Michelle's Top 10 Picks for Mental Wellness

Michelle's Top 10 Picks for Mental Wellness

Michelle Tirronen of With Chelle is a photographer and advocate for mental health awareness. She's very open about her life and struggles on her blog and Instagram and she loves relaxing by expressing herself through art mediums, such as through fashion and photography. We contacted her after seeing her passion for self-care and understanding.

Michelle says, "Taking proper care of your mental health is extremely important! Your mental and physical health are connected, so if one is imbalanced, the other can be affected as well. 

Being diagnosed with anxiety and suffering from C-PTSD, I’ve tried so many different techniques and products in order to sift through all the hype and find out what actually works for me personally. Here, I’ve created a list of ten items I’d recommend to anyone looking to improve their mental health and find comfort in their day to day life." 

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Michelle Tirronen
  • Papersource
    Wildwood Blush Fabric Journal

    Michelle Tirronen

    Any journal or notebook will do!  A cute journal's aesthetics can instantly boost your mood, even if only by a little bit. Journaling is one of the best ways to learn about your thought processes and dispel all the negativity, stress, and pent-up feelings swirling around inside your head. 

    Whatever you are struggling with to overcome, writing it down can help you find healing and peace. For me, it’s almost as if I’m physically pulling the words out of my mind in order to clearly assess the day’s events.

  • Leah Guzman, ATR-BC
    Essential Art Therapy Exercises

    Michelle Tirronen

    Art therapy is a technique that is rooted in the idea that creative expression can help boost your mental well-being. Creating art can be a therapeutic escape, so I encourage you to just start experimenting with what you already have available! There is no right or wrong when creating. 

    However, if you don’t know where to start, Essential Art Therapy Exercises by Leah Guzman can help you better understand the benefits of art therapy. I also recommend practicing different art forms in order to see what you like best!

  • Made Easy Kit
    Pill Box

    Michelle Tirronen

    Many of us are probably notorious for turning off the alarm, getting distracted, and then trying to remember if we actually took our medication or not. Having a pillbox organizer helps make sure you never forget to take your daily pill. This case is also helpful for storing any other vitamins or supplements that you’ll need throughout the week.

    It's on the smaller side, so it can’t be packed with a ton of pills. However, it's perfect for travel and a bit more discreet compared to carrying around bottles of your entire supply. This pillbox also comes in several different designs or just plain black if you’re not into florals!

  • Degrees of Comfort
    Weighted Blanket

    Michelle Tirronen

    Weighted blankets were originally created for medical use to help comfort restless individuals. The idea is that weighted blankets simulate deep touch pressure, similar to a hug, which can help improve anxiety and insomnia. 

    If you’ve ever needed to get x-rays at the dentist, then you know the feeling of the lead apron they place upon you for protection. The apron can be very comforting and a weighted blanket is actually quite similar!

    The blanket’s weight is evenly distributed and flexible, so it won’t feel like you’re visiting the doctor as you’re trying to relax at home! Degrees of Comfort comes with both hot and cold duvet covers so you can always sleep with a thick blanket year-round if preferred. 

    You have the option to choose between 5-pound to 30-pound blankets, but it’s recommended to find a range of 7% to 12% of your body weight for the best results.

  • Herbivore Botanicals
    After Sun Soothing Aloe Mist

    Michelle Tirronen

    This spray is not just for sun-drenched skin! Sometimes you break out a lot more whenever you're stressed, so Herbivore can help. 

    Aloe vera naturally has antibacterial properties that can help control and reduce acne all while soothing irritated skin. It's also combined with mint and lavender, so you’ll feel instantly refreshed after using it. Creams or lotions can feel sticky and heavy when you have sensitive skin. 

    Personally, I’ve tried so many different formulas, but I continuously return to water-based products since it basically doesn’t feel like there is anything on my face. After Sun Soothing Aloe Mist is perfect because of this, and it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth with no strong lingering scents.

  • Pollen
    CBD Gummies Starter Kit

    Michelle Tirronen

    Scientifically known as cannabidiol, CBD is a chemical found in the cannabis plant (marijuana). But don’t let all these names fool you; CBD will not get you high. In fact, Pollen’s CBD gummies are the perfect solution for receiving all the benefits of marijuana in order to combat anxiety, depression, and stress without having to use the plant itself.

    Why gummies, you ask? Simply because they taste good! CBD oil tends to have an unpleasant flavor that can leave your throat feeling a bit sore. While other gummies can be quite bitter, Pollen has found the perfect balance of sweet fruit flavors with minimal marijuana flavor

    After using Pollen, I noticed I was in a better mood all day long and ready to conquer any task! If you’re looking to clear your mind, try Soothe You. For more focus and energy go for Powerbank. You won’t be disappointed!

  • Moon Juice

    Michelle Tirronen

    If you're not a fan of CBD, how about trying a supplement instead? Moon Juice is a powder designed to mix into any drink in order to boost your overall well-being. While there are so many options, Magnesi-Om and Spirit Dust are my personal favorites. 

    Moon Juice offers extremely helpful descriptions with benefits for each product so you’ll know which one is the best for you. You can use Spirit Dust in the morning, as it pairs best with coffees and teas. Sometimes starting the day off can be overwhelming with everything on your to-do list, but with Spirit Dust, you'll be able to feel more centered and less irritated

    Magnesi-Om is great for any nighttime routine as it helps you unwind from a long day. Getting to bed can sometimes be a struggle and, if you don’t like taking sleep aids, Magnesi-Om can help! It isn't a drowsy formula, but it helps you to relax all the same. Just mix it into water and you’ll get a yummy berry-flavored and cute pink drink in no time!

  • Spotify
    Individual Subscription

    Michelle Tirronen

    Music and podcasts have so many benefits for boosting your mental health! If you need a distraction from the daily grind, simply tune into your favorite music or podcast. Any digital app will do, but Spotify is best overall since you can discover so many new artists and podcasts that you actually enjoy while using it.

    If you aren't doing a task that requires a lot of brainpower, then you can listen to podcasts through Spotify. Podcasts can have great stories that make your work seem to go by a lot faster. 

    Listening to music through the application can also change your mood and help you get out of weird slumps. Though I've encountered a glitch once, Spotify generally runs smoothly on all devices.

  • Fitbit
    Heart Rate and Fitness Tracker

    Michelle Tirronen

    After suffering from multiple panic attacks, an increased heart rate always makes me a little anxious. The Fitbit Inspire HR was the perfect solution for me to track my heart rate during stressful situations. If you've had a similar experience, then I recommend this item. 

    With the FitBit, you can easily decipher if you're just having a moment of unease or if you really do need to practice your breathing exercises. Unlike other Fitbits, the Inspire is slim and unobtrusive all while still providing the essential tracking features. 

    While the heart rate tracker is a great feature, the option to connect to the FitBit app so you can view your sleep patterns and log specific details to track your period is also super helpful. If you’re looking for something more advanced with more trackers, then you might want to consider the other Fitbit options, though.

  • With Chelle
    Healing Enamel Pin

    Michelle Tirronen

    There is still such a huge stigma surrounding mental illness, and so many layers of mental health are often overlooked or even romanticized. 

    While self-care is definitely for everyone, not many people actually know the grueling and boring aspects of what it is like to deal with a mental disorder on a daily basis. These pins were made in the hopes of opening up the conversation about Mental Health with ease! 

    In some cases, people who pass you in coffee shops or on the streets with friends may point out the pins that you're wearing. I've had this experience with the End Pill Shaming pin. And once those strangers take notice, they may just start a genuine and heartfelt conversation with you on mental health. 

    In addition to being a conversation starter, with every purchase of a pin, 10% of the proceeds are donated to NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

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