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Top 10 Best Irons to Buy Online 2020

After stepping into the world of professionals, ironing becomes an almost inevitable part of life. But that doesn’t mean that it needs to be a chore. In fact, there are so many irons on the market that you’re bound to find one that makes your morning routine as seamless as possible.

So here’s a quick guide to choosing the right iron for your needs, as well as ten of the best irons on the market right now!
  • Last updated: 10-24-2019
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How to Choose an Iron – Buying Guide

Doing a quick web search will tell you that there are a million and one different irons on the market. It may seem hard to distinguish between them at first, but there are a few things to look out for when making a purchase. If you pay attention to these six points, you’ll surely be able to find the perfect match.

Deciding between Steam and Dry

Most irons available for home use billow out steam, but there’s also dry models. They’re each good for different things, so you should figure out what you’ll be ironing most and then decide between them.

Steam Irons: Speedy Wrinkle Removal

Steam Irons: Speedy Wrinkle Removal
Steam irons are the most common type of iron that you’ll find in stores. You fill them up with a little water, and the iron will in turn create high temperature steam that’ll smooth wrinkles. The more steam an iron produces, the easier it is to get rid of wrinkles (though the amount needed will also depend on the fabric that you’re ironing!). Since the amount of steam varies from iron to iron, be sure to choose one that suits your needs and will blast away all of your creases.
Something that many people don’t realize is that the quality of steam is also an important factor. Steam made up of smaller water particles will give you a better finish than steam with larger water particles.
You also want to find an iron that emits steam from the whole of its soleplate and is consistent. If the steam is too weak, or if it comes out irregularly, you’re more likely to have issues, such as water droplets dripping on the fabric or wrinkles that won’t come out.

Dry Irons: High Heat for Stubborn Creases

Dry Irons: High Heat for Stubborn Creases
Dry irons are less prevalent because they take more effort to use. Because there’s no built-in steam function, if you need to work out a stubborn wrinkle, you’ll need to grab a spray bottle and spritz on some water.
That being said, dry irons can reach higher temperatures, and because they don’t have steam holes, their soleplates are completely flat, which can be good for sewing or if you need a more effective heat transfer.
It’s also worth saying that steam irons can also function as dry irons minus the smooth soleplate.

Corded vs. Cordless

Corded vs. Cordless
There are two ways to power an iron: with an attached cord or with a charging dock. Naturally, a cordless iron allows more freedom of movement. Additionally, its charging dock gives you a safe resting place for when you need to put the iron down. You may, however, have to put the iron down more frequently than you want, as cordless irons will lose heat the longer they are off the dock.
Corded irons, on the other hand, will hold heat better, since they’re constantly powered. But cords get tangled and are a pain to store. If you do wanted a corded iron, it may be best to get one with a retractable cord so that it takes up less space and is easier to put away.

Considering Movement – Soleplate Material and Glide

Considering Movement – Soleplate Material and Glide
Most soleplates are made from either stainless steel or ceramic. Stainless steel soleplates are more durable, glide smoothly on materials that are ironed on high heat, such as cotton, and have even heat distribution. Ceramic soleplates tend to be a little more expensive and wear down more quickly. But, since they don’t stir up static electricity, they have significantly better glide in general, particularly on synthetic materials.
The more easily an iron glides, the better. If it has a smooth glide, even if it is heavy, you’ll find that your arm won’t tire. So if you’re shopping in stores, try to feel the way the iron moves before you decide to buy it.

Measuring Effectiveness in Weight and Wattage

Measuring Effectiveness in Weight and Wattage
The two things that determine an iron’s effectiveness are its weight and power. When it comes to weight, you need to find a good balance. A heavier iron will more easily smooth wrinkles and press pleats, but it’ll also tire you more quickly. A lighter iron, on the other hand, is more portable. For everyday use though, it’s a safe bet to look for an iron above two pounds.
As for power, wattage is directly converted into the heat output of an iron. A block of ice won’t smooth anything out, so it’s best to look for an iron above 1000 watts.

Heat Gets Rid of Wrinkles

Heat Gets Rid of Wrinkles
Some irons get hot within moments of turning on and others take a longer time to warm up. Some will maintain heat and others will see it peak and trough. Naturally, an iron that heats up quickly and stays hot will make the whole process faster and get you going sooner.
This is pretty hard to test out, so read reviews online!

You Can’t Use an Iron without a Handle

You Can’t Use an Iron without a Handle
If the iron’s handle is too thick and the gap between it and the body is too narrow, your knuckles will get in the way as you turn your hand. Get one with a slimmer handle or larger gap, and it’ll be easier to maneuver the iron into different angles. Also, a thinner tip on your soleplate makes for tighter turns and easier ironing, so try to consider that as well.

Top 10 Steam Irons to Buy Online

Here are the best steam irons you can find online today!

10. Steamfast Mini Travel Steam Iron (SF-717)


9. Oster Heavyweight Classic Dry Iron (GCSTBV4119)


8. Hamilton Beach Steam Iron


7. Panasonic Cordless 360º Freestyle Steam/Dry Iron (NI-WL600)


6. Oliso Smart Iron (TG1100)


5. T-fal Ultraglide Easy Cord (4495)


4. Sunbeam Steam Master (GCSBSP-201-FFP)


3. Black + Decker Digital Advantage Professional Steam Iron (D2030)


2. Rowenta Focus Steam Iron (DW5080)


1. CHI Steam Iron (13101)



So there you have it–a comprehensive guide to help you choose the best iron for your needs, as well as a few suggestions to get you started on your hunt. Having the right iron can take the drudgery out of ironing and might even make things fun. But not too much fun–be careful, they’re hot!

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