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Top 10 Best Instant Breakfast Drinks to Buy Online 2020

Many of us lead busy lives and don’t have time to prepare breakfast in the morning. Enter instant breakfast. They come in either liquid or powdered forms, and in a range of dietary variations to suit your needs.

Some drinks double as meal replacements, others as simply snacks to jumpstart your morning. Welcome to the world of instant breakfast drinks, the fastest way to start your day.
  • Last updated: 12-12-2019
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How to Choose an Instant Breakfast Drink – Buying Guide

As we mentioned above, instant breakfast drinks differ in their nutritional value and can be a complementary replacement meal for your diet goals. Let’s break down the methodology behind choosing an instant breakfast drink.

How Many and What Kind of Nutrients Depends on Your Diet Goals

We often consider breakfast drinks to be chocolatey, fatty beverages like Nesquik that fill your tummy up and only that. That’s simply not the case. There are high protein, nutrient rich, and, yes, very sweet options to choose from. Let’s examine them.

High Protein for Fitness-Minded Individuals

High Protein for Fitness-Minded Individuals
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Don’t get us wrong. If you have time in the morning to cook, bacon and eggs are usually a classic option. It’s partially classic because, well, it tastes good, but also because it has lots of protein.
You should space out your protein intake throughout the day, and taking some in early, as breakfast, is a good way to make sure you do that. Our bodies can’t metabolize large sums of protein at once, anyways. For individuals who exert lots of physical strength, you need to ingest between 25-35 grams of protein in a meal.
If you work out in the early morning before work, a protein-rich breakfast drink is a great way to make sure you maintain your muscle mass. When you work out, you’re essentially breaking muscle fibers apart. Protein is required to repair them. To maximize muscle protein synthesis, consume your breakfast drink within 30 minutes of working out.

Full Vitamin and Mineral Profile if You Don’t Have Time to Eat Breakfast

Full Vitamin and Mineral Profile if You Don’t Have Time to Eat Breakfast
If you find yourself listless or snacking in the late morning hours before lunch, that’s because you’re not eating a healthy enough breakfast. It’s an important balance to strike. First off, in order to be satisfactorily full for the next 5-6 hours, you’re going to need to choose a breakfast drink that has 600-800 calories. That sometimes might mean adding milk or drinking two at once.
Also, ensuring you get enough protein, fiber rich carbohydrates, and fats will help keep you full until lunch. How much is enough? Well, if you’ve got no dietary restrictions, go for about 70 g of carbs. About 20 g of protein has been shown to fend off sudden cravings. And, there’s no minimum amount of fat, per se–just get some in so both your mood and energy levels stay high.
Instant breakfast drinks are designed to get you the necessary macro (carbs, proteins, fats) and micronutrients. Check the nutritional chart on the back to make sure you’re getting enough calcium, iron, Vitamins A, C, and B.

High Fiber for Diets

High Fiber for Diets
Fiber is a complex carbohydrate that is found in most plant based foods. Since fiber can not be completely broken down by our bodies, it helps keep us full. As it passes through our bodies, it acts as somewhat of a scrub brush that cleans out your intestines. This promotes a healthy gut and even reduces your chance of getting cancer.
A diet high in fiber makes your food easier to digest. When you have a good amount of fiber in your breakfast drink, you’ll find it easier to focus for the rest of the day. According to the American Dietetic Association, it’s better to get your fiber from actual foods (including instant breakfast drinks) rather than pills or supplements.
The ADA recommends that males get at least 38 grams of fiber per day, and females 25 grams of fiber per day. A high fiber diet leads to “normal” and healthy bowel movements, too.

Powdered or Liquid? It’s a Question of Time

So you opted for a breakfast drink because you don’t have time to cook breakfast. We don’t blame you. It can be hard to factor in that extra 15-30 precious minutes in the morning to make breakfast. You’d rather be sleeping, and so would we.
Instant breakfast drinks come in powdered or liquid forms, and your decision will boil down to social factors and how much time you have.

Powdered Drinks Are Easily Shared and Applied to Other Foods

Powdered Drinks Are Easily Shared and Applied to Other Foods
A powdered breakfast drink is not as instant as a liquid one, although we admit the difference is slim. Oftentimes, powdered drinks require 1-2 minutes of mixing with water (or milk), which can seem like forever if you seriously overslept, we guess.
Additionally, powdered foods can be added into other foods like soup, pasta, and even stir fries if you’re feeling bold. But you probably aren’t going to want to add a chocolatey powdered drink into a tomato soup. The meal replacement powders (like Huel and Ambronite) or smarter for this choice because they taste more basic.
If you like to eat breakfast with your family, think about getting a powdered drink. It might take more prep time, but you also get the ability to mix it in with others’ foods.

Liquid is Fastest

Liquid is Fastest
The idea behind “instant breakfast drinks” is that they’re instant. Well, this is as close to instant as you can get. If you’re trying to chug and go, then a liquid form is best. Literally just grab it out of your refrigerator and drink it while you walk or drive to work (but keep your eyes on the road!).
This is a fairly antisocial way to consume food, mind you (unless you’re a liquid family). The liquid breakfast drinks are meant to give you the nutrients you need to start your day in as little time as possible. If you’ve got other things on your mind and don’t want to mess with the prep work involved in powdered drinks, go liquid.

Do You Want a Drink That Tastes Good or Is Good for Your Body?

Why is it that medicine is bitter and poison is so sweet? Unfortunately, even with breakfast drinks, you’ll have to choose between flavor and nutrition as well–one just can’t have it all.

Choose Classic Brands Like Carnation for Flavor

Choose Classic Brands Like Carnation for Flavor
Carnation is probably the most well known instant breakfast drink brand, and their liquid forms come in three flavors: rich chocolate, french vanilla, and strawberry. Their powdered forms add dark chocolate, chocolate malt, and café mocha to the menu. Ensure has even more variation: chocolates, vanilla, strawberry, butter pecan, and coffee latte.
If you want liquid deliciousness, then, by all means, go for these big brands. They’ve even got variety packs, if you’re looking to shake things up. But, they’re fairly high on sugar and use synthetic nutrients as opposed to natural ones. When you look at the list of ingredients on a Carnation bottle, for example, corn syrup and sugar are listed second and third. Ingredients in food are listed in descending order of predominance, meaning the first listed ingredient is the most plentiful.
That’s a lot of sugar.

Choose Modern Meal Replacement Brands for Nutrition

Choose Modern Meal Replacement Brands for Nutrition
On the other hand, newer, lesser known companies like Ambronite, Huel, and even Soylent focus more on the nutritional component rather than the flavor. Their brands are targeted more towards simply getting the nutrients you need, rather than crafting a delicious drink. Now, taste is all a matter of opinion, so you might enjoy the chalky, “oatmealey” taste of the aforementioned brands.
Huel, for example, touts itself as having at least “100% of the FDA’s Daily Values of all 27 essential vitamins and minerals.” If you buy enough of it, each breakfast will set you back 2 bucks, and the powder is good for a year. More on that later. Ambronite has a similar nutritional and mineral spectrum to Huel, but is also non-GMO and minimally processed. It’s more expensive, though.

Top 10 Best Instant Breakfast Drinks to Buy Online

Instant breakfast drinks are great because they are a fast and nutritional way to get your most important meal of the day. The following are our recommendations of the best instant breakfast drinks to buy online. If you like them enough, don’t hesitate to eat them for lunch, too!

10. Ovaltine Malt Beverage Mix – 60 Count


9. Carnation Breakfast Essentials Bottles – 24 Count


8. Ensure Plus Nutrition Shake – 16 Count


7. Soylent Cacao Meal Replacement Shake – 12 Count


    6. Orgain Chocolate Fudge Nutrition Shake – 12 Count


    5. Ambronite Meal Replacement Nutritional Shake – 10 Count


    4. Huel Vanilla Food Powder – 28 Count


    3. Soylent Cafe Coffiest Meal Replacement Drink – 12 Count


    2. CLICK Coffee and Protein Drink Mix – 14 Count


    1. Boost Optimum Creamy Vanilla Drink – 16 Count



    No matter how busy you are, you don’t have any excuse to skip breakfast in 2018. We’ve given you a bevy of powdered and liquid forms that can be added into your diet or replace your breakfast entirely.
    Don’t be afraid to give the superfood options a go. Your future self may thank you for being ahead of your diet, and ahead of the trend!

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