A Badass Breastfeeder’s Top 6 Picks for the Best Breastfeeding Products

The Badass Breastfeeder Abby Theuring
The Badass Breastfeeder
Abby Theuring
Abby Theuring is a blogger, podcaster, public speaker, activist, wife, and mother of 2, who lives in Chicago, IL. She writes and speaks about everything breastfeeding. Abby has a master's degree in Social Work and worked with abused and neglected teenagers for 14 years before her son, Jack, was born.

Upon the birth of her son, she quit her job and refocused her passion for advocacy on breastfeeding. Abby struggled to get started with breastfeeding and now hopes to empower mothers through her blog, The Badass Breastfeeder, and her podcast, The Badass Breastfeeding Podcast.
Breastfeeding is a beautiful bonding experience that is shared between mother and baby. However, it can be, and often is, a challenging and stressful journey. This is especially true for new mothers.

Just remember that there are so many products out there to help mothers and babies feel comfortable during this miraculous journey. So, we asked Abby, a breastfeeding advocate and mother of 2, to share her favorite breastfeeding products with us.

Abby Theuring's Top Picks

Motherlove Nipple Cream

Motherlove Nipple Cream

Visit Amazon for more details

Visit Motherlove for more details

Price : $10.95

Heal Your Cracked Nipples with this All-Natural Nipple Cream

From breastfeeding an infant all the way to a toddler, I've found that this nipple cream works really well. There’s a lot that gets uncomfortable when breastfeeding; the rubbing, chafing, and the pain when they start teething. For me, this nipple cream always dealt with it quickly. There’s no toxic chemicals in it, and they choose herbs they know to be healing and moisturizing.

I’ve found that other nipple creams are really good at moisturizing or creating a barrier. But the Motherlove cream actually heals your nipples. Some peoples’ nipples get so bad, they crack and bleed. And when something like that happens, you’ll want something that’s non-toxic because you have open sores. Also, if it has toxic chemicals in it, you'll need to wash your breasts before you feed your baby.

ARDO Calypso Double Plus Breast Pump

ARDO Calypso Double Plus  Breast Pump

Visit Amazon for more details

Visit ARDO for more details

Price : $184.99

A Lightweight Breast Pump that's so Quiet, You can Pump at Work

This is my favorite breast pump. It is 100% Swiss made, so it's very high quality. It also has 64 different settings, so you can customize it to match exactly how your body most effectively releases milk. It's also the quietest pump on the market, and they have done tests to prove this. If you’re pumping at work, you don’t want this loud motor humming in your face that everybody can hear.

It's also really small and lightweight. One time, I connected it to my belt loop and put it on with a hands-free nursing bra, and I was just walking around my house, pumping. And by the time I had my second child, I had a three-year-old running around and three-year-olds don’t let you just sit. I could still do what I needed to do and get the pumping out of the way.

Chompy Chic Chewlery Chompy Elephant Babywearing Silicone Teething Accessory

Chompy Chic Chewlery Chompy Elephant Babywearing Silicone Teething Accessory

Visit Etsy for more details

Price : $24.00

Give Your Baby Something to Chew On when He or She is Teething

These are really cute teething toys that have been made into jewelry. There’s a silicone ring that's strung onto a necklace, and if your baby is teething or is on your lap and wants to play with something, they can grab this. A lot of times, babies bite your nipple because they’re teething. The best thing to do then is to take the baby off your breast and give them something to chew on.

Also, while they’re nursing, they like to stick their hand down your shirt and play with your other nipple. Most people are driven crazy by this. My first son did that, and for a while, I was okay with it. But then with my second son, I couldn’t deal with it at all. When you wear this, it gives them something to play with so they’re not tugging on your nipple.

Milkies Milk-Saver

Milkies Milk-Saver

Visit Amazon for more details

Visit Milkies for more details

Price : $25.95

Don't Waste a Drop of Your Precious Breast Milk; Collect it

This is an insert that you stick inside your bra. It’s got a little hole that you stick your nipple through and it collects your breast milk if you’re leaking. When you first have a baby, a lot of us leak breast milk. So you put a breast pad in to soak up the milk. Some people leak a lot and you waste all that breast milk. This allows you to collect all that breast milk that you would normally lose.

You can wear it while you’re nursing because when you have a let down and your baby’s nursing, you have a let down on both breasts. A lot of times, that other breast is just leaking. So, you can collect it, put it into a freezer bag, and feed it to your baby in a bottle later.

The Dairy Fairy Pippa All-In-One Nursing Bra

The Dairy Fairy Pippa All-In-One Nursing Bra

Visit The Dairy Fairy for more details

Price : $58.00

Get Stuff Done and Feel Pretty While Pumping

Everyone who is going to pump should have a hands-free pumping bra. Otherwise, you’d have to sit there with both of your hands and hold the pump up to your breasts. And if you’re at work, you could eat, write a book, write some emails, anything—because it’s hands-free.

The Dairy Fairy stuff is inspired by lingerie, so it’s really pretty. Everything has a lace trim and there are really nice colors. Just because you have a baby doesn’t mean you have to wear the hospital diaper panties the whole time. You can still wear things that are pretty and that make you feel good.

Udderly Hot Mama Taylor Maternity/Nursing Tank Top

Udderly Hot Mama Taylor Maternity/Nursing Tank Top

Visit Amazon for more details

Visit Udderly Hot Mama for more details

Price : $44.00

A Nursing Tank Top and a Regular Tank Top at the Same Time

It’s a loose-fitting, fashionable tank top that comes in several different colors. The clothing comes with an insert along the front so you can pull it down underneath your bra. It's almost like 2 shirts, except it's not. It's just a layer that hangs down. When you pull your shirt down under your breasts, there’s still a piece above your breasts, so it’s very discreet.

When you’re done nursing, the insert snaps right out and it’s a regular, nice shirt. And so it’s a good investment; you’re buying a shirt for now, but you’ll still have it for when you’re done nursing.


So, there you have it! Whether you've gotten the "positive" result for the first time or you're pregnant with your third child, try out these 6 products recommended by Abby, the Badass Breastfeeder!

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