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  • 10 Best Under Desk Footrests in 2022 (Kensington, HoMedics, and More) 3
  • 10 Best Under Desk Footrests in 2022 (Kensington, HoMedics, and More) 4
  • 10 Best Under Desk Footrests in 2022 (Kensington, HoMedics, and More) 5

10 Best Under Desk Footrests in 2022 (Kensington, HoMedics, and More)

Do you spend hours at your desk and find that your back hurts before your working day is over? It's important that your desk is ergonomic, and an under desk footrest is part of this. They can relieve strain on your body, help with your posture, and keep you more alert.

Choosing the best under desk footrest can be difficult as they are so many options available. That's why we’ve done the research for you and picked the Comfort Memory Foam Footrest by Kensington as our favorite. It's adjustable and is soft but supportive. We’ve also put together a top 10 list for you to consider and created a handy buying guide to help you make your choice!

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What are the Benefits of an Under Desk Footrest?

What are the Benefits of an Under Desk Footrest?

Footrests are usually not the first thing we think of when we consider how our desks should be set up, but they are just as important as a supportive chair or wrist rest. The main benefit of a correctly set up footrest is that it can help you improve your posture while you sit

You may need to set your chair to a height that means your feet are dangling and don’t touch the ground, but this isn’t good for your back. Even if your feet are on the ground, your knees shouldn’t be much lower than your hips, they should be roughly level. 

A footrest can ensure that your knees are in the right position, taking pressure off your back, hips, and the back of your legs. Having your feet and legs in the right position can improve your blood circulation. Keeping your feet elevated a little encourages blood flow. This also reduces the chances of varicose veins and nerve damage.

10 Best Under Desk Footrests

We’ve searched the internet to find the best under desk footrests available. We’ve picked a variety of footrests, so no matter what you’re looking for, we have an under desk footrest for you!


KensingtonComfort Memory Foam Footrest



MaterialPlastic, memory foam
Size22 x 14 in.
FeaturesNon-skid base

CozyDocErgonomic Foot Rest Cushion


Size17 x 10 x 5 in.
FeaturesMachine washable cover, carry handle, massage ball, eBook, anti-slip base

HoMedicsShiatsu Foot Massager


Size13.75 x 11 x 4.7 in.
FeaturesMassage, heat

StrongTekRocking Footrest


Size17.7 x 10.5 x 4.4 in.
FeaturesRocks, non-slip

Eureka ErgonomicTilt Adjustable Footrest


MaterialMetal, rubber
SizeNot given

Everlasting ComfortFoot Rest Pillow


MaterialMemory foam
Size17 x 10 x 5 in.
FeaturesMachine washable cover

Mind ReaderComfy Rest


Size18 x 13.4 x 4.3 in.
FeaturesMassage texture, stores flat

Office OttomanFoot Rest for Under Desk


MaterialMemory foam
Size17.5 x 11.5 x 4 in.
FeaturesAnti-slip, machine washable cover, massaging micro-beads

DeskoolFoot Hammock


Size23.6 x 6.7 in. (fabric)
FeaturesIncludes item hook

HuanoAdjustable Foot Rest With Roller


Size17.3 x 13 x 3.9 to 6.5 in.
FeaturesMassage texture, roller, non-slip

Compare the Best Under Desk Footrests

Kensington Comfort Memory Foam Footrest 1


CozyDoc Ergonomic Foot Rest Cushion 1


HoMedics Shiatsu Foot Massager 1


StrongTek Rocking Footrest 1


Eureka Ergonomic Tilt Adjustable Footrest 1

Eureka Ergonomic

Everlasting Comfort Foot Rest Pillow 1

Everlasting Comfort

Mind Reader Comfy Rest 1

Mind Reader

Office Ottoman Foot Rest for Under Desk 1

Office Ottoman

Deskool Foot Hammock 1


Huano Adjustable Foot Rest With Roller 1



Comfort Memory Foam Footrest

Ergonomic Foot Rest Cushion

Shiatsu Foot Massager

Rocking Footrest

Tilt Adjustable Footrest

Foot Rest Pillow

Comfy Rest

Foot Rest for Under Desk

Foot Hammock

Adjustable Foot Rest With Roller


Footrest That Can be Adjusted With Your Feet

Comes With a Massage Ball and eBook

A Footrest With Massage and Heat Options

Suitable for Seated or Standing Desks

Flex Your Ankles With This Adjustable Tilt

Soft Footrest Made of Memory Foam and Covered in Velvet

Varied Adjustment and Massage Bumps

Doubles as a Stationary and Rocking Footrest

Support Your Feet and Hang Small Items

Highly Adjustable Footrest With Massage Rollers

MaterialPlastic, memory foamFoamMeshWoodMetal, rubberMemory foamPlasticMemory foamCanvasPlastic
Size22 x 14 in.17 x 10 x 5 in.13.75 x 11 x 4.7 in.17.7 x 10.5 x 4.4 in.Not given17 x 10 x 5 in.18 x 13.4 x 4.3 in.17.5 x 11.5 x 4 in.23.6 x 6.7 in. (fabric)17.3 x 13 x 3.9 to 6.5 in.
FeaturesNon-skid baseMachine washable cover, carry handle, massage ball, eBook, anti-slip baseMassage, heatRocks, non-slipNon-slipMachine washable coverMassage texture, stores flatAnti-slip, machine washable cover, massaging micro-beadsIncludes item hookMassage texture, roller, non-slip

How to Choose an Under Desk Footrest - Buying Guide

Before buying an under desk footrest, there are a few points you should take into consideration such as adjustability and material. To help you with this, we’ve put together this handy buying guide!

Choose the Footrest Features You Want

Different footrests have different features and focuses. Some footrests may even have multiple features, so let’s look at the most common.

For Long Periods, Get a Rocking Footrest

For Long Periods, Get a Rocking Footrest

Footrests that can rock are great for long periods of sitting. By rocking the footrest, the muscles of your ankles, calves, and hips move and stretch instead of being stuck in one position.

These are good for active sitting, which not only promotes movement and circulation but can also help with energy and attentiveness while at work.

Padded Footrests Support Your Feet

Padded Footrests Support Your Feet

Padded footrests have a thick layer of padding, instead of being solid plastic or metal. The padding gives extra support to your feet and ankles and is softer on them than non-padded footrests. Padding is a good choice for anyone that has foot or ankle trouble.

Portable Footrests Travel More Easily

Portable Footrests Travel More Easily

If you’re in an office that operates a hot-desking policy or you find yourself traveling between offices, then you may need to take your footrest with you. Some footrests can be bulky and heavy, so if you need to travel with yours, look for lightweight ones that are easier to move and take with you.

Massaging Footrests Boost Circulation

Massaging Footrests Boost Circulation

At the higher end of the market, some footrests will have a massaging feature. The vibration of the footrest encourages circulation and blood flow and can ease any muscle or tendon pain you have. They may also come with a heat option for extra relaxation! 

Non-Skid Footrests Stay in Place

Non-Skid Footrests Stay in Place

A non-skid footrest will stay in place, no matter how heavily and carelessly you put your feet onto it. If your footrest is being placed on a carpet then it’s less likely to move around than on wood or other hard surfaces, but even footrests on carpet can move. Non-skid footrests are also less likely to scratch your floor than ones that don’t have this.

Make Sure the Footrest is Adjustable

Make Sure the Footrest is Adjustable

One feature that you should consider is a footrest that is adjustable. You need your feet to be at the right height so that your posture is correct, and this height will be different depending on your leg length and body height. An adjustable footrest can be placed at the exact height you need.

However, as well as adjusting the height, it’s also important that you can adjust the angle and position. If the angle of the footrest is not correct, it can put additional strain on your ankles or hips. With an adjustable angle, you can make sure there is no strain and you can even adjust it throughout the day if needed. 

Choose the Right Type of Footrest

Footrests can be broadly divided into four categories. All have their advantages and disadvantages, and some have more features than others.

Hammocks are Easy to Transport

Hammocks are Easy to Transport

Hammocks are literally hammocks for your feet! They attach to your desk with some clamps and give you free movement to swing your feet whenever you like. They also encourage active sitting, by encouraging your body to move. 

They’re made from soft, light material, can give good support to your ankles and feet, and are easy to travel with. However, they can’t be attached to every desk so you should check this before you buy.

Cushioned Footrests are Soft

Cushioned Footrests are Soft

Usually made from, or at least covered in, foam, these footrests are gentle on your feet. They’re also lightweight and easy to move, but are not as adjustable as other types of footrests. However, some can also double as back or neck rests, too.

Plastic Footrests Offer Adjustability

Plastic Footrests Offer Adjustability

These offer firmer support than either hammocks or cushion footrests. There are a wide variety of designs when it comes to plastic footrests, but generally, they are easier to adjust than other types. They also often have a massage or rocking feature, but they are not the easiest footrest to transport.

Metal Footrests are Durable

Metal Footrests are Durable

If you’re looking for a footrest that can deal with some heavy use, then a metal footrest might be ideal. They’re a good choice for people who split their time between the office and manual work, and can withstand heavy or dirty shoes.

Metal footrests are often larger than the other types, however, so make sure you have enough room under your desk before you buy. 

More Ways to Correctly Set up Your Office

As well as an under desk footrest, there are several other ways you can make your office setup ergonomic and reduce stresses and strains on your body. We have recommended some more products that will help you work without the strain!

Amazon's Best Selling Office Footrests

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