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  • 10 Best Dinosaur Toys in 2022 (LEGO, Wild Republic, and More) 2
  • 10 Best Dinosaur Toys in 2022 (LEGO, Wild Republic, and More) 3
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10 Best Dinosaur Toys in 2022 (LEGO, Wild Republic, and More)

Are you looking for the ideal toy for a big dinosaur fan? Children have long been obsessed with these prehistoric creatures, so it's no surprise that there are so many dinosaur toys available. Whether you're looking for something educational, buildable, or just plain fun, there is a dinosaur toy for everyone.

That's why we’ve done the research for you and picked the best dinosaur toys around. We chose the Dinosaur Toy Painting Kit by Baodlon as our favorite due to the contents of the kit, the quality of the dinosaurs, and the creativity it can unleash. We’ve also put together a top 10 list for you to consider and created a handy buying guide to help you make your choice!

  • Last updated: 05-09-2022
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10 Best Dinosaur Toys

We’ve searched the internet to find the best dinosaur toys available based on careful research and customer reviews. We’ve picked a variety of toys, so no matter what you’re looking for, we have a dinosaur toy for you!


BaodlonDinosaur Toy Painting Kit


For ages5+
Dinosaur10 different species
BatteriesNot needed
Best forArts and crafts

Wild RepublicTriceratops Plush


For agesAll ages
BatteriesNot needed
Best forSensory play, comfort

LEGOBuild It Yourself Dinosaur Set


For ages9-12 yrs
DinosaurPterodactyl, triceratops. t-rex
BatteriesNot needed
Best forCreativity

Jurassic World ToysChomp 'n Roar Mask


For ages6+
Batteries3 CR123A batteries (included)
Best forRole playing

Toy StoryTrue Talkers Rex


For ages3+
Batteries3 LR44 batteries (included)
Best forDisney fans

EagleStoneMovable Dinosaur Shooting Game


For ages6+
DinosaurNot specified, cartoon
Batteries2AA batteries (not included)
Best forGames, hand-eye coordination

Melissa & DougDinosaur Wooden Chunky Puzzle


For ages2-4 yrs
Dinosaur7 different species
BatteriesNot needed
Best forEducation, shape and colors

National GeographicMega Fossil Dig Kit


For ages8+
BatteriesNot needed
Best forEducation, STEM

FistoneRC Robot Dinosaur


For ages3+
DinosaurNot specified, robot
BatteriesRemote requires 2 AAA (not included)
Best forPlay

SanlebiTake Apart Dinosaur Toys


For ages4-7 yrs
DinosaurT-rex, triceratops, velociraptor
Batteries2 AAA batteries (not included)
Best forHand-eye coordination, education

Compare the Best Dinosaur Toys

Baodlon Dinosaur Toy Painting Kit 1


Wild Republic Triceratops Plush 1

Wild Republic

LEGO Build It Yourself Dinosaur Set 1


Jurassic World Toys Chomp 'n Roar Mask 1

Jurassic World Toys

Toy Story True Talkers Rex 1

Toy Story

EagleStone Movable Dinosaur Shooting Game 1


Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Wooden Chunky Puzzle 1

Melissa & Doug

National Geographic Mega Fossil Dig Kit 1

National Geographic

Fistone RC Robot Dinosaur 1


Sanlebi Take Apart Dinosaur Toys 1



Dinosaur Toy Painting Kit

Triceratops Plush

Build It Yourself Dinosaur Set

Chomp 'n Roar Mask

True Talkers Rex

Movable Dinosaur Shooting Game

Dinosaur Wooden Chunky Puzzle

Mega Fossil Dig Kit

RC Robot Dinosaur

Take Apart Dinosaur Toys


Paint Your Own Dinosaurs With This Kit

An Adorable and High Quality Stuffed Animal

Build Multiple Dinosaurs With One LEGO Kit

Become a Velociraptor With This Fun Mask

Perfect for Toy Story Fans

Practice Your Hand-Eye Coordination With This Shooting Game

A Colorful Puzzle With Easy-to-Grasp Pieces

Dig for Genuine Fossils in This Dig Kit

Dance Along With This Robot Dinosaur

Assemble and Disassemble 3 Dinosaurs

For ages5+All ages9-12 yrs6+3+6+2-4 yrs8+3+4-7 yrs
Dinosaur10 different speciesTriceratopsPterodactyl, triceratops. t-rexVelociraptorT-rexNot specified, cartoon7 different speciesVariousNot specified, robotT-rex, triceratops, velociraptor
BatteriesNot neededNot neededNot needed3 CR123A batteries (included)3 LR44 batteries (included)2AA batteries (not included)Not neededNot neededRemote requires 2 AAA (not included)2 AAA batteries (not included)
Best forArts and craftsSensory play, comfortCreativityRole playingDisney fansGames, hand-eye coordinationEducation, shape and colorsEducation, STEMPlayHand-eye coordination, education

How to Choose a Dinosaur Toy - Buying Guide

Before buying a dinosaur toy, there are a few points you should consider, such as age-appropriateness and batteries. To help you with this, we’ve put together this handy buying guide!

Make Sure It's Age-Appropriate

When buying any toy for a child, it’s important that it's age-appropriate. Children differ in their rate of development, so these should be taken as loose guidelines, but they can help find a toy for any age.

Newborns Need Color and Texture

Newborns Need Color and Texture

Babies that are six months old and younger are more limited in their movements and how they can interact with toys. They will appreciate toys that stimulate their senses, so look for toys that are colorful, make noise when shaken, and have fun textures. Toys such as playmats, plush toys, and rattles are excellent choices.

Young Babies Like to Move

Young Babies Like to Move

Babies between the ages of six to twelve months are just beginning to get around and take more interest in their environment. Toys that will interact with them in simple ways, such as the touch of a button prompting music or a dinosaur roar, are a great idea. You can also look for toys they can pick up and move, such as blocks or balls to play with.

Toddlers Want to Explore

Toddlers Want to Explore

Toddlers that are aged from one to three years old like to explore and discover new experiences. They love to be physical and run around after anything that moves. Toddlers at the upper age of this age range can even start looking at riding tricycles!

Learning materials are great for kids this age, so colorful storybooks and problem-solving toys such as shape sorting are good ideas. They’re also creative and love coloring and drawing.

Preschoolers Need Their Imagination Stimulated

Preschoolers Need Their Imagination Stimulated

Kids aged between three and five have vivid imaginations and are starting to question the world around them. They like to learn and play with other kids and the best toys for them take advantage of this. Books, building toys, arts and crafts, and problem-solving toys are great choices.

Elementary-Aged Kids Have Their Own Interests

Elementary-Aged Kids Have Their Own Interests

It’s around this age that kids really begin to find their own interests and what they enjoy. They’re also prone to wanting something just because their friends have it! Elementary kids like to discover too, so there are plenty of dinosaur-themed educational books and kits that you can consider for them.

They like to create their own worlds and for some kids, this might mean making their own dinosaur park! Others will prefer playing board games or even video games.

Preteens Can Be Challenged

Preteens Can Be Challenged

Many preteens share interests with elementary kids, but kids in that 10 to 12 years old bracket also have interests that are similar to teens and adults. You can challenge kids in this age bracket by giving them more advanced puzzles or science experiments to try to complete.

Why not get them a robot dinosaur kit that takes a few days to construct? They have both the attention span and the ability to tackle bigger projects. Plus, they will always want to beat their friends at games!

Teens Prefer Gadgets

Teens Prefer Gadgets

Some teens may be happy with plush toys or science kits, but many will consider these to be too “immature” for their teen tastes! They might prefer video games, complex LEGO kits, or interactive robots. If your teen loves to read, there are plenty of fictional and non-fiction dinosaur books that they might enjoy.

Even Adults Might Enjoy a Dinosaur Toy

Even Adults Might Enjoy a Dinosaur Toy

It’s not just kids and teens that can like dinosaurs - many adults love them, too! Many of the gifts appropriate for teens are appropriate for adults, such as LEGO kits and books. Adults might appreciate dinosaur figures for their display shelves, such as Funko Pops of Jurassic World characters.

Ensure That the Toys Are Safe

Ensure That the Toys Are Safe

No matter what age group you’re buying for, it’s important that the toys are safe for that age group. Lots of children love to build things, but LEGO kits with their small bricks are only suitable for older children and teens.

For younger children, the small parts are a choking hazard so any building blocks you buy for them should be too large to put in their mouths! Take note of any age restrictions on the toys and keep in mind the child you’re buying for.

However, not all three-year-olds have reached the same level of development. If you’re buying a gift for someone else’s child, you can always check with the parents or guardians before buying if you’re not sure.

Find Out if They Have a Favorite Type of Dinosaur

Find Out if They Have a Favorite Type of Dinosaur

Some children are dinosaur experts and know the different species in as much detail as many paleontologists do! If this sounds like the child you’re buying a gift for, then it’s highly likely that they have a favorite dinosaur.

If they do, and you can find out what it is, then buying a gift of that specific dinosaur will definitely make the recipient smile! Even if they don’t have a specific dinosaur that they love, there may be a type they prefer.

Some kids love their dinosaurs to be terrifying monsters such as the Tyrannosaurus rex, whereas others might prefer dinosaurs that are cuter and more cuddly. Flying dinosaurs are popular with some other children, while other kids love giant herbivores like the Triceratops. Being able to narrow down a type of dinosaur will greatly reduce your choices.

Consider Toys of Fictional Dinosaurs

Consider Toys of Fictional Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs aren’t just popular with children—they’re also popular in media and entertainment. There are many fictional dinosaurs and buying toys of these can be a good choice.

Disney fans might love a figure of the lovable Rex from Toy Story or Arlo from The Good Dinosaur. Many kids and adults have grown up with The Land Before Time series of movies or were taught their numbers and letters by Barney, making them good choices, too.

There are many video game dinosaurs, too, and which Mario fan wouldn’t love a gift of the cute Yoshi? Finding out someone’s favorite books, movies, and games, are an easy way to find the perfect gift or toy for them.

If Batteries Are Needed, Make Sure You Buy Them

If Batteries Are Needed, Make Sure You Buy Them

Some dinosaur toys might need batteries. This is common with robots or other types of toys that make noise or have movement. You should double-check the product description and reviews to make sure that if the toy needs batteries, they are included.

If they aren’t included, buy them! There is nothing more disappointing than ripping open the packaging to a brand new toy, only to find that it won’t work because it has no batteries.

Decide What the Focus of the Toy Should Be

Decide What the Focus of the Toy Should Be

The primary function of any toy is to be fun, but that doesn't mean it's their only function! When you look at buying a dinosaur toy, think about what else you want it to be. A toy that can serve several different purposes will keep kids engaged for longer. Think about how the child will benefit from the toy while they're having fun!

Realistic dinosaurs and fossil kits can be educational and help teach kids about dinosaurs while they play. Colorful dinosaurs with interesting textures help babies with their development. Dinosaur games help with hand-eye coordination and can keep kids active.

More Toys to Keep the Kids Entertained

There are many more toys out there than just dinosaur ones! Thankfully, we have several more articles and toys to recommend.

Amazon's Best Selling Dinosaur Toys

Author: Kellie Lacey

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