• 9 Best Reusable Ice Cubes in 2021 (Balls of Steel, Urban Essentials, and More) 1
  • 9 Best Reusable Ice Cubes in 2021 (Balls of Steel, Urban Essentials, and More) 2
  • 9 Best Reusable Ice Cubes in 2021 (Balls of Steel, Urban Essentials, and More) 3
  • 9 Best Reusable Ice Cubes in 2021 (Balls of Steel, Urban Essentials, and More) 4
  • 9 Best Reusable Ice Cubes in 2021 (Balls of Steel, Urban Essentials, and More) 5

9 Best Reusable Ice Cubes in 2021 (Balls of Steel, Urban Essentials, and More)

It’s summer, it’s hot, and you just want a cold drink. But it’s hard to ignore the fact that your ice cubes will water down your drink as they melt. Reusable ice cubes are a great solution to this issue, as they're made of frozen synthetics like silicon gel and won't melt at all. You can also use them as many times as you want! We've done the research for you and created this list of the nine best reusable ice cubes on the market this year. 

Our favorite reusable ice cubes are Urban Essentials' Reusable Freezable Ice Cubes. They're safe and easy to use, and those who have purchased them love their design. Read on to learn more about our other picks and a buying guide at the end.

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Best 3 Reusable Ice Cubes

These reusable ice cubes made it to the top three list due to their materials, thicknesses, and unique designs. We curated our list based on what we learned from our research as well as the feedback from real people who have used its products. Read on to find which might be best for you!


Urban EssentialsReusable Freezable Ice Cubes

Pack of 56


Cube size1 x 1 cubic in.
MaterialBPA-free plastic
FillingPurified water
Dishwasher safeYes

KolleaStainless Steel Reusable Ice Cubes

8 pack, 0.75 lb.


Size1 x 1 cubic in.
MaterialFood grade stainless steel
FillingNon-toxic gel
Dishwasher safeYes

QuiseenChill Rocks

9 pack


DimensionsNot provided
MaterialNatural soapstone
Dishwasher safeNo

Compare the Best 3 Reusable Ice Cubes

Urban Essentials Reusable Freezable Ice Cubes 1

Urban Essentials

Kollea Stainless Steel Reusable Ice Cubes 1


Quiseen Chill Rocks 1



Reusable Freezable Ice Cubes

Stainless Steel Reusable Ice Cubes

Chill Rocks


Our Top Choice - Colorful, All-Purpose, BPA-Free Plastic Cubes

Best for Those Who Like it Cool, Not Icy Cold

Best for Whiskey Lovers

Cube size1 x 1 cubic in.1 x 1 cubic in.Not provided
MaterialBPA-free plasticFood grade stainless steelNatural soapstone
FillingPurified waterNon-toxic gelNone
Dishwasher safeYesYesNo

More Great Reusable Ice Cubes to Consider

While these runners-up didn't quite make our best three, we do still think they're great products that can be useful in specific situations. Read on to learn more about these other options and why they might be a fit for you. 

EfiwasiReusable Plastic Ice Cubes

Multicolor, pack of 30


Dimensions1 x 1 cubic in.
MaterialBPA-free plastic
FillingPurified water
Dishwasher safeYes

Balls of SteelWhiskey Drink Coolers

Pack of 2


DimensionsNot provided
MaterialStainless steel
FillingPatented Arctic Core technology
Dishwasher safeYes

FrolkWhiskey Stones Gift Set


Dimensions2.2 inches in diameter
MaterialStainless steel
Dishwasher safeNot provided

myColdCupIce Sticks

4 pack, Large


Dimensions2.03 in. diam. x 5.9 in.
MaterialMedical Grade #2 (HDPE) plastic
FillingWater (refillable)
Dishwasher safeYes (top rack only)

LitecubesMulticolor Rainbow Lightup LED Ice Cubes

Pack of 6


Dimensions1.1 x 1.25 cubic in.
MaterialFDA-approved acrylics
FillingNon-toxic gel
Dishwasher safeNo

Urban Essentials Colorful Unicorn Reusable Ice Cubes

Pack of 15


DimensionsNot provided
MaterialBPA-free plastic
FillingNot provided
Dishwasher safeYes

How to Choose Reusable Ice Cubes – Buying Guide

There are a lot of options out there, and everyone's situation is different. We've compiled this buying guide of tips and things to consider when buying reusable ice cubes. 

Choose a Material that Suits Your Needs

There are three main types of reusable ice cubes: plastic, stainless steel, and stone. Each has its own strengths, so read on to find the best one for you!

Plastic is the Closest to Real Ice

Plastic is the Closest to Real Ice
Plastic is the most common type of material used to make reusable ice cubes. It's often also the most cost-effective option; you can get a couple dozen plastic reusable ice cubes for less than 10 dollars. Plastic ice cubes are also great for kids since they can come in a variety of colors and shapes and won’t hurt if they hit against the drinker's face.

However, if you go with plastic, make sure you choose a BPA-free one to ensure you’re not ingesting harmful chemicals and to avoid a chemical taste getting into your beverage. Some plastic reusable ice cubes are also filled with silica gel, which can be toxic if it leaks. 

Still, plastic reusable ice cubes tend to get the coldest, cool the surrounding liquid the most efficiently, and stay cool the longest. They also float just like regular ice cubes do. So long as you're careful, they can be a great option. 

Stainless Steel Chills Things Quickly

Stainless Steel Chills Things Quickly

Stainless steel ice cubes are filled with either a gel or with alcohol, both of which hold a constant temperature better than water. They also freeze fairly quickly; a stainless steel reusable ice cube will normally be ready for use in less than five hours.

While some stainless steel ice cubes might be designed with cooling liquids in the center, there's very little risk of leakage due to the cubes' material. These gels are also less likely to be toxic than the gels that go inside plastic ice cubes, due to the standards surrounding the cubes' manufacturing process. 

Due to their construction, stainless steel ice cubes will stay at the bottom of the glass and don’t really give off any extra flavors. This makes them great for those who don't like getting hit in the face with ice cubes. However, stainless steel ice cubes are not as effective for dropping temperatures of hot, warm, or room temperature drinks.

Stone Doesn't Chill, but it Keeps Things Cool

Stone Doesn't Chill, but it Keeps Things Cool
Stone ice cubes aren't filled with any liquids. They're solid stone and sit in the bottom of your glass like stainless steel ice cubes might. They also don’t give off any flavor and are of course chemical-free.
However, stone cubes are the least effective at cooling drinks. They tend to only drop temperatures a few degrees. Thus, they’re best for already cold drinks and to use in alcoholic drinks, which cool down faster and don’t require ice-cold temperatures.

Find the Size and Shape that Works Best for You

Aside from different materials, reusable ice cubes also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some kinds are more suited for certain purposes than others though, so make sure to choose wisely!

Classic Cubes Work Best for Daily Use

Classic Cubes Work Best for Daily Use

The cube shape that most ice cubes and reusable ice cubes are made in is great for general use. It's compact and fits a wide variety of situations. While cubes of ice or reusable ice can come in multiple sizes, their shape is typically the best fit for a common freezer, making them easy to store.

Ice Sticks Might Be Best for Water Bottles

Ice Sticks Might Be Best for Water Bottles

Stick-shaped ice cubes are meant to be used in water bottles. They’re slim so that they easily slip through a narrow bottle mouth and long so that they cool as much of the liquid at one time as possible. 

Though not as versatile as cubes, stick-shaped reusable ice can make your water thermos last all day. The unique shape also means you’ll likely only need one at a time

Uncommon Shapes Dazzle at Events

Uncommon Shapes Dazzle at Events
Like regular ice cubes, there are also a variety of interestingly shaped reusable ice cubes as well. Some examples include stainless steel polyhedrons, plastic stars, and spherical stones.

Just a note, though: be careful when giving round ice cubes to children. If they’re too small, they could be a choking hazard. It might be better to stay away from smaller reusable ice cubes that have fun shapes if you're hosting a party for kids or have little ones of your own. 

Otherwise, uniquely shaped reusable ice cubes can be a great way to spice up your drink. These sorts of unusually shaped ice cubes can also be excellent party favors, or just one more way to treat your guests well. 

Be Sure They're Safe and Easy to Clean

Be Sure They're Safe and Easy to Clean

Reusable ice cubes must be cleaned after each use. While this can obviously be done by hand, plastic reusable ice cubes and some stainless steel reusable ice cubes are dishwasher safe. This handy feature will save you time and trouble and ensure that you always have clean cubes ready to pop in the freezer. 

It's always important, though, to read each product's instructions on cleaning. Some reusable ice cubes absolutely can't be washed in the dishwasher. Stone cubes, for example, could cause a lot of damage to your machine and any other cutlery inside of it.  

Still, dishwasher-friendly reusable ice cubes are a helpful option if you're short on time or use your cubes daily

How to Enjoy Your Reusable Ice Cubes

How to Enjoy Your Reusable Ice Cubes

If you want to invest in reusable ice cubes, there are a few things to keep in mind so you can get the full bang for your buck as you use them. Due to the science behind these handy cubes, they may not always function exactly as real ice would

It's a good idea to remember that reusable ice cubes are simply not as potent as actual ice. While they can do a fine job of keeping your drink cool, it's a bit unlikely that they will be able to chill a hot or room temperature beverage. This is because there isn't as much pure ice in a reusable ice cube due to its shell of outer material. 

So long as you keep this in mind and wash your cubes after each use, you're sure to have a great experience with these eco-friendly additions to your kitchen!

Other Ways to Keep Cool as a Cucumber

Other Ways to Keep Cool as a Cucumber

As the weather warms up, you may be looking for more ways to cool down. Check out our recommended articles below for more products that will keep you refreshed this summer. 

Amazon's Best Selling Ice Cube Molds and Trays


When investing in reusable ice cubes, you might want to consider the material, size, and shape that best fit your needs. Some types of cubes are meant to chill a lukewarm drink, while others are best used only for beverages that are already cold. We hope this article has helped! Check out our website for other great recommendations. 

Check Out Our Expert-Recommended Sustainable Products

There are plenty of other ways to incororpoate sustainable practices in your life. Take these silicone lids, recommended by Julia Miller, for example. They're easy to use, washable, and prevent Tupperware food leakage!


SilidSilicone Stretch Lids

12 pieces


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