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10 Best Kitchen Drawer Organizers in 2022 (Chef-Reviewed)

Are you tired of rummaging through drawers to try and find the utensil you need? If so, a kitchen drawer organizer can keep everything in order. You can easily keep your forks separate from your spoons, and make sure your whisks or pizza cutters are always exactly where you need them.

Choosing the best kitchen drawer organizer can be confusing considering the variety available. Thankfully, we’ve done the research for you and picked the Adjustable, Four Compartment Kitchen Organizer by mDesign as our favorite. It's sturdy, durable, and can be extended. We’ve put together a top 10 list for you to consider and created a handy buying guide to help you make your choice!

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Compare the 10 Best Kitchen Drawer Organizers

mDesign Expandable Four Compartment Kitchen Organizer 1


Homemaid Living Bamboo Drawer Dividers 1

Homemaid Living

madesmart Classic Large Silverware Tray 1


Seseno Expandable Drawer Organizer 1


Noble Home & Chef In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block 1

Noble Home & Chef

Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Spice Rack 1

Royal Craft Wood

madesmart Interlocking Bin Pack 1


AHNR Expandable Pot and Pan Rack 1


Utopia Kitchen Store Bamboo Expandable Tool Tray 1

Utopia Kitchen Store

Jonyj Drawer Dividers Organizer 1



Expandable Four Compartment Kitchen Organizer

Bamboo Drawer Dividers

Classic Large Silverware Tray

Expandable Drawer Organizer

In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block

Bamboo Spice Rack

Interlocking Bin Pack

Expandable Pot and Pan Rack

Bamboo Expandable Tool Tray

Drawer Dividers Organizer


A Sturdy and Expandable Organizer

These Bamboo Dividers Offer Flexibility

A Large Tray With Soft Lining

Rubber Lining Keeps Everything in Place

This Keeps Your Knives Secure

Organize Your Spices With This Bamboo Option

Arrange These Compartments to Fit Your Drawer

The Best Way to Store Your Pots and Pans

Expandable Organizer Made of Bamboo

Adjustable Dividers That Lock in Place

MaterialPlasticBambooPlasticPlastic, rubberBambooBambooPlasticIronBambooPlastic
Size16.1 x 22.5 x 3 in. (max.)22.25 x 0.59 x 2.15 in. (max.)12.75 x 15.8 x 1.8 in.23.75 × 16 × 2.12 in. (max.)17 x 9 x 2 in.17.32 x 13.39 x 2.17 in.Variable23.2 x 7.1 x 7.3 in. (max.)17 x 18.1 x 2.16 in. (max.)17 x 4 in. (max.)
No. of compartments4468124 rows8108Variable

10 Best Kitchen Drawer Organizers

We’ve searched the internet to find the best kitchen drawer organizers available. We’ve picked a variety of organizers, so no matter what you’re looking for, we have a kitchen drawer organizer for you!

*Please note that these products were chosen after extensive research by mybest writers. The choices are not necessarily affiliated with or recommended by Jim Quast.


mDesignExpandable Four Compartment Kitchen Organizer


Size16.1 x 22.5 x 3 in. (max.)
No. of compartments4

Homemaid LivingBamboo Drawer Dividers


Size22.25 x 0.59 x 2.15 in. (max.)
No. of compartments4

madesmartClassic Large Silverware Tray


Size12.75 x 15.8 x 1.8 in.
No. of compartments6

SesenoExpandable Drawer Organizer


MaterialPlastic, rubber
Size23.75 × 16 × 2.12 in. (max.)
No. of compartments8

Noble Home & ChefIn-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block


Size17 x 9 x 2 in.
No. of compartments12

Royal Craft WoodBamboo Spice Rack


Size17.32 x 13.39 x 2.17 in.
No. of compartments4 rows

madesmartInterlocking Bin Pack


No. of compartments8

AHNRExpandable Pot and Pan Rack


Size23.2 x 7.1 x 7.3 in. (max.)
No. of compartments10

Utopia Kitchen StoreBamboo Expandable Tool Tray


Size17 x 18.1 x 2.16 in. (max.)
No. of compartments8

JonyjDrawer Dividers Organizer


Size17 x 4 in. (max.)
No. of compartmentsVariable

How to Choose a Kitchen Drawer Organizer - Buying Guide

Before buying a kitchen drawer organizer, there are a few points you should consider, such as size and number of compartments. To help you with this, we’ve put together this buying guide!

Measure the Space of Your Kitchen Drawers

Measure the Space of Your Kitchen Drawers

The first thing to do before buying any kitchen drawer organizer is to measure the drawer you want to organize. Organizers come in all shapes and sizes so it's important you chose an organizer that will fit your drawer.

As well as measuring the length and width of your drawer, don’t forget to measure the depth! This is just as important as the other measurements but is easy to overlook. If the organizer is too tall, the drawer won’t shut. If the organizer is too shallow, you’ll potentially be wasting valuable space.

You might want to choose an organizer that’s slightly smaller than your drawer, ideally around an inch smaller on all sides. This will leave room for you to get your fingers around the side and easily lift the organizer out if you want to clean the drawer or reorganize.

Consider What You Want to Store in Your Organizer

Consider What You Want to Store in Your Organizer

Organizers come in many different sizes and layouts. They can be one single compartment or split into any number of them. If you know what you will store in the organizer, you can focus on getting the right number and size of compartments.

Cutlery, like forks and knives, will need long and thin compartments. Smaller things, such as teaspoons, can fit into smaller compartments. If you want to store utensils such as spatulas or pizza cutters, you’ll need wider compartments. So, make sure your utensils fit in the compartments of your organizer.

Consider What You Want to Store in Your Organizer

If you have deep drawers, you might want to store larger items. You can get organizers that are specifically for bigger items such as plates, lids, or pots. These organizers are often designed as racks and allow you to stand the items vertically so you can easily find what you're looking for.

A good option if you’re not completely sure of how you will use the organizer is to look for organizers that are flexible. Some come with dividers that can be moved, whereas others are made to be extendable. An organizer like this will give you maximum flexibility and options.

Pick the Right Material for Your Organizer

Kitchen drawer organizers are commonly made from metal, wood, or hard plastics. All of these have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Bamboo is Eco-Friendly

Bamboo is Eco-Friendly

Bamboo is becoming increasingly popular as a construction material. It’s lightweight but can last just as long as any other material if it's well-maintained. It’s also environmentally friendly since it's a natural material that requires less treatment than many others.

Bamboo forests are also plentiful and grow back quickly, making them sustainable. As a kitchen organizer, bamboo is strong and durable. Many bamboo organizers are extendable too, which makes them versatile.

Plastic is Easy to Clean

Plastic is Easy to Clean

Plastic organizers are strong but lightweight and are resistant to water and chemicals. They’re very easy to clean, resilient to stains, and are generally dishwasher-safe. Although plastic trays are durable, if they’re thin or poorly made they can break if dropped. And plastic isn’t as eco-friendly as either bamboo or metal, since it's harder to recycle.

If you are concerned about BPA contamination from your plastic organizer to your utensils and food, always look for BPA-free plastic organizers to be on the safe side.

Metal is Solid and Resilient

Metal is Solid and Resilient

Although not as common as bamboo and plastic, you can still find organizers made from various metals: typically aluminum or tin. Metal is very solid and, depending on how thick it is, can be much heavier than other options.

Like plastic, metal is resistant to water, and if properly coated should withstand rust and other discoloration. It’s important to check that the coating used is food safe, in case any of it does flake off.

Prioritize Your Safety from Sharp Utensils

Prioritize Your Safety from Sharp Utensils

You'll likely want to store some sharp items in your kitchen organizer, like knives, graters, or potato peelers. When they're hidden in the drawer, you may hurt yourself on them if not careful. That's why a drawer blade may be warranted. These let you store knives safely so that the handle is the only part you'll grab.

You can also lower the risk of injury by getting a drawer organizer with space to store knives. Instead of open compartments that a knife can move around in, these have slim slots that the blades can be slid into. This way, the blade is fully covered when you open the drawer.

Time to Re-Organize Your Kitchen?

A kitchen drawer organizer may not be enough to tidy up a messy kitchen. Check out these recommendations that will bring structure to yours!

In Collaboration With Executive R&D Chef Jim Quast

Jim Quast
Executive R&D Chef
Jim Quast

This expert reviewed the contents of the buying guide for accuracy and provided factual corrections when necessary. They did not participate in the product selection process, nor are they affiliated with any of our choices unless explicitly stated so.

Author: Kellie Lacey

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