GlowyAmelie's Top 10 Products to Achieving Glass Skin

GlowyAmelie's Top 10 Products to Achieving Glass Skin

Amelia (@glowyamelie) is a skincare and makeup enthusiast who runs both a popular YouTube channel and Instagram, testing out many different types of masks, lotions, serums, and makeup for her viewers. They're great for when you need a bit of beauty help and inspiration! 

We loved her creative approach to skincare, so decided to contact her to prepare a list of her favorite products. She says, "This list was curated to show products that are affordable and have amazing formulas dedicated to helping achieve glass skin. 

Included products are from both Western and Korean brands that are perfect for any skin type. Some tips to finding the perfect products are listed at the end so make sure to read through!"

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  • First Aid Beauty
    Ultra Repair Cream


    This is a holy grail product for sensitive skin because it contains colloidal oatmeal which is used to calm inflamed skin. Plus, it's fragrance-free and the brand is also cruelty-free! Layering this over toners and serums really helps lock in the hydration while also giving a cooling effect that's similar to aloe vera. 

    I've been using this for almost 6 months now and my sensitive skin rarely gets irritated anymore because of continuous use. This moisturizer is great even if you don't have sensitive skin and suits all skin types because it isn't too thick or thin.
  • CeraVe
    Acne Foaming Cream Cleanser


    This cleanser from Cerave contains benzoyl peroxide which is a key ingredient for clearing pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads while also preventing new breakouts. It's a gentle cleanser without fragrance that suds up a tiny bit while also removing residue or dust from the face. 

    I've been using this cleanser for more than a year and it really made a difference in my t-zone where I sometimes will get oily and eventually get one or two pimples. I noticed my pimples and breakouts going away faster if I use this cleanser. 

    Overall, this is one of the best acne treatments and cleansers because it is both affordable and has an amazing formulation. I highly recommend this to those who have acne-prone skin.
    Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser


    This cleanser from COSRX is a close second to the CeraVe cleanser but still has some amazing properties. It contains salicylic acid, an acne-fighting ingredient that's similar to benzoyl peroxide. 

    Although this cleanser contains less salicylic acid than benzoyl peroxide in the CeraVe cleanser, salicylic acid is more effective in clearing out whiteheads and blackheads. Where the Cerave cleanser is creamier, this cleanser is very foamy and suds up well. 

    COSRX's products all are fragrance-free, and their cleansers specifically are very affordable at under $15 for more than 5 fluid ounces. Both cleaners are amazing options for those who have acne-prone skin or are looking to get rid of breakouts, whiteheads, and blackheads.
  • The Ordinary
    Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%


    The Ordinary has been rising to popularity this year for very good reasons - of which one is providing budget-friendly acne care with no BS. 

    This serum in particular is amazing because it contains a high dosage of niacinamide to balances oil production, reduces the appearance of pores, and supports the skin barrier. 

    This serum has been raved about everywhere, and the hype is well-deserved. Niacinamide and zinc both help the skin immensely. They helped me clear out the little bumps on the sides of my cheeks! This product suits every skin type and can be easily used with sensitive skin without irritation because it is fragrance-free.
    Acne Pimple Master Patch


    This is another product from one of my favorite brands, COSRX. These COSRX pimple patches are made of hydrocolloid, which soaks up liquid from the pimple. They absorb any toxins under the skin while protecting the zit from any external bacteria or face picking. 

    I love these ones specifically because they aren't too thin or too bulky while still being very affordable. When I get random pimples or zits, I will usually put one of these on top of it. In the morning, the blemish will have had the liquid soaked out and the pimple has shrunk to almost nothing. 

    If you get breakouts here and there, I would highly recommend trying these as they reduce the amount of time it takes for the blemish to disappear.
  • Peach Slices
    Snail Rescue Intensive Wash-Off Mask


    When I first found this product, I was confused as to why no one had talked about it or raved about it before! It's a hydrating snail mask from a K-beauty brand under Peach & Lily called Peach Slices. 

    It contains 95% snail mucin concentrate, which is known for being skin-restoring, promoting collagen production, and reducing the appearance of pores. It's fragrance-free while having a high percentage of snail mucin, which is a bonus. 

    The texture is similar to a thick, jelly-like slime, and the product is very affordable. I use this 2 to 3 times per week on my cheeks, forehead, and sometimes my neck to achieve super dewy skin. It feels like a splash of fresh hydration!
  • TIA'M
    Hyaluronic Water Plumping Serum


    This serum is of my favorite hyaluronic acid serums by far. It has 6 different types of hyaluronic acid and is fragrance-free. It gives an extra boost of hydration that keeps skin glowing for the whole day. 

    It's not watery or too thick while having sleek packaging that makes it easy to use and dispense. It is suitable for dry to normal skin types, and you can mix it in with your moisturizer or foundation to give an extra glow to your skin.
    Soothe Bamboo Sun Essence


    This product is from a Korean skincare brand called Keep Cool. The bamboo sun essence is a lightweight sunscreen with SPF 50 that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. 

    It contains their patented ingredient, B-Circadian, along with 7 different types of hyaluronic acid to create a sun essence perfect for people with sensitive skin. 

    It's a great sunscreen because it's very hydrating for dry skin, leaves no white cast, and doesn't sting the eyes. It comes in a larger tube than most Korean sunscreens and has a serum-like applicator at the tip for easy use.
  • CeraVe
    Moisturizing Cream


    This CeraVe, in particular, stands out because of how basic it could've been, but isn't. CeraVe's moisturizing lotion is a thick cream formulated with hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and ceramides. 

    Like the rest of CeraVe's line, this product doesn't contain fragrance and is great for sensitive skin. I would recommend this to people with dry to normal skin because it can be a bit heavy for those with oily skin. At an affordable price point, it helps moisturize the skin and leave it smooth without any residue. 

    I use this product in the same way I use my Vaseline, in areas where my face feels drier but after I wash my hands I will also use this as a hand cream.
  • Vaseline
    100% Pure Petroleum Jelly


    If you don't have a jar of Vaseline in your bathroom, I don't know what you're doing. Vaseline is a product I think everyone should have because of how versatile and affordable it is. 

    It can be used on the lips as a hydrating lip mask or during the day as a lip balm, and on dry or damaged patches of skin to protect the skin's barrier. 

    I specifically use this as a lip mask to keep my lips hydrated and if my skin gets dry, I will put a tiny bit of Vaseline on the areas that feel dry. You can also use this on your eyelashes if you wear mascara to moisturize your eyelashes after taking off makeup. You can also use it on elbows to get rid of chaffing skin.