Kara Swanson's Top 10 Picks for Gluten-Free Living

Kara Swanson's Top 10 Picks for Gluten-Free Living

NutritionistKara Swanson

Kara Swanson is a certified nutritionist and the founder of Life Well Lived. She is married to her best friend and the proud mother of three. Her passion is to make nutrition simple+easy+delicious!

Kara Swanson is a certified Nutritionist and founder of Life Well Lived, a service that aims to change the way that you view food to create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. She's also experimented with different gluten-free options to make her eating plans inclusive for everyone! She says, "Changing your nutrition and eliminating gluten can be overwhelming at first. Sometimes you might feel lost and unsure of what you can even eat! 

Thankfully, in today’s world, there are a lot of gluten-free options at the grocery store making it easier than ever to eat gluten-free. And today, I'm going to be sharing a handful of my favorites."

  • Last updated: 08-27-2020
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Kara Swanson's mybest

Bob's Red MillGluten Free 1-to-1 Baking Flour

22 oz.


Canyon BakehouseGluten Free Heritage Style Honey White Bread

6 pack x 24 oz.


SieteAlmond Flour Grain Free Tortillas

3 pack x 8 tortillas


TinkyadaGluten Free Organic Brown Rice Pasta Spirals

12 oz.


Simple MillsFine Sea Salt Almond Flour Crackers

3 pack


Enjoy LifeCrunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies

1 pack


GlutinoGluten Free Pretzel Twists

14.1 oz.


JOJO's ChocolateGoes Hawaiian Chocolate

8.4 oz.


Made in NatureVeggie Pops Supersnacks

3 oz.


Bob's Red MillSuper-Fine Almond Flour

16 oz.


Kara Swanson's mybest Summary

Going gluten-free can be a challenge—especially when you're trying to find great-tasting substitues for your favorite products. I love trying new gluten-free products, but unfortunately, they aren’t always good! By sharing my list of tried and true products, I hope I've been able to help you save the time and trouble of trying to find the best gluten-free brands!

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