Content Policy

What is mybest?

mybest is a service that aims to enrich our users’ lives by resolving issues in the area of selection, helping users choose what’s best for them. mybest envisions a world where choosing products and services online is more fun and easy, and seeks to redefine what it means to make a choice.

The service is managed and operated by mybest, Inc., a Japanese company headquartered in Tokyo.

mybest’s Five Promises

mybest makes the following five promises to our users regarding how we create our content.

1. We will always prioritize the user above all else

Our service simply cannot exist if it doesn’t benefit our users.

When creating our content, our editors always put themselves in our user’s shoes, imagining what sort of needs they might have, in order to provide the full scope of information that may help resolve any issues regarding situations where users want to select something. Moreover, we also aim to create a user-friendly service that can be used by anyone around the world, old and young.

2. We support fair competition

When conducting business, we believe that it’s important to maintain fairness.

Particularly because mybest aims to resolve problems regarding making selections, we believe that it is imperative that we maintain a high degree of neutrality. Additionally, while this goes without saying, we respect and comply with various laws and regulations. Even if we did manage to grow without adhering to governing laws and rules, that growth would be short-lived, and we would fail to gain the trust of our users.

We promise to do our utmost to always strive to maintain neutrality and ensure compliance with various laws and regulations.

3. We will strive to provide accurate information

We believe that one of mybest’s biggest strengths is the reliability of the information we provide, stemming from our high degree of neutrality.

mybest will work diligently to ensure that no inaccurate or misleading information is provided to our users.

We also understand that what users are most interested in, above all else, is to minimize the inherent risk involved in making a choice. We will continue to make sure that any information that is relevant to the health and lives of our users is accurate information based on reliable evidence.

4. We will continue to provide reliable content and reliable advertising

mybest always clearly distinguishes the content we create from advertisements to eliminate any advertisements that may potentially betray our users.

We believe that stealth marketing, also known as buzz marketing or uncredited advertisements not only hurt the credibility of the internet advertising market, but it also undermines our user’s act of making selections.

5. We respect diversity

mybest honors diversity in values and strives to create content that is free from bias toward any particular ideology, belief, or value system.

With the explosion of information brought about by the arrival of the Internet, society is rapidly diversifying. In order to solve problems in the area of selection in the modern era, we believe that it is critical that we respect the values of all users.

We always take the utmost care in making sure people of all walks of life are treated and represented equally. If any of the viewpoints or identities we portray in articles are incorrect, please don't hesitate to contact us via our Contact Us form so that we may correct it.

What do we do?

Original Articles

We publish original articles that we call “Recommendation Articles” that feature a variety of products. While the products featured in these articles haven’t been tested in-house, our editorial team publishes these articles for a diverse American audience, with products selected via extensive research online. Through these articles, we provide timely information on what we think are some of the best products available online in the US.

Before we select products, mybest editors and writers extensively research the topic to create a Buying Guide with important points to consider when buying a product.

How We Choose Our Products

After our buying guide is completed, we then use it as a guide as we look at major E-commerce websites and comb through numerous products, filtering through and listing products that we believe meet the criteria as listed in our buying guide.

*Please note that aside from our “Tried and True” articles, we did not test the products and were not offered any compensation by brands to include their products on the list, but we may earn commissions from products listed on Amazon.

Ratings and Reviews

The products we select are generally those that have been purchased and reviewed by a set minimum number of consumers, and have overwhelmingly positive reviews. For example, when looking at Amazon, we generally look for products that have at least 50 reviews and have an average of 4.0 stars or above. However, we may deviate from this rule in the case of unique or niche products. We include positive and negative user reviews in our product descriptions only if there are a majority of users that make similar claims, as to not magnify the opinions of outliers, which may not always reflect reality.

Regarding Online Research

When conducting research online, we’re fully aware that not everything you read on the internet is true. We reference multiple sources, including official websites published by the government, universities, corporations, and other official organizations, news and other journalistic media sites, and other websites managed by or reviewed by experts in the field.

While conducting our research, we conduct fact-checking in order to provide the most accurate information as possible, but information is constantly changing,with new discoveries and advances being made nearly every day, meaning that the information we provide may be overruled by these advancements. As such, we add the date the information in an article was last updated at the end of the article.

Regarding Experts

In addition to conducting research online, we occasionally have experts review our articles. The articles that have been reviewed by experts are clearly indicated by their titles.

Unless specified otherwise, these experts will only review the content of our buying guides as to not influence our product choices. However, we occasionally do ask experts to recommend products that they’re particularly fond of, and when we do so, we also indicate that clearly in our articles.

When experts review our articles, they’ll occasionally add comments to certain sections to provide further information based on their expertise.

Tried and True Articles

At mybest, we offer a variety of articles. In particular, what we call “Tried and True” articles are those that feature products that our Japanese editorial team purchased and tested in-house. We translate and edit those articles into English for an American audience, featuring only Japanese products mainly due to the fact that the testers were mostly Japanese, and thus their evaluations and opinions may stem from a Japanese perspective. The main intent of these Tried and True articles is to utilize our unique position as a Japanese company based in Tokyo and share with our American users what really are the best Japanese products - something we believe that we are uniquely qualified to provide.

In addition to product testing, the contents of mybest are also written and edited by editors specializing in various fields such as household goods, kitchen supplies, healthcare, cosmetics, hobbies, home appliances, audio and visual appliances, finance and services, based on their expert knowledge, and with the supervision of experts and guidance from legal advisors when necessary.

Click here for more information on mybest Japan’s editorial policy (Japanese only)

Past Careers and Major Qualifications of our Editors

Past careers

Our editorial staff hail from varied backgrounds, with experience in a multitude of careers. Such examples include: home decor sales staff, baby goods sales staff, reporter for a carnivore diet magazine, fitness instructor, camera sales staff, purchaser for an outdoor goods store, bank teller, insurance agent, mobile phone sales staff, etc.

Major qualifications

In addition to their previous careers, many of our editorial staff have certain qualifications that certify their expertise in various fields. While many of these may be unique to Japan, some examples include: water sommelier, pharmaceutical law administrator, Level 1 Cosmetic Ingredients Test license, home appliances advisor, 2nd grade Certified Skilled Professional of Financial Planning, credit card advisor, etc.

How We Create Our Content

In this section, we explain the general flow of how our Tried and True articles are made. Production can range from two to three months, during which time our editorial staff work tirelessly to create trustworthy content.

1. Proposal

Before we test products and write our articles, we first conduct thorough research regarding a product or the users that may be looking for that product and create a proposal.

2. Production Planning Meeting

The contents of the proposal are discussed with the Editor-in-Chief and the relevant team manager, where the direction of the content is finalized.

3. Expert Interviews

We then conduct interviews with specific product genre experts to research accurate information that our users may find valuable.

4. Testing

We conduct multiple tests for each product in order to evaluate certain aspects of each product. We then compile our evaluations to create a final score.

5. Writing

Editors who specialize in their respective fields will then write an article based on the results of testing, information acquired through interviews with experts, and their own expertise.

Moreover, in order to provide accurate information to our users, in addition to firsthand information gathered from interviews and product testing, we also reference reliable sources for further information.

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Financial Services Agency

Consumer Affairs Agency

Japan Cosmetic Industry Association

Yakujihou Dotcom

6. Proofreading and Pre-Publication Checks

Proofreaders, experts, and in some cases, qualified personnel with Pharmaceutical Affairs Law certifications will conduct a rigorous check to ensure that the information is accurate and free of errors before it is published.

7. Publication

Even after publication, each article is updated regularly, with update cycles of at least once a month. If an article contains information that is untrue, we promise to correct it as soon as possible. If you find any errors in the information, please contact us via Google Form.

8. Localization

Once the Japanese article is published, our US editorial team will then begin localization. This involves translating the article into English and editing the content for American users. This may include the addition of supplementary information not featured in the original Japanese article in order to provide more context to users who may not be familiar with certain products.

Moreover, while the Japanese articles test products from all over the world, the US editorial team focuses primarily on Japanese products, due to the fact that the testers were mostly Japanese, and thus their evaluations and opinions may stem from a Japanese perspective. In doing so, the number of products we feature in our Tried and True articles may differ from those in the original Japanese articles.

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