The Gentleman Stationer's Top 10 Picks for the Best Stationery Goods

The Gentleman Stationer's Top 10 Picks for the Best Stationery Goods

Stationery Reviewer/BloggerThe Gentleman Stationer (Joe)

There's something comforting about the sound of pen scratching on paper. Nowadays, we're striving to digitize everything, to get information to everyone, everywhere, in an instant, and pen and paper has been pushed to the wayside. So it's a real treat and almost a revelation to read The Gentleman...
When talking to us, Joe told us a little about the thought process behind his list. He has, he admitted almost unabashedly, "an ungodly amount of stationery sitting around." But if he suddenly had to up and sell them and narrow everything down to ten items, it would be the ten items he shares below.

When putting together his list, he wanted a good balance of quality and price. He looked for items that were professional, but "weren't so nice that people were afraid to use them." What he ended up with was a compilation of ten items that were supremely practical, well-crafted, and yet unassuming. Here's what he said about each.
  • Last updated: 10-24-2019
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The Gentleman Stationer (Joe)'s mybest

Lamy2000 Fountain Pen


Lamy2000 4-Color Ballpoint


Baron FigConfidant Hardcover Notebook


Baron FigMastermind Desk Pad


Baron FigSquire Rollerball Pen


PalominoBlackwing Pencil (12-Count)


Nock Co.Sinclair Pen Case


WatermanInk Bottle for Fountain Pens


KUMMasterpiece Sharpener


The Gentleman Stationer (Joe)'s mybest Summary

On his blog, Joe discusses the benefits of "thinking on paper." It's easier to organize your thoughts and simpler to focus. Things more readily commit to memory. Your writer also swears that because she took notes by hand as a college student, she never had to study as much for the finals.

It's never too late, too early, or too out of date to go analog. The Gentleman Stationer has left us with a well-balanced compilation of stationery products from a wide range of categories, so whether you want to start small with a hand-powered pencil sharpener or go for broke with a fountain pen, we hope something on this list will serve you well.

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