Keelyn's Top 10 Fall Skincare Products

Keelyn's Top 10 Fall Skincare Products

Digital Marketing Director/Beauty Content CreatorKeelyn Young

After falling in Korean drama and one too many nights of wondering how actresses had such great skin, Keelyn decided to dive headfirst into Korean skincare, and her journey into Eastern beauty products began. It has taken years and countless products to share her experience and knowledge with oth...

Keelyn Young is a Korean drama addict, Instagrammer, and blogger who was inspired by the perfect, blemish-free skin of drama actors and actresses to start whipping her own combination skin into shape. She's experimented with plenty of products and gives out great advice on her social media accounts on new routines that her readers can use.

After seeing her enthusiasm for skincare—whether it be Western or Eastern in origin—we decided to ask her about some of her favorite picks for this fall season! She says, "Here are my top 10 most trustworthy products to battle fall weather. I keep these in my routine during the harsh months to help protect my skin barrier, retain moisture, and above all, leave me glowing all year round."

  • Last updated: 10-07-2020
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Keelyn Young's mybest

KICHOSheep Oil Cream

2.1 oz.


SIORISCleanse Me Softly Milk Cleanser

6.76 oz.


HuxleySecret of Sahara Oil; Light and More

1.01 oz.


Dr. JartCeramidin Cream

1.69 oz.


Sunday RileyJuno Essential Face Oil

0.5 oz.


CaudalieBeauty Elixir Face Mist

3.4 oz.


MISSHATime Revolution The First Treatment Essence Rx

5.07 oz.


Keelyn Young's mybest Summary

Fall means the start of dry and harsh weather that can really take a toll on our skin. During this period of time, maintaining optimal moisture should be at the top of your to-do list—especially if you've got dry skin. And dry weather can even wreak havoc on people with combination skin, creating moments where skin can feel tight and uncooperative!

That's where these products come in handy. They're all formulated to hydrate and keep your skin moisturized throughout the tough seasons. They've worked wonders for me, so I hope they can do the same for you!

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