable. With these masks, you're able to have that spa day feeling without leaving your home or paying a ton of money. Plus, you can feel good about not harming out planet.

  • Sedvana
    Josephine Topper

    Julia Miller

    I cannot say enough good things about the Sedvana PJ Set and Topper. Their pajamas are made out of 100% dead-stock fabric (50% cotton and 50% Modal), which is soft, durable, and high-quality. It's also available in three other colors.

    My favorite piece is the topper. You can use it while you work from home without needing a blanket, and it is also perfect for travel. I love wearing this on planes since it makes me feel so cozy and chic, but I feel like I am wearing PJs! Win-win!

  • Mate the Label
    Organic Cotton Face Masks

    Julia Miller

    I got these masks at the beginning of quarantine and they have been my go-to ever since. After wearing disposable masks that make me feel gross and breakout, I love how soft and clean these masks feel. 

    They're made out of 100% organic cotton and such good quality that they can be washed over and over again without having to throw them away. They come in a pack of 5 with the cutest colors, and I love that I am able to match them to my outfits.

    I also love that they have no harsh chemicals that can make you get the dreaded "mask-ne". These masks are so comfortable that I had to order a pack for my husband as well!

  • Made Trade
    Looma Organic Duvet Set

    Julia Miller

    I am obsessed with this bedding! it is so cozy, comfortable, and high quality. I swear it gets softer every time I wash it. In the past, I have tried linen sheets and comforters that are extremely fragile and fall apart in the wash, so I wanted something that would last for years.

    These sheets are Fairtrade certified, 100% organic cotton, and adjust with the seasons - cooling in summer but warming in winter. This set includes a duvet cover and two pillow shams, and it also comes with a warranty!

    Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier

    Julia Miller

    I live in California, which means super dry air almost all year long. This means my skin and hair are extremely dr,y and I often wake up with a cough or dry throat. That was until I bought the URPOWER essential oil diffuser. 

    This diffuser won't have you worrying about waking up to dry air in your home, and your skin and hair will feel so much more hydrated. This humidifier is also power-saving and energy-efficient, so you don't have to worry about it taking up a ton of energy and being harsh on the planet.

  • Public Goods
    Essential Oil Set

    Julia Miller

    To go along with my eco-friendly humidifier, I also love this Public Goods essential oil kit. They're perfect to diffuse while you're working, taking a bath, or just want to make your home smell fresh and clean. Each essential oil in the set is 100% pure and organic.

    It comes with four great-smelling scents: lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, and peppermint. I've bought a set with more variety in the past, but I only really liked these four. That's why I was thrilled to find a pack with only my favorites. Each essential oil in our set is 100% pure and organic.

  • Nootkas
    Women's Astoria Wool House Slippers

    Julia Miller

    I bought a pair of Nootkas House Slippers at the beginning of winter and have not taken them off my feet since. They are so cozy and so warm, and they're perfect for chilly work from home days. My husband keeps stealing them, so it's a good thing his birthday is coming up...

    They're made with responsibly-sourced wool from New Zealand. These slippers in particular are also uncolored and undyed, so it's the closest thing to wearing a sheep that you can get!

  • We Are Samudra
    Pacific Leggings

    Julia Miller

    One of the best self-care items is a good workout set, and one of my favorite ways to keep the stress away is by unwinding in nature on a great hike or by sweating out my worries with a sweat sesh at home. We Are Samudra is one sustainable brand I rely on for good workout clothing.

    The material is extremely comfortable, flattering, and perfect for any level hike or workout. It is made from regenerated ocean plastic, transforming discarded ocean plastic such as fishing nets into beautiful garments. I love that the fabric is able to get wet and dry quick just like a swimsuit, for when your hikes turn into spontaneous swims!

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