coffeewithaman's Top 10 Picks for the Perfect Latte

coffeewithaman's Top 10 Picks for the Perfect Latte

Skincare, Beauty, and Latte ExpertAman

Aman of @coffeewithaman is an Instagrammer that juxtaposes quality skincare products with exquisite latte art. She lives in Northern California and loves to share her passion for beauty and coffee with the world. Oh, and her adorable dog also makes occasional appearances.

In a coffee-addicted nation like America, there are a possibly infinite amount of coffee machines, beans, and products to choose from. That's why we decided to ask Aman from @coffeewithaman what she recommends to make the perfect latte. 

Read on to find out her favorite machine, cleaning supplies, cups, and--yes--beans are to brew her favorite cup of joe.

  • Last updated: 02-16-2020
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Aman's mybest

BrevilleThe Barista Express Espresso Machine



ToraniVanilla Syrup

25.4 oz, 4 pack


Torani and DaVinciWhite Syrup Pumps

2 pack


BrevilleBWF100 Compatible Water Filters (Activated Charcoal)

6 pack


LavazzaSuper Whole Bean Coffee Blend

2.2 lbs


Tightpac AmericaCoffeevac

1 lb, Black cap and body


BrevilleBEC250 Espresso Cleaning Tablets

BEC25000US1, 8 pack


KeepCup8 oz Reusable Coffee Cup


Amuse HomeProfessional Barista Cozy Cappuccino Mug

6 pack of 10 oz cups


KitchablesDouble Walled Glass Espresso Cups

4 pack


Aman's mybest Summary

It takes time to make a good latte. I drank a lot of bad ones before I figured out how to make a latte that tastes good to me (and others I've made coffee for). 

Not all beans taste the same, either, so keep trying until you find a flavor you like. Then you can compare notes to know which new brands you might like, too.

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