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Top 10 Best Shower Heads to Buy Online 2020

So, we already know that shower heads increase or decrease water flow. Big deal. But they also save and purify water, cleanse and massage your scalp. It’s hard to know what features will fit your needs, especially with the huge selection at stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot.

So let’s talk about what features you’ll encounter and why they matter. Whether you’re someone who’s trying to save a few dimes on your water bill, or just trying to enjoy your shower a bit more—here are a few things you need to consider.
  • Last updated: 10-30-2019
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How to Choose a Shower Head – Buying Guide

When choosing the right shower head, please consider the following variables. Each can make or break your experience. And some of these features—you might’ve never known they existed.

Do You Need an Adapter?

Do You Need an Adapter?
Most shower heads are pretty easy to install. Just unscrew the old one and swap in the new one. However, depending on the age of your house or the shower head itself, it may not fit the pipe or the threading. Fear not. There are adapters that can remedy this issue.
Here are some things to look out for. Sometimes, you’ll have to switch out the hose, as well as the head. And even though, generally speaking, big manufacturers conform to a standard size, we’re talking about domestic makers here. If you’re looking to import an exotic shower head, take a look at the dimensions beforehand.

Finding the Perfect Water Flow

When the local government issues drought or water conservation warnings, a lot of people turn to shower heads that conserve water. It’s one of the most advertised features now–and for good reason. So, how does one even go about selecting a water saving shower head? We’ve got you covered.

More Water Saving Equals More Money Saved

More Water Saving Equals More Money Saved
Find a shower head that saves water and slash your bills. You’re not just saving money on your water bill, either; as you’ll be using less hot water, your gas bill will shrink away. The savings can range from 30% to even 60%!
Shower heads are also built to stand the test of time. Even though it may seem unnecessary at first to spend extra money on a new shower head, your new, cheaper water bills will pay you back in no time.

Is There Enough Pressure? Trust Word of Mouth

Is There Enough Pressure? Trust Word of Mouth
Manufacturers have gone to great lengths, trying to figure out how to conserve water. Some reduce the number of holes in the shower head, or even change the diameter. And that’s why eco heads are associated with showers that amount to nothing more than sad trickles.
The solution is simple, though. If you’re worried, look at the reviews. Figure out which shower heads’ll satisfy you—and which to avoid.
Also: you can remove the water restrictor from some shower heads–easily, too. Just remember that not all local ordinances and state laws will allow you to do so. Before you lose yourself in the downpour, please consult with your local laws.

Most Fundamental Feature: Water Shutoff Button

Most Fundamental Feature: Water Shutoff Button
Even the most water efficient shower head can be useless if you leave the water running. For that reason, look for a water shutoff button. That way, between shampooing and conditioning, you can turn off water flow with the push of a button—and save money.
A word of warning, though: the water shutoff button doesn’t stop from water flowing into your shower head; it simply puts up a wall to stop it from flowing out. This puts pressure on other parts of the shower head and can eventually cause leaking. It’s a temporary fix.

Usability is Key

We stand under shower heads every day—or twice a day, if you really like being clean. So get something that’s easy to use.

The Lighter the Better

The Lighter the Better
Shower heads weigh about half a pound. While this may not seem like a lot, when you factor in water pressure, it feels a lot heavier. What feels like a feather to you will feel like a ton of bricks to a toddler. If you have small children or elderly family members, look for something as light as possible.

Water Flow Options

Water Flow Options
There are shower heads with a ton of options for water flow. You can have a shower that feels like rain; you can have one like a pressure hose; you can have one like a steady, gentle stream. However, if you think showers are just another morning chore, then maybe this isn’t an option that you should look into.

What Needs to be Cleaned

What Needs to be Cleaned
All shower heads do is push out hot water, so you’d think they’d stay clean. But, somehow, grime still finds its way in. That’s why you need to check if it can be cleaned easily. Is it a one piece shower head? Can the mouth be removed and cleaned? These are all important things to consider.
For the neat freaks and germaphobes, it’s ideal to have a shower head that can be broken down into pieces. If you’re concerned about cleanliness, this’ll let you rest easy at night. But if you aren’t, then it’s just a nightmare.

Water Purification for the Cleanest of Waters

Chlorine’s used to kill bacteria and other tiny varmints in tap water. For those that are concerned with the toxicity of chlorine, water purification is key. There’s two types of water purification methods; let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Removing Chlorine with a Filter or Vitamin C

Removing Chlorine with a Filter or Vitamin C
Running your water through a filter or a cartridge filled with vitamin C will suck out a lot of chlorine. However, the vitamin C can run out quickly. And for some, the cost and the hassle of replacing the cartridges is a deal breaker.
If you go this route, try to get a shower head that can save water, too. This’ll cut down on water flow, so you don’t need to replace the cartridges so often.

Chlorine Reduction via Ceramic Balls

Chlorine Reduction via Ceramic Balls
First off, these ceramic balls will survive longer than the Vitamin C cartridges. So now your wallet’s happy. The downside? It’s at least 80% less efficient in removing chlorine than your good old filters.
So consider: which bothers you more? A starving wallet or 20% more toxic in your water? Then decide which purifying shower head will put you at ease.

Switch to Regular Water for Different Tasks

Switch to Regular Water for Different Tasks
Using a filter or a ceramic balls is amazing for cutting down on chlorine, but do you need that option when you’re washing the tub or cleaning the dog? Most likely not, and that’s why you need to have a switch to bypass the filters and balls.

Luxurious Options

Now that you’re familiar with the fundamentals of shower heads, let’s take a look at some luxurious add-ons.

Micro-bubbles to Clean Pores

Micro-bubbles to Clean Pores
If you want to wash out your pores, go for shower heads that produce micro-bubbles. They keep your skin clear and hydrated, so they’re gaining traction on the market. Then there’s the more advanced version, just starting to come into being—nano bubbles. This generates even smaller bubbles, leaving you with even cleaner pores.
It’s a bit of a luxury in the world of shower heads now, so the bubbles will cost you. For some, though, this feature can be a game changer.

Massage Mode for Relaxation

Massage Mode for Relaxation
For that nice massage, most shower heads will shrink their spouts, shooting out a more concentrated spray. Use it to wash the fatigue from your calves, your lower back. Or to rinse the shampoo from thick, lush hair.

Top 10 Best Shower Heads to Buy Online

A lot of shower heads come with a mix of the features mentioned above. Finding the balance between what you need and what is available is a bit tricky, so we did the work for you.

10. AKDY ABS Shower Wand Combo


9. Hpbge Shower Head


8. DreamSpa All Chrome LED Lit Shower Head


7. Aqua Elegante 3 Inch Pressure Shower Head


6. Invigorated Water pH Rejuvenate


5. Aqua Home Group Multi-Stage Shower Head


4. SomovWorld Luxury Rain Shower Head


3. DreamSpa Rainfall Shower Head / Handheld Combo


2. Delta Faucet H2O Kinetic Shower Head


1. Hydroluxe 24 Setting 3-Way Shower Head



People don’t really think about shower heads, but, fact is, they can make or break your morning. So, don’t forget to also check for warranties. Many of the shower heads we’ve recommended here come with some sort of guarantee. These will not only make sure that you’re happy with your purchase, but that it’ll last for a while.
We hope we’ve just given you the key to starting every day bright eyed and bushy tailed!

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