Dr. S. Amna Husain, MD, IBCLE's Top 10 Best Baby Solid Feeding Products

Dr. S. Amna Husain, MD, IBCLE's Top 10 Best Baby Solid Feeding Products

Pediatrician, Lactation Consultant, InfluencerDr. S. Amna Husain

Amna Husain, MD, IBCLE, FAAP, is a board-certified pediatrician and lactation consultant who owns and operates NJ’s first pediatric direct primary care (DPC) pediatric practice, Pure Direct Pediatrics. A mother herself and wife to a physician, she understands the struggles today's millenial mom f...

Getting to the age where your baby is ready to switch from an all-liquid diet to the wonderful world of solids? If you're unsure of the best way to do it, just ask Dr. S. Amna Husain, a licensed pediatrician. Here's what she had to say:

"There are so many opinions and thoughts on how to go about starting your child on solids. Whether purees, baby-led weaning, or a combination of both, I have some great recommendations on products that are safe, simple, and easy to use

 As a pediatrician mother and entrepreneur, I'm all about safety but also keeping things as hassle-free as possible. When it comes time to start exploring solids between 4-6 months of age and after discussion with your pediatrician, make sure to keep this list handy for some great recommendations!"

  • Last updated: 08-01-2020
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Dr. S. Amna Husain's mybest

OXOTot Roll Up Bib

2 pack


MunchkinWhite Hot Safety Spoons

4 pack


Mumi&BubiSolids Starter Kit


OXOTot Food Masher


NumNumPre-Spoon GOOtensils

2 pack


MunchkinFresh Food Feeder

2 pack


The First YearsMickey Baby Trainer Straw Cup


BoonSquirt Silicone Baby Food Dispensing Spoon


TOTWAREBaby and Toddler Feeding Bowls


ZoLiOn-the-Go Formula and Snack Dispenser


Dr. S. Amna Husain's mybest Summary

Starting solids with your child can be an incredibly exciting experience whether you choose to do baby-led weaning or start with purees. Hopefully, these items will help you every step of the way as you and your child begin this fun journey!

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