Jules' Top 10 Zero- and Low-Waste Alternatives

Jules' Top 10 Zero- and Low-Waste Alternatives

Sustainability and Travel AdvocateJulia Miller

Julia is obsessed with travel, sustainability and all things outdoors She grew up in Seattle, WA and is now living in Ventura, CA. She holds a degree in environmental science and is on a mission to spread awareness of zero waste products, conservation and an eco-friendly lifestyle. Julia also pla...

Jules Miller is a Southern California-based sustainable living advocate who loves to travel and inform others about how to make the move towards a low-waste lifestyle. 

She majored in environmental science and is extremely passionate about being eco-friendly, which you can tell through her photos and captions on her Instagram, @oceanjem. We contacted her after seeing her enthusiasm, and she prepared a list of her best zero- and low-waste alternative products for us.

She says, "Living sustainably does not mean that you have to be a perfect vegan who produces zero plastic waste. Living sustainably is not about perfection, it's about trying your best to be mindful and caring about our planet and the people living on it."

  • Last updated: 10-01-2020
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Julia Miller's mybest

Bee's WrapBeeswax Food Wraps


SilidSilicone Stretch Lids

12 pieces


FEBUBamboo Dish Brush Set

6 pieces


SupernaturalCounters + Granite Set


HiBARSolid Shampoo & Conditioner Bars


BiteToothpaste Bits

Fresh Mint, 1 month supply


Virgin forestBamboo Toothbrush

10 pack


Woohoo!All-Natural Deodorant & Anti-Chafe Stick

Surf, 2.1 oz.


Cherish teaSilicone Shower Brush


DroppsStain & Odor Laundry Detergent

140 pieces


Julia Miller's mybest Summary

When starting your sustainable journey, do not go and throw away all of the "unsustainable" products you have to buy new ones. Though I've prepared this list, the most sustainable option for moving towards a low-waste lifetysle is actually using up what you already have. 

So before you take these products into consideration, make sure you are using everything up that you already have, as this will help cut down on waste! Once you've finished using up those, then I hope that you consider replacing your old products with low-waste options.

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