Anna's Top 10 Resources to Learn How to Code

Anna's Top 10 Resources to Learn How to Code

Software Developer, Tech BloggerAnna Jimenez

Anna is a full stack software developer. She loves building web and system applications using Java and JavaScript. When she's not working, Anna write tutorials and educational posts on and Instagram.

If you're looking to enter the technological field, start a blog, build a new social network, or create a new game, then learning how to code is a must. It can help you to create complicated new designs for your logo or even just change the color of your text! We're no experts on the subject, though, so that's why we reached out to Anna Jimenez, a certified software developer, for help.

We found Anna through her amazing Instagram where she talks about her work life and gives advice about how to further a career in the tech industry. Here, she'll go over some amazing resources that can help you develop your coding skills!

  • Last updated: 08-27-2020
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Anna Jimenez's mybest

PluralsightJava Course

Per year


UdemyCoding Courses

Per class



Individual Course


Robert C. MartinClean Code



O'Reilly Individual Premium Subscription 1

O'ReillyIndividual Premium Subscription

Per year


freeCodeCamp Coding Projects 1

freeCodeCampCoding Projects


edxComputer Science Courses


codeacademyPro Subscription

Per month


SkillshareCoding Workshops

Per year


David Thomas, Andrew HuntThe Pragmatic Programmer



Anna Jimenez's mybest Summary

If you are an absolute beginner at coding, I would recommend starting from Codeacademy or freeCodeCamp. Then, you can try courses from either Coursera, Pluralsight, or Udemy. You do not have to stick to one source; in fact, I recommend you to learn from as many different sources as you can. Take advantage of free subscriptions and decide for yourself what fits you best. 

Besides online subscription services, you can also check out tutorials on Youtube, vlogs, and Linkedin Learning. Linkedin Learning is especially useful for beginners! However, remember that every person has a unique way to learn and that the main part of a software developer/engineer’s job is to constantly learn new skills and be able to adapt quickly to new technology. 

If you choose a career in the tech industry, you need to have a passion for knowledge and the drive to constantly develop yourself. Knowing where to get that knowledge is just the half-way point to your success. I hope you will find these resources useful and build a successful career in tech. Good luck and happy coding!

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