• 10 Best Saltwater Lures in 2022 (Bass Pro Shops, Berkley, and More) 1
  • 10 Best Saltwater Lures in 2022 (Bass Pro Shops, Berkley, and More) 2
  • 10 Best Saltwater Lures in 2022 (Bass Pro Shops, Berkley, and More) 3
  • 10 Best Saltwater Lures in 2022 (Bass Pro Shops, Berkley, and More) 4
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10 Best Saltwater Lures in 2022 (Bass Pro Shops, Berkley, and More)

Are you planning a big fishing trip at sea? Or maybe you're simply looking to hit the ocean at a local beach as the weather continues to warm up. Saltwater fishing lures are a great way to customize your bait, so you can ensure you snag the catch you've been thinking about!

That's why we did our research to find 10 of the best saltwater lures out there and brought it all together in a Top 10 list. In particular, we fell in love with the Berkley Saltwater Swimming Mullet for its different colors, reusability, and extra-long tail! See what else we included in our Top 10 list below, and read on to the end for our buying guide full of helpful shopping tups.

  • Last updated: 05-02-2022
Table of Contents

Compare the 10 Best Saltwater Lures

Berkley Saltwater Swimming Mullet 1


Bass Pro Shops Wind Rider Spoon Lure 1

Bass Pro Shops

Berkley Peeler Crab Lure 1


Howie's Tackle Original Fly Rig 1

Howie's Tackle

Offshore Angler Freestyle Jig 1

Offshore Angler

Z-Man Diezel Minnow 1


Berkley Saltwater Mantis Shrimp Lure 1


Acme Kastmaster Spoon Lure 1


Worden's Super Rooster Tail Spinnerbait 1


Bill Lewis Original Saltwater Bait 1

Bill Lewis


Saltwater Swimming Mullet

Wind Rider Spoon Lure

Peeler Crab Lure

Original Fly Rig

Freestyle Jig

Diezel Minnow

Saltwater Mantis Shrimp Lure

Kastmaster Spoon Lure

Super Rooster Tail Spinnerbait

Original Saltwater Bait


Plastic Baitfish With an Extra-Long Tail

A Solid Brass Spoon Lure

A Potent-Smelling Crab Lure

A Fly Lure With a Hand-Tied Skirt

An Eye-Catching Hologram Finish

A Minnow-Shaped Lure in 25 Different Colors

Lifelike Bait With High-Action Appendages

An Aerodynamic Spoon Lure

Spinnerbait With a "Safety Pin" Arm

A Corrosion-Resistant Lure With a Rattling Feature

TypeSoft plasticSpoonSoft plasticFlyJigSoft plasticSoft plasticSpoonSpinnerbaitNot specified
Available colors4313652522684
Length4 in., 5 in.2.5 in.2 in.3.25 in., 3.25 in.3-6 in.4-7 in.3 in.4 in.Not specified3 in.

10 Best Saltwater Lures

We scoured the internet to find the best lures, and we've compiled them right here for you. We've listed all sorts of options, from spoon models to spinnerbaits!


BerkleySaltwater Swimming Mullet


TypeSoft plastic
Available colors4
Length4 in., 5 in.

Bass Pro ShopsWind Rider Spoon Lure


Available colors3
Length2.5 in.

BerkleyPeeler Crab Lure


TypeSoft plastic
Available colors1
Length2 in.

Howie's TackleOriginal Fly Rig


Available colors36
Length3.25 in., 3.25 in.

Offshore AnglerFreestyle Jig


Available colors5
Length3-6 in.
TypeSoft plastic
Available colors25
Length 4-7 in.

BerkleySaltwater Mantis Shrimp Lure


TypeSoft plastic
Available colors2
Length3 in.

AcmeKastmaster Spoon Lure


Available colors26
Length4 in.

Worden'sSuper Rooster Tail Spinnerbait


Available colors8
LengthNot specified

Bill LewisOriginal Saltwater Bait


TypeNot specified
Available colors4
Length3 in.

How to Buy a Saltwater Lure - Buying Guide

You want your lure to match what you'll be trying to catch and how you're going to fish. Before you make a purchase, here are some points to keep in mind!

Consider the Best Type of Lure For Your Needs

You need the right lure to attract the right catch, and it’s vital to pick one that mimics your intended fish’s food. 

Decide if You Need More Basic Models

Decide if You Need More Basic Models

When picking a perfect type of lure, there's a wide variety of options to choose from! One option is a soft plastic lure. This style is often lead-headed and molded inside a soft, plastic body, and it's typically used for bass fishing

Soft plastic lures can be cast and retrieved, as well as dropped to the bottom of or bounced on top of the water. And they can mimic an array of sea creatures, such as minnows, shellfish, crabs, and more! You should also look for larger hooks when dealing with saltwater fish.

Decide if You Need More Basic Models

There are also spoon lures, which look just as their name implies. They’re usually wider at one end and wobble and flash like a smaller baitfish. These models work best when trying to nab big fish, such as bigmouth bass, salmon, and trout. 

Topwater lures are made to float on top of the water and look like prey, including fish, frogs, and insects. Many of them are made from hard plastic and have treble hooks. Topwater lures work well for catching trout, bass, and other similar types of fish.

Poppers, sometimes known as popping plugs, are a popular variety of topwater lure that imitates prey by splashing on top of the water.

Determine if You Want Something More Elaborate

Determine if You Want Something More Elaborate

If you want a more detailed lure, you have even more options. A spinnerbait lure has a wire bent at a 90-degree angle that's equipped with a jig head (see the next section) on one end and a blade on the other. The fishing line ties at the bend. The blade has a swivel attached that allows it to flutter and spin to attract fish, usually bass. 

There are also crankbaits, which are long and hard-bodied. They have a lip on the front of the lure that causes it to dive quickly. Also, while being retrieved, the lips make them wiggle from side to side, facilitating extra fish imitation.

Fly lures are another specialized model that's made for fly fishing. They’re designed to mimic flies. These models are light and are made to float or sink, but floating options are the most popular. For this style of lure, materials like feathers, hair, and fur are tied to a hook using a thread. 

Think About a Jig Option

Think About a Jig Option

Jigging is a type of fishing that uses a specific jig lure that's typically made of rubber. They vary in color and size and can have other materials, such as feathers, attached. They’re generally best for deeper water, and most are lead-headed. As an angler, you make your jig appear like prey by purposely popping, jerking, and snapping it on the line.

One popular style is the bucktail jig. It has this name since classic versions are made with hair from the tail of a deer to attract fish, but there are synthetic options. It's also made with more lead than usual and has more of a hook. There are often rubber worms or other types of fake bait on its ends, and it can be used in both shallow and deep water. 

There are also other options, like a vertical jig, that's meant to be vertically bounced in the water. It can also be used in both shallow and deep water. Although it's harder to handle, a vertical jig setup allows for greater line control.

Keep the Color of the Lure in Mind

Keep the Color of the Lure in Mind

The best color for your lure depends on the environment you’re fishing in. You’ll want the hue to match the visibility in a particular area of water, depending on depth, color, and weather

If you are fishing on a sunny day or in shallower water where there’s a lot of natural light, opt for a matching lighter-colored lure. In fact, in water that’s extremely clear with a visibility of greater than roughly 15 feet, pigment doesn't show up well. So, you’ll want to go with a mostly-translucent lure that only has specks of color here and there.

Conversely, the darker and murkier the water you’re planning on fishing in, the darker your lure should be

Pick the Best Size for You

Pick the Best Size for You

When it comes to size, you’ll want to, as the old fishing saying goes, “match the hatch.” Lures are all about mimicking prey; in this case, insects or “hatch.” You’ll need to think about the size of the typical prey that your intended fish feeds on, especially in relation to the season.

Since prey is the smallest in winter and spring, many fishers use roughly three or four-inch lures during this time. Whereas in the summer, you can graduate up to a model that's around four or five inches long.

You’ll also need to take the specific characteristics of a body of water into account. Factors like depth and current cause the right lure to vary. For example, larger options can be better for fighting the current and reaching the bottom. But, if you use a lure that’s too large in a shallower body of water, you might lose more of them due to snags.

More Options For Enjoying the Outdoors

Fishing is a great way to get fresh air and enjoy nature! Here are even more articles to help you consider what gear you need to make the best of the outdoors.

Author: Lindsey DeRoche

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