Top 10 Best Travel Jewelry Organizers Online 2019

Top 10 Best Travel Jewelry Organizers to Buy Online 2018

One of the hardest parts of travel is packing. Choosing what to bring, getting everything to fit, making sure it’s under the weight limit–it can be exhausting! The last thing you think about is how you’re storing your jewelry. And yet, when you’re unpacking at your destination, it’s your jewelry that gives you the most problems as you scramble to untangle necklaces and match single earrings.

That’s why travel jewelry organizers can be a godsend. A lot of jewelry organizers look very similar, so choosing the best one can be a challenge if you don’t know what you need. Luckily we’ve got this quick guide to help you figure out how an organizer could help you. If you’re still stuck after that, we’ve also put together a list of our ten favorites to get you started on your search.

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How to Choose a Travel Jewelry Organizer – Buying Guide

No idea where to even begin looking for a jewelry organizer? How about here? This guide will help you figure out what you need and what kind of organizer might work best for you.

How Big? What Should the Interior Look Like? Depends on Your Jewelry and Length of Your Trip

How Big? What Should the Interior Look Like? Depends on Your Jewelry and Length of Your Trip

There are different mechanisms for holding different kinds of jewelry. For example, earrings are best held by cards with holes. Rings can be held between fabric rolls or looped through a detachable string. Necklaces and bracelets are often kept separate in individual clasps. Some organizers will be able to hold all types of jewelry; some will be better suited for just one or two.

Look at how many slots the case has and match that up to the kind of jewelry you wear, as well as the duration of your trip. After all, it’s best to travel light, so if you’re going to a weekend getaway, you don’t need a trunk of jewelry (unless you have 6 different engagements you must wear different accessories for). Likewise, if you don’t wear rings, then a ring bar is going to be useless.

Choose the Kind of Case Based on Your Luggage

One of the toughest things about packing is making sure everything fits properly. Don’t let your jewelry get in the way of that already difficult process.

For Space-Starved Carry-Ons, Use a Soft Case that Rolls Up or a Jewelry Portfolio

For Space-Starved Carry-Ons, Use a Soft Case that Rolls Up or a Jewelry Portfolio

When you’re short on space, you might be tempted to just throw your jewelry into a ziploc bag to save room. But that’s completely unnecessary! Instead, look for a soft, malleable organizer made from fabric so that you can fit it more easily.

Another option is a foldable jewelry portfolio that lies flat and thin. With both types, you’ll ensure that you’re not taking up too much room while still keeping your jewelry organized.

If You Have More Room, Go With a Hard Case

If You Have More Room, Go With a Hard Case

Naturally, a hard case offers more protection, so if you have the space for it, it’s worth it to bring it along. Not only will a hard case better protect your jewelry, but it will also allow you to more easily see everything laid out.

Things that will Make Your Life Easier: Clear Pockets and Mirrors

Things that will Make Your Life Easier: Clear Pockets and Mirrors

Look for an organizer that has clear, see-through pockets to make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Another helpful extra is a mirror, which will help you get your earrings in when you’re on the go. Finally, a soft inner lining, such as velour or suede, will not only keep your jewelry from getting scratched but also polish them up for you.

Top 10 Best Travel Jewelry Organizers to Buy Online

So now that you know what to look for in a jewelry organizer, here are some of our favorites to get you started on your search!

10. OLizee Portable Earrings Book

OLizee Portable Earrings Book 

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Price: $15.48

For the Earring Enthusiast

If you have a ton of earrings and need to be able to choose between them at any given moment, this is the organizer for you! This little booklet has four pages that can hold up to 48 pairs of earrings. Not just for travel, this is a great way to organize your earrings even at home.

This book is best for use with stud earrings. Hook earrings work too, but there is the possibility that they’ll slip out in transit. In either case, earrings that dangle too much might peep out of the bottom. Also, if you have too many large earrings, it might be a little hard to close.

9. Songmics Small Jewelry Box

Songmics jewelry organizer

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Price: $13.99

Compact Hard Case for Small Jewelry

Big on rings and earrings but not as sold on necklaces and bracelets? This might be the jewelry organizer for you. This case features seven ring rolls for earrings and rings, four small compartments (the divider is also removable to hold slightly larger items), three hooks for longer items, and a mirror.

However, there are a couple of issues with the design. For example, it could be a bit slimmer for what it is. This shouldn’t be a problem if you have a lot of space in your luggage, but for those fighting for inches, this could be a dealbreaker. Another thing is that because the case is quite symmetrical, it can be hard to tell top from bottom when opening it.

8. Bagsmart Double Layer Travel Jewelry Organizer

BAGSMART Double Layer Travel Jewelry Organizer

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Price: $28.99

Securely Holds Any (And All) Jewelry

This jewelry organizer has a space for everything. It has three snap clasp ring rolls, two plastic cards that can hold up to 30 pairs of earrings, five snaps to hold necklaces, and so many pockets. This case is soft and compressible, but it also has enough padding to ensure that your jewelry is protected.

One of the cool things about this case is that it comes with pockets to hold down the dangling bits of long earrings and necklaces that might otherwise be left loose to tangle. However, some reviewers have noted that the security pockets might be a bit too secure and that they are a little hard to stretch open.

7. Le Papillon Jewelry Faux Leather Travel Jewelry Box

Le Papillon Jewelry Faux Leather Travel Jewelry Box

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Price: $17.99

Simple and Spread Out for Easy Viewing

Sometimes you don’t have time to dig around between pouches and pockets and flaps, and all you really want is to see all of your jewelry laid out in front of you. If that’s you, this might be your case. This organizer features eight ring rolls to tuck away rings and earrings and three larger compartments to hold necklaces, bracelets, or hook earrings. It also has a large mirror, perfect for when you need to get ready on the go.

However, this jewelry organizer might not be for you if you have a lot of long earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. If you try to store multiple things in the general compartments, they might get tangled.

6. Case Elegance Large Jewelry Travel Organizer

Case Elegance Large Jewelry Travel Organizer 

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Price: $54.77

High-Volume Case with a Durable Luxurious Finish

If you’re looking for a travel jewelry organizer that will last forever, you might want to take a look at this one. Its outer casing is made from a scratch-proof leather perfect for taking with you to even the roughest terrains. On top of that, this case can hold almost any kind of jewelry. It has one long ring roll, three clasps for necklaces, space for six pairs of earrings, and a large pouch to hold big items like watches.

However, at over $50, this case is quite the investment, and it might not make sense to buy it unless you travel often and have enough room in your luggage.

5. Brelox Travel Jewelry Organizer

BRELOX Travel Jewelry Organizer

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Price: $22.99

Super Thin Case for the Carry-On Traveler

At just 1/2-inch thick (without anything in it), this slim jewelry portfolio can slip into even the most tightly-packed suitcase. It features three large, clear pockets, which make for easy viewing as well as four necklace holders and a removable earring holder that can hold up to 25 pairs. The outer case is water resistant and comes in four fun, colorful patterns. And it even comes with a bonus polishing cloth!

However, this case might not be best for those who prefer chunky jewelry. There are no gussets at the seams, so having too much large jewelry can mean that the case won’t snap closed.

4. Vlando Small Travel Jewelry Roll

Vlando Small Travel Jewelry Roll

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Price: $17.99

Fun Sized Organizer for a Weekend Away

This little jewelry organizer is the perfect size for a quick vacation. It has space for four pairs of earrings, a ring roll, clasps for three necklaces or bracelets, and a small pouch. Essentially, it can hold any type of jewelry–as long as it’s not too big. Rolled up, this organizer measures just 5 inches by 3 inches.

Be warned, however, that small means small and that you won’t be able to pack your bigger pieces. However, for the stuff that does fit, you can rest assured that they’ll stay safe. Even though this cute case rolls up like a burrito, its outer shell is decently solid, ensuring that your jewelry will have some protection.

3. ProCase Jewelry Case Travel Organizer Bag

ProCase Jewelry Case Travel Organizer Bag

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Price: $15.99

An Organizer for Even Your Boldest Pieces

If you like things a little less dainty and a little more statement, this could be the travel jewelry organizer for you. It features two main compartments. The upper one has all your usual jewelry organization bits – a detachable roll for rings, space for 12 pairs of earrings, three loops for dangly bits, and a small pocket for miscellaneous items.

The second pocket, though, is where the fun is. This bottom portion features a deep storage space with a removable divider that breaks it into three spaces. This compartment is perfect for your chunky necklaces, watches, or even make up, if you’re looking for a two-in-one.

2.  Ellis James Designs Quilted Travel Jewelry Organizer

Ellis James Designs Quilted Travel Jewelry Organizer

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Price: $25.95

A Two Inch Thick Case That Holds It All

This jewelry organizer is surprisingly compact considering the sheer amount of bling that it can hold. It has space for 16 pairs of earrings, four necklaces, a band for as many rings as you can fit on it, two pockets, and a removable pouch. All squeezed into a case just two inches thick.

The outer shell is made from a durable quilted material sure to withstand thousands of miles of travel. It comes in three different colors–black, white, and gray. In case you’re searching for a gift for a jet-setting friend, this jewelry organizer also comes wrapped in a box ready to go!

1. Teamoy Travel Jewelry Roll

Teamoy Travel Jewelry Roll

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Price: $21.49

Not Too Big, Not Too Small

This case falls right in the Goldilocks zone for most people in search of a travel jewelry organizer. For the general public who don’t need to travel with their entire collection, this case’s two ring rolls, three necklace holders, 9-pair earring holder, and four pockets are more than enough.

This organizer folds up like a wallet and is tied off with a string. If you’re concerned that something might fall out, don’t be–the flaps that cover the two open areas actually zipper shut to prevent anything from slipping out or scraping against each other. On top of all that, this case comes in four super cute patterns.


Big or small, soft or hard–we’ve tried to cover a good variety of jewelry organizers suited for travel up above. When choosing, the rule of thumb is this: pick the smallest and simplest case you possibly can. Don’t force yourself to leave any of your favorite jewelry pieces behind, of course, but it’s always a good idea to have as much space in your pack as possible for souvenirs.