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List of supervisors

Shiney Day Specialized Pet Care
Cheyenne Williams

Cheyenne Williams is a Certified Veterinary Assistant, currently enrolled in college for veterinary technology, working in vet hospitals since she was 16. She is also the owner of Shiney Day Specialized Pet Care in Sarasota, Florida, founded in 2015. Cheyenne has worked with professionals from pet sitters and groomers to veterinary specialists in a hospital setting.

Cheyenne Williams's Profile
Laundry Expert
Kensuke Kanzaki

Hakuyosha Co., Ltd. (Hakuyosha Cleaning) Manager Clusters Co., Ltd. CTO Kensuke Kanzaki is currently a manager at his family's long-established dry cleaning company as well as is the chief technical officer (CTO) of a tech company. Kensuke has developed the delivery dry cleaning service Nexcy, operating a dry cleaner that can collect and deliver laundry from all over Japan. Known as the "Laundry Professor," Kensuke provides laundry advice through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, as well as actively hosts seminars to invigorate his local community.

Kensuke Kanzaki's Profile
Outdoor Guide/Videographer/Writer
Pak, Eugene

My name is 박 (Pak). I am a first-generation Korean American who has worked in the outdoors for 6 years as a guide. Now I'm enjoying traveling around with my bicycle and spending time outdoors with my dog Gaara.

Pak, Eugene's Profile
Environmental Health & Safety Scientist
Gwen Lynn

Gwen Lynn is an environmental health and safety scientist who provides environmental and safety consulting and monitors air, land and water resources. She is also the founder of In A Green Minute, who creates podcasts and informational videos on environmental progressiveness and green technology.

Gwen Lynn's Profile
Cosmetologist/Beauty Advisor
Denise Campbell

Denise is a licensed cosmetologist who advises people on certain products they should get. She formally worked at Ulta and is now headed into a salon.

Denise Campbell's Profile
Olfactory Measurement Operator
Eiichi Ishikawa

Eiichi Ishikawa is a first-generation olfactory measurement operator, which is nationally recognized in Japan, making him an expert on smells. Eiichi is also a licensed odor control advisor. After working at two companies specializing in odor control, Eiichi launched his own firm as an odor detective, working with various TV shows, magazines, and major companies to test the deodorizing properties of various products as well as provides technical guidance.

Eiichi Ishikawa's Profile
Registered Dietitian
Andrea Marincovich

Andrea Marincovich (aka The Realistic Dietitian), is a registered dietitian and macros nutrition expert. She helps individuals reach their weight, body composition, and specific health goals through nutrition. Andrea specializes in altering diets in order to meet the needs of each client, such as: macro-centered, keto, paleo, Mediterranean, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, diabetic, renal, cardiovascular, IBS/IBD, and GERD diets.

Andrea Marincovich's Profile
Registered Dietitian/Yoga Instructor/PT
Devan Herring

Devan is a dietitian with a passion for preventative nutrition and educating the community on how to live a healthy life. She has experience in cardiovascular disease, GI disorders, and acute care.

Devan Herring's Profile
Coffee Educator
Justin McMillan

My name is Justin McMillan, and I am a barista trainer, latte artist, and coffee enthusiast. I assist common individuals in becoming excellent baristas as part of my job. I prefer to focus on the needs and desires of each individual to help them reach their personal goals.

Justin McMillan's Profile
Prescription development researcher
Homare Sugizaki

Homare Sugizaki has been developing prescriptions at a hair cosmetics manufacturer for 17 years. He now works with Cosmedicure Co., Ltd, where he is involved in the development of shampoos, treatments, styling products, perm products, hair straightening agents, and hair coloring products. In recent yers, he's further expanded his field of expertise and is now involved in the development of skincare cosmetics.

Homare Sugizaki's Profile
Nail Technician
Kimiyo Ishido

Kimiyo Ishido is a gel nail technician who manages a nail salon and a small school for nail technicians. After working at a major nail salon as well as beauty and bridal salons, she opened her own nail salon, Private Salon Knail. Kimiyo is also a certified permanent instructor associated with the non-profit organization, the Japan Nail Technician Association, as well as is a JNA certified nail salon hygiene inspector and hygiene management instructor. She's also a proctor for the JNA gel nail proficiency test. In addition to her work as a nail technician instructor, Kimiyo also works as an educator for nail product manufacturers, provides consultation to other nail salons, hosts seminars, and offers manicures and hair and makeup services at welfare facilities.

Kimiyo Ishido's Profile
Editing Dept.
mybest US Editors

mybest US' editing team consists of experienced members who have backgrounds in writing, editing, translation, and more. We are dedicated to researching what makes a product or service the best to users in the US in order to create top-quality articles. From skincare, to kitchen appliances, and to DIY supplies, our mission is to find the best ones for you.

mybest US Editors's Profile
Stationery Expert
Kabeuji Tako

Kabeuji Tako is a stationery expert that loves all kinds of stationery, particularly writing tools and paper. Not only does he write columns and articles on stationery, but he's also one-half of the stationery expert duo Bungu Jam, and frequently makes appearances on radio shows and podcasts related to stationery.

Kabeuji Tako's Profile
Tea Sommelier
Kate Hesser

Kate Hesser is a certified tea sommelier, tea taster, blogger, and brand collaborator. She provides event and restaurant menu consulting, and personalized tasting experiences for in-home gatherings and office retreats. She believes every tea is made with pride and has something unique to show us!

Kate Hesser's Profile
Hair Stylist
Kazuki Okumura

Kazuki Okumura managed the K-two hair salons in Aoyama and Ginza, and now manages the Ikebukuro branch since its launch in 2019. He's currently a top-rated hairstylist who is often fully booked. He specializes in cutting and coloring hair and treatments to improve hair quality. In addition to appearing on Japanese TV and in magazines, he also utilizes his in-depth knowledge of haircare and haircare products, working with many major cosmetics companies as a product development consultant.

Kazuki Okumura's Profile
Stationery Expert
Hiroki Teranishi

Born in Osaka in 1976, Hiroki Teranishi is an expert in stationery sales and is the CEO of NEXT Switch, Co., Ltd., a company specializing in stationery sales and product consultation as well as offers a stationery subscription service. After working in the systems department at a gas company, Hiroki switched careers in 2006 and began working at a stationery manufacturer established by his grandfather. After working in the sales and corporate planning departments, Hiroki left his grandfather's company in September of 2014 and established his current company, where he provides assistance to startup stationery manufacturers through sales and planning. As a stationery sales expert, Hiroki also manages the stationery e-commerce site Bungudo. Hiroki has made several appearances on Japanese TV as well as runs his own YouTube channel.

Hiroki Teranishi's Profile
Hair and Makeup Artist and Hair Advisor
Miyuki Okishima

Miyuki Okishima is a hairstylist and makeup artist who's also an active hair diagnostician, providing expert advice on how to care for your hair. After working as a deputy manager at a beauty salon in Tokyo, she became heavily involved as a freelance hairstylist for magazines, theatrical performances, and weddings. She also works as an advisor for magazines, online shows, and hair product manufacturers. Additionally, Miyuki is also engaged in styling the elderly and for those with disabilities, in addition to promoting medical wigs.

Miyuki Okishima's Profile
Doctor of Medicine
Yoko Inukai, M.D.

Dr. Yoko Inukai is a professor at the Aichi Medical University School of Medicine, School of Medicine, Department of Physiology. A graduate of the Fujita Health University Medical Graduate Ph.D. Course, Dr. Inukai researches human perspiration functions and disorders as well as provides treatment. She's also a Councilor of the Japanese Society for Perspiration Research, a member of the board of councilors of the Japan Society of Neurovegetative Research, a member of the Primary local hyperhidrosis clinical practice guideline development committee, a committee member and researcher for the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's Practice Guidelines for Face Hyperhidrosis, a visiting lecturer at the Berlin Medical University, and a specialist and instructor for neurology of the Japanese Society of Neurology.

Yoko Inukai, M.D.'s Profile
Professional Seasoning Sommelier

MICHIKO is a professional seasoning sommelier and is the Executive Director of the Seasoning Sommelier Association of Japan, where she actively hosts lectures and corporate seminars. In addition to being a seasoning sommelier, she's also a vegetable sommelier, a curry meister, and a nutritional and environmental education fragrance expert.

MICHIKO's Profile
Aimi Kuroda

Dr. Aimi Kuroda is the Deputy Director of Zetith Beauty Clinic Ginza. When she was in junior high school, she traveled alone to the U.S. to study abroad. In 2003, Dr. Kuroda graduated from Dokkyo Medical University School of Medicine in 2003 and joined a major cosmetic surgery clinic in 2007. In 2010, she became a director at the clinic's Shinjuku branch, and later launched the Skin Clinic Shinjuku in September 2011, where she was also the Director. In August 2013, she launched Skin Clinic's Omotesando branch and became its director. Currently, she specializes in internal beauty and health as well as external, and also provides outpatient anti-aging (preventive medicine) and nutritional therapy. She enjoys participating in triathlons, and was also selected to represent Japan in the World Championships. She's currently a member of the triathlon team Zippy's.

Aimi Kuroda's Profile