Top 10 Best Yoga Pants for Women to Buy Online 2019

Top 10 Best Yoga Pants for Women to Buy Online 2018

Are you trying out yoga for the first time or a lifetime yogi? No matter your level or ability, you’ll want the best and most comfortable pants to get the most out of your sessions. Yoga is a spiritual, mental, and physical practice, and if you’re not comfortable with your yoga pants, you’ll lose focus and won’t fully gain the benefits of a yoga session.

It’s important to wear comfortable pants that are breathable and allow free range of movement. The thing you have to remember, though, is that there are many types of yoga pants and yoga. So, with your personal preferences in mind, as well as the type of yoga that you’re doing, we’ll help you to decide on the perfect pair of yoga pants for you!

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How to Choose Yoga Pants for Women – Buying Guide

With our busy and hectic lifestyles, we often don’t get enough time to relax and distress. That’s why when we do, we need to be wearing comfortable pants. Below, we’ll help you figure out which yoga pants are right for you.

Different Styles of Yoga Pants for Different Movements

Yoga isn’t exactly a “one size fits all” activity. There are a lot of different styles of yoga, so it goes without saying that there are different styles of yoga pants to complement them.

For Yoga Styles with Strenuous Movement: Get Tight-Fitting Pants or Shorts

For Yoga Styles with Strenuous Movement: Get Tight-Fitting Pants or Shorts

If you’re doing Ashtanga or other rigorous yoga styles with dynamic movements, there’s no doubt you’ll be sweating. But you won’t want to be swimming in your own sweat for 40 minutes. You’ll want a pair of leggings that are stretchy, breathable, durable, and moisture-wicking. In that case, spandex-, nylon-, and polyester-blends are good options. And if you want the most stretch, look for a pair with 4-way stretch; it’ll stretch horizontally and vertically, giving you full range of movement.

They come in different lengths, including full length, capris, and shorts. And while this choice is mostly personal preference, it can also depend on what type of yoga you are practicing. We recommend shorts for heated yoga sessions, like Bikram or hot yoga. You’ll want a pair of pants that expose your skin and allow your body to cool off quicker.

For Gentle Movement: Try Soft, Loose-Fitting Pants

For Gentle Movement: Try Soft, Loose-Fitting Pants

If you’re doing Hatha, Yin, or other gentle forms of yoga, where poses are held for several minutes at a time and a lot of body heat and sweat isn’t generated, then comfort is your number one priority. Look for looser cuts, like harem pants or bootleg pants. Soft materials like cotton or cotton-blends are a good option for comfort and breathability, but they do absorb moisture.

If you get a full length, loose cut pant, make sure there’s not too much extra fabric at the bottom, otherwise you’ll be stepping on it, nonstop, throughout your session. Fashion trends are, however, making these loose-fitting yoga pants less available and harder to find, but if you look closely, they’re out there.

Get Dark Colors to Hide Sweat Stains

Get Dark Colors to Hide Sweat Stains

We know–you need a pair of yoga pants that look good on you, in a design and colors you like, to stay motivated. However, pay attention to what shade your pants are. If you choose a lighter color, like gray, then even the slightest bit of moisture is going to show up.

Yoga is about releasing stress and toxins, and with that, you also release sweat. And whether you’re a yoga instructor or a first-timer, you won’t want everyone’s attention focused on your huge sweat spots.

Gussets – Stay Comfortable, Especially if You’re Going Commando

Gussets – Stay Comfortable, Especially if You’re Going Commando

Gussets are triangular- or diamond-shaped reinforcing fabric inserts that are sewn into the crotch of yoga pants. If there’s no gusset sewn in, you’ll have a very uncomfortable pressure point where the four seams run together.

Most yoga pants have a gusset sewn in, but they vary in design, including one design which offers an extra layer of material for those who prefer to go commando during their yoga workout.

Sizing is Extra Important to Make Sure Your Pants aren’t See Through 

Sizing is Extra Important to Make Sure Your Pants aren't See Through 

None of us wants to show more than style and technique when doing a downward dog. That’s why sizing is extra important to make sure that when you bend over or squat, your pants aren’t see-through.

Before purchasing, be sure to check the sizing chart and measurements. Even if you’ve found a pair you really love, if they’re not the right size, you might be showing off your underwear in yoga class. Also, you can check reviews to make sure the pants have passed the “squat test.”

Top 10 Best Yoga Pants for Women to Buy Online

The choices are endless and the hunt still might seem intimidating, so here are our favorites to help get you started!

10. HDE Yoga Pants

HDE Yoga Pants

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $15.99

Comfortable Yoga Pants at an Excellent Price–Good Choice for Gentle Yoga

Made almost entirely of cotton, these yoga pants are super soft, lightweight, and breathable. They’re not very tight, but also not too baggy, so you won’t trip over the fabric during a yoga session. They’re moisture-absorbent, so they’re a great option for gentle yoga or meditative yoga, where you’re not generating a ton of body heat and sweat.

They come in a number of colors, but we don’t recommend getting the gray, as some women have noticed that they’re see-through when you bend over.

9. Ndoobiy Women’s Printed Yoga Pants

Ndoobiy Women's Printed Yoga Pants

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $12.99

Thin, But not See Through–A Comfortable and Stylish Pair of Yoga Pants

You’ll definitely stand out in your yoga class wearing these. These form-fitting yoga pants are stylish and will keep you feeling comfortable and relaxed during your yoga class. They’re lightweight and soft to the touch. They’re also stretchy and breathable, so you’ll be comfortable in any kind of yoga class.

They have a lower elastic waistband, but they’re not too tight as to leave you with love handles. Though these are technically machine washable, it’s recommended to wash by hand to avoid any fading over time. They have a ton of wild prints available–even a cat print, for all you cat ladies out there! They only come in “one size fits” and “plus size fits,” so be sure to check the sizing before purchasing.

8. IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants

IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $16.95

Soft and Stretchy Yoga Pants with 4-Way Stretch

Made by a yoga equipment and apparel brand, these yoga pants have got it all. They’re made with 4-way stretch, so you’ll have ultimate flexibility. The fabric is opaque, yet still very breathable. You can even wear these for fast-paced yoga and stay dry because of their moisture wicking properties. And with flat seams and a gusseted crotch, women find them very comfortable.

Unlike a lot of yoga pants, they fit tight around the ankle, so no bunching up will occur. They run a bit small, but consumers have said after wearing them, they conform to your body. But if you have very muscular legs, you might find them slightly too restricting. They come in shorts, capris, and pants.

7. Oalka Women Power Flex Yoga Pants

Oalka Women Power Flex Yoga Pants

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $19.99

Comfortable Yoga Pants that Will Keep You Warm and Chafe-free

These yoga pants are soft, stretchy, and allow full range of movement, which is what any yogi needs. The flat seams keep you from chafing, which can distract anyone trying to relax. It has an elastic waistband that will make sure it stays in place, even when bending over.

They’ve also got quick drying and moisture-wicking properties, so you won’t be sitting in your sweat for the whole yoga class. Women love that these pants are not see-through, but still thin enough to get great flexibility. Check which pair you’re purchasing; the solid colors are made out of nylon and the space dye pants are made out of polyester.

6. Spalding Women’s Bootleg Yoga Pants

Spalding Women's Bootleg Yoga Pants

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $17.99

Classic, Comfortable, and Stretchy Yoga Pants–Good for a Gentle Yoga Style

A classic pair of yoga pants made from mostly cotton and some spandex, these are loose-fitting enough for a day of running errands and still stretchy enough for yoga sessions. They’re soft and comfortable to wear, but if you’re doing a high intensity yoga session, they’ll just absorb your sweat.

They’re bootleg, so they’re cut loose at the bottom, but still fit snug around your thighs and buttocks. They’re not so thick as to be considered sweatpants, but not so thin that they’re see-through. However, they might show your panty line. They do tend to shrink a little when washed for the first time, but not so much that it alters the fit and shape.

5. Baleaf Women’s High Waist Yoga Shorts

Baleaf Women's High Waist Yoga Shorts

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $18.99

Tummy Control with a Gusseted Crotch for Ultimate Comfort–Great for Hot Yoga

Fitting above your belly button, these high-waisted yoga shorts are compressing enough to hold everything in; however, they’re not too tight and restrictive, so no more muffin top. They’re perfect for hot yoga because they allow maximum breathability for your skin and push out any sweat. Customers love the pockets, where they can store their phones or keys while on the way to the gym.

The high-quality material of these shorts often surprises customers, as the price is so affordable.  And the gusseted crotch allows you to do any yoga stretches and poses without feeling too much pressure. Tip: the charcoal version is 36% cotton, so it’s super soft compared to the solid colors!

4. Comfy Yoga Pants

Comfy Yoga Pants

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $39.95

Quick Dry Material with 4-Way Stretch–But Only Available in One Size

These vibrant, colorful yoga pants are stylish, comfortable, and stretchy. They’re made of mostly polyester, with a little spandex, so they’re breathable and will push your sweat to the exterior when you’re in an Ashtanga class, working up a big sweat. They’ve got 4-way stretch, too, so don’t shy away from the most challenging yoga poses.

They come in either capris or full length, but only have a “one size fits all” option, which makes some customers weary. If you’re a size 4-12, then you should have no problem with the fit, but check the sizing chart before purchasing.

3. Banjamath Women’s Harem Yoga Pants

Banjamath Women's Harem Yoga Pants

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $13.95

Relaxed and Comfortable Yoga Pants–Great for Restorative Yoga

These stylish, loose-fitting yoga pants are super comfortable and not at all restricting. They’re ideal for Yin or restorative yoga, or other slow-paced yoga forms. Unfortunately, if you wear these during a fast-paced, dynamic yoga session, you might end up with tears in the seams.

The fabric is lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying, so you won’t be too hot and sweaty during your yoga session. Women love the drawstring, as you can adjust the hip tightness to your liking. The fabric is delicate, so it’s recommended to wash only by hand with cold water.

2. ODODOS High Waist Yoga Pants

ODODOS High Waist Yoga Pants

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $18.98

4-Way Stretch Yoga Pants with Gussets and a Storage Pocket

These yoga pants are stretchy and supportive, but not restrictive. The cut of the fabric and reinforced stitching is very flattering, especially for curvy women. They are stretchy enough to allow for full flexibility, so go ahead and do the Sirsa Padasana (or head to foot) pose. Women love the gussets stitched into the crotch, so you don’t have to worry about any unnecessary pressure down there.

They have an outer storage pocket, but if you’ve got a heavy-duty, large smartphone, you might experience some sagging. But hey, if you’re doing yoga, there’s really no need to carry your smartphone with you, anyway. They come in both full length and capris, with no compromise in quality.

1.  90 Degree By Reflex Women’s Yoga Pants

90 Degree By Reflex Women's Yoga Pants

Visit Amazon for more details

Price: $19.99

Body Conforming, Quick Drying, Versatile Yoga Pants

A huge name in yoga, 90 Degree By Reflex provides you with yoga pants that meet all your needs. These pants feature style, performance, and comfort, all at the same time. Made of nylon and spandex, they’re stretchy and will keep your sweat out, leaving you relatively dry and still allowing for full range of movement.

And the lower price doesn’t represent the quality. The material is comfortable and versatile, allowing you to do everyday chores or a vigorous yoga workout in them. But if you have small ankles, you’ll find that they bunch up a little at the bottom. They come in a bunch of different colors, so if you love them, get a pair to match all your yoga shirts!


Finding a pair (or two) of comfortable yoga pants that will help you get the most out of your yoga session, without distracting you, is essential. Now that you’ve got the knowledge and confidence, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect pair of yoga pants for you!

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