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Dr. S. Amna Husain

Amna Husain, MD, IBCLE, FAAP, is a board-certified pediatrician and lactation consultant who owns and operates NJ’s first pediatric direct primary care (DPC) pediatric practice, Pure Direct Pediatrics. A mother herself and wife to a physician, she understands the struggles today's millenial mom faces when it comes to balancing time, self-care, and raising resilient children. She's dedicated to empowering today's parents through education and personalized support.

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  • 10 Best Baby Lotions in 2022 (Pediatrician-Reviewed)

    10 Best Baby Lotions in 2022 (Pediatrician-Reviewed)

    The phrase "soft as a baby's bottom" didn't come from nowhere - it's true that babies' skin is superlatively soft. But with that softness comes sensitivity and vulnerability. Eczema, baby acne, itchiness, and dry skin are all common conditions for infants. Using the right baby lotion can help keep your little one's skin moisturized, protected, and oh-so-soft. We took a deep dive into the world of baby lotion and put together a list of the 10 best baby lotions available online. One of our favorites is Eucerin's Baby Lotion for its simple ingredient list. It's been clinically tested for irritation and contains natural ingredients to hydrate and soothe. See the rest of our picks below and check out our buying guide, which has been reviewed by a licensed pediatrician!
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