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Top 10 Best eBook Readers to Buy Online 2020

eBooks have come a long way and gone through many transformations since being released over ten years ago. The advantages of eBook readers are multifold over spine-and-cover books and tablets. You’ve got obvious things like memory space, to clarity and lighting, distraction free reading, and even waterproofing.

With so many different companies, ranging from Sony to Amazon, there are tons of options. To find the perfect eBook reader, think first–what kind of bookworm are you?
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Benefits of an eBook Reader

There are many reasons to switch from traditional books to eBooks. The following are a few of the biggest.

The Power of a Library in the Palm of Your Hand

The Power of a Library in the Palm of Your Hand
Instead of having to carry around an entire library on your back, with an eBook reader, you can carry thousands of titles in one handbag-sized tablet. And that tablet will sort and alphabetize your titles for you–something that’s near impossible in the unkempt homes of reading addicts.
Something else about eBook readers: when you need to find a book or a passage, you can just poke a few letters into the search box, and there it is. That’s much easier than tearing apart your house looking for it, or having to comb through hundreds of paper tabs on your favorite books.
Then you have the deep, varied shops that all eBook readers come with. You can easily find the latest and greatest books and even get recommendations tailored just for you.

Easy to Use Because It’s Gentler on Your Eyes

Easy to Use Because It’s Gentler on Your Eyes
Early versions of eBooks were harsh on the eyes, but with advancements in e-ink, the screen’s become easier to look at and in some ways better for you than an actual book.
Big achievement number one: lack of blue light. Blue light not only tires out your eyes, but also stimulates your brain–so if you snuggle under your covers with a traditional tablet before bed, you aren’t going to get much shut-eye. Some eBook readers give you an option to turn off blue light or have it follow the rise and fall of the sun.

Distraction Free Reading

Distraction Free Reading
Kindle, Barnes and Nobles, and Sony all have their eBook stores available on tablets, phones, and personal computers, so why even get a reader? Well, it gives you time away from the notifications and the messages and the 24-hour Doomsday news reel. You can focus solely on reading.
eBook Readers do connect to the internet, but options are extremely limited–most lack even a web browser. There’s less reason to mindlessly browse Facebook and more reason to focus on your novel or manga.

How to Choose an eBook Reader – Buying Guide

Now that we’ve converted you to eBook readers, the next step is figuring out which one suits you best. The following are key things to keep in mind when selecting.

Select an Online Bookstore That Carries Your Books

Select an Online Bookstore That Carries Your Books
You’re looking for a sweet new sci-fi title; it’s six bucks on Sony’s ReaderStore, five on Amazon’s Kindle Store, and–oh–iBooks doesn’t even have it. Not every online store (and, by extension, eBook reader) offers the same selection, at the same price, to the same effect.
So, to start off, you should download an eBook store on your phone or tablet, and see if they have deals on books that interest you. Also, some stores may get titles first–or not at all–so think about your favorite authors and act accordingly.
Then, think, what genre do you like? Science and comic books (including Japanese manga) are niche genres, so make sure the bookstore stocks them. (And, if there’s pictures, look and see if your reader displays them clearly.) If you like the oldies, look out for stores that offer DRM-free public domain literature–because who doesn’t appreciate a little free Joyce?
There are also stores that loan out books; you check them out for a cheaper price, then return them. Get on that, especially if you’re a college student.

If You Read Graphic Novels or Manga, Consider the Capacity

If You Read Graphic Novels or Manga, Consider the Capacity
Most eBook readers use flash memory. What with the restless pace of technical innovation, storage capacity is ballooning, while the physical body of the reader itself grows more and more emaciated. Still, even with all these advancements, the high quality images of manga and graphic novels can quickly take up all the available space on your eBook reader.
Some stores have started to work around this with cloud storage, where everything’s on the internet. But if you’re always flying on planes or have a limited data plan, you’ll need to download a bunch of files onto your reader anyway.
The destitute student, though, may have to settle with a low capacity reader that’s got a cloud option, because more storage comes with a heftier price tag.

Bath-time Reading? Be Sure It’s Waterproof

Bath-time Reading? Be Sure It’s Waterproof
It’s happened before. You’re reading Jane Austen in the bath, next to the pool, by the beach. Darcy confesses; you get excited; the book slips out of your fingers and into a watery grave. So here’s another thing eBook readers have over ink and paper–some of them are waterproof.
Waterproofing’s represented by a rating system called IP. You’ve got two digits–the first one tells you how dust-resistant something is, the second, how water-resistant.
Both numbers operate on a scale from zero to eight–the higher the better. Eight means the reader can go for a swim in the pool and come out alive; five means you can spray water on it. Anything lower, and you might have some issues. To find out how waterproof something is, check the packaging.

Top 10 Best eBook Readers to Buy Online

8. inkBook Classic eBook Reader


7. Kobo Aura One


5. Amazon Kindle Voyage


4. Kobo Aura H20


3. Barnes and Nobles Nook GlowLight Plus


2. Amazon Kindle PaperWhite


1. Amazon Kindle Oasis



Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to stop straining your poor eyes reading on your iPhone, and to get an eBook reader. Each one comes with so many features–audio, note taking, color highlighting, waterproofing–that frankly, the only thing you’ll miss about the old ink and paper is the smell. Maybe, in the future, someone will come out with a scratch-and-sniff reader.

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