Sara's Top 10 Spices That Vegans Need in Their Arsenal

Sara's Top 10 Spices That Vegans Need in Their Arsenal

Vegan Food Influencer, Blogger, ChefSara Tercero

After 20 plus years in the restaurant industry, Sara has taken her obsession with food onto the internet. Always a vegetable lover, she has become a vegan food influencer on social media and operates the blog Betterfoodguru. Her motto is "get eatucated" and she strives to teach people how to eat ...

Sara Tercero, better known as @betterfoodguru on Instagram, has been in the food industry for over 25 years as a chef and a teacher, encouraging others to make small changes to their diets to achieve a healthier lifestyle. She currently runs a blog and Instagram, where she posts colorful and easy vegan recipes inspired by flavors around the world. 

After seeing her informative feed and her passion for healthy eating, we decided to contact her to prepare an article. She says, "Most people think food needs to be salty, sweet, or full of fat to be delicious, but I disagree. 

There are so many tasty and distinct spices that really kick up the natural flavors of healthy foods like vegetables and whole grains without adding tons of salt. Here, I'll be sharing my favorite spices that really elevate whole foods to a new level and will help you gain a new appreciation for meatless dishes."

  • Last updated: 11-15-2020
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Sara Tercero's mybest

Trader Joe'sCrushed Red Chili Pepper

1.2 oz.


McCormick GourmetOrganic Chili Powder

1.75 oz.


Mother-In-Law's KimchiChili Pepper Flakes

3.25 oz.


EdenOrganic Seaweed Gomasio

3.5 oz., 2 pack


Navitas OrganicsTurmeric Powder

8 oz.


McCormick GourmetOrganic Ground Cumin

1.5 oz.


FrontierSeasoning Blends Indian Curry

1.87 oz.


McCormick GourmetOrganic Za'atar

1.25 oz.


McCormick GourmetSmoked Paprika

1.62 oz.


McCormick GourmetItalian Seasoning

0.55 oz.


Sara Tercero's mybest Summary

Use spices liberally in your cooking and get adventurous with the combinations to open up your culinary world and bring more flavor into your life. And, when possible, I encourage you to buy organic blends from small-batch or local spice purveyors, as they're usually much fresher than ones in the grocery store. 

Pick any or all of the spices on this list to experiment with, as they are all extremely versatile and packed with flavor. With some practice, you'll find yourself becoming a spice aficionado in no time, swapping out sodium for major flavor.

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