Raquel's Top 10 Boots for Winter

Raquel's Top 10 Boots for Winter

Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle BloggerRaquel Alysia

I'm Raquel and I love to share pieces of my life on social media. My goal is to inspire others to be their best self, love life, and have fun!

Raquel Alysia (@_raquelalysia) is an active fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Dallas, Texas. Her stylish, comfortable, and deceptively simple coordinations are always on-trend and her makeup on-point. You can also catch amazing fashion and beauty tips, tricks, and reviews on her blog, OnTheNextTopic

Seeing her beautiful posts, passion for fashion, and, of course, her stylish collection of boots, we decided to contact her to give us some recommendations. She says, "Winter fashion is my favorite type of fashion! I love layers and everything warm and fuzzy. Boots are so easy to throw on and they typically look good with anything! 

There are so many different types of boots around, so I am super excited to be sharing my top 10 with you all! My top 10 boots are a must-have and will look good with any outfit, I promise there is no such thing as owning too many pairs of boots. You'll thank me later!"

  • Last updated: 12-09-2020
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Raquel Alysia's mybest

Urban OutfittersRemy Chelsea Boot


Dr. MartensJadon Smooth Leather Platform Boots


Universal ThreadCai Double Gore Boots


Free PeopleHunter Play Short Nebula Wellies


ZaraLow Heel Rubberized Boots


The North FaceThermoBall Lace-Up Boot


Koolaburra by UGGMini Bootie


Urban OutfittersLynn Cowboy Boot


LulusSo Much Yes Light Nude Suede Over the Knee Boots


Raquel Alysia's mybest Summary

From ankle boots to mid-calf, or knee-high - there are so many different styles of boots, and you really can't go wrong when it comes down to picking one. I hope you enjoyed this guide as much as I had fun making it! Be sure to tag me (@_raquelalysia) in your posts so I can see how you style your winter boots.

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