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Former camera sales rep; Head of Cameras at mybest
Junya Akita

Former camera sales representative at a major electronics retailer. Sales experience with digital SLR cameras, compact cameras, binoculars, photography gear, and so on. Conducted camera seminars at one of the largest camera retailers in Japan. Also has extensive experience assisting customers with gimbals and other video shooting equipment. Has appeared in both photography magazines and on TV. 16 years of experience operating cameras. Licensed Pre-Level 1 Photomaster. Currently in charge of camera-related media at mybest. Product comparison motto: look at every point and share only correct information.

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mybest Editor, Kitchen Supplies
Kyoka Koiwa

After joining mybest, Kyoka has tested over 1,000 products across a wide variety, such as food, health supplements, drinks, and cooking utensils and appliances. She's currently the manager and chief editor of mybest's kitchen supplies team and edits articles to help people easily understand and get excited about products that we use and consume daily.

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mybest Editor, Household Goods and Bedding
Chihiro Matsubara

After joining mybest, Chihiro has tested over 750 different household goods, such as laundry detergent, dish soaps, fabric softeners, eyewear maintenance goods, towels, and pillows. Chihiro believes that you should choose products that you use daily that are actually best for your needs and that are effective.

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Editor, mybest Men's Cosmetics and Skincare
Yusuke Kobayashi

Yusuke is the editor for cosmetics, skincare, and beauty-related appliances for men at mybest. He's tested over 300 different products spanning 14 categories and edits articles with the motto of providing easy-to-understand information to those making their first foray into the world of men's cosmetics.

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Chief Editor, mybest Cosmetics Team
Mai Horiuchi

Mai joined mybest after working as a beauty and fashion editor and writer for seven years. After joining mybest, Mai has been engaged in creating articles based on beauty and healthcare-related products. Her motto is to consistently provide honest information that's easy to understand.

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Editing Dept.
mybest US Editors

mybest US' editing team consists of experienced members who have backgrounds in writing, editing, translation, and more. We are dedicated to researching what makes a product or service the best to users in the US in order to create top-quality articles. From skincare, to kitchen appliances, and to DIY supplies, our mission is to find the best ones for you.

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