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  7. 10 Best Face Towels in 2022 (Dermatologist-Reviewed)
  • 10 Best Face Towels in 2022 (Dermatologist-Reviewed) 1
  • 10 Best Face Towels in 2022 (Dermatologist-Reviewed) 2
  • 10 Best Face Towels in 2022 (Dermatologist-Reviewed) 3
  • 10 Best Face Towels in 2022 (Dermatologist-Reviewed) 4
  • 10 Best Face Towels in 2022 (Dermatologist-Reviewed) 5

10 Best Face Towels in 2022 (Dermatologist-Reviewed)

Washing face is a very important step for skincare, but there's a lot more to it than just some soap and a splash of water. In fact, if you're using a coarse towel to dry your face afterward, you might be undoing all of your hard work since the harsh surface might actually damage your sensitive skin. That's why you should get yourself a face towel as it's usually soft and highly absorbent to dry your face quickly and gently. 

To help you out a little, we've compiled a list of the 10 best face towels currently available online. The Original MakeUp Eraser's face towel was our favorite since it's ultra-soft and can remove your makeup effectively. For more options, continue reading! We've also included a buying guide at the end reviewed by a board certified dermatologist to help you pick out the most suitable face towel for yourself. 

Last updated 2023/01/11
Board Certified Dermatologist
Dr. Lauren Levy

Dr. Levy is a board certified dermatologist practicing in NYC and Westport, Connecticut. She has expertise in treating inflammatory skin conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. She has an interest in skincare and takes a personalized approach to all of her patients.

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How to Choose a Face Towel - Buying Guide

When choosing a face towel, you should consider important factors such as the material of the towel, its size, and also its absorbency. In this buying guide, we'll provide you with various tips and tricks so that you can quickly choose a product that meets your needs. 

① Know the Pros and Cons of Each Material

Face towels can be made from different types of materials, including cotton, bamboo, and microfiber. Each material has its own pros and cons, so make sure you consider them before choosing a product! 

Cotton Towels are Highly Absorbent and Can Dry Quickly

Cotton Towels are Highly Absorbent and Can Dry Quickly

Cotton is a popular material for face towels due to its softness and high absorbency. Cotton towels can quickly wick away moisture to leave your face dry and comfortable. Although pure cotton towels are affordable, they can shrink when they're washed

If your budget allows, look for towels crafted from ring-spun cotton instead. Ring-spun cotton is made by thinning and twisting cotton strands together to create a yarn that's highly durable and smooth. 

In fact, towels made from this material can withstand various washing cycles while still looking new and feel much more refined than regular cotton towels. 

Terry cotton is another great material for face cloths. To make terry towels, yarn is woven into loops that can absorb water effectively. But due to its ability to absorb moisture quickly, terry cloth might take a while to dry.

Another point to keep in mind is that cotton towels can fray easily. So you might want to choose a product with reinforced edges to prevent unraveling. 

Dr. Lauren Levy
Board Certified Dermatologist
Dr. Lauren Levy's Comment

Cotton is safe for those with sensitive skin, eczema, rosacea, or contact dermatitis. Look for white facial towels (not dyed) as these tend to be softer and less allergenic. There are different grades of cotton clothes, so choose one that is soft. Cotton clothes are very absorbent and can retain moisture, so make sure to wash them frequently.

Bamboo Towels are Non-Irritating and Ultra-Soft

Bamboo Towels are Non-Irritating and Ultra-Soft

If you're looking for a towel that's ultra-soft and gentle on the skin, consider a product made of bamboo! Towels made of 100 percent bamboo rayon are quick-drying and absorb moisture nicely. Compared to cotton towels, bamboo ones are much softer and can retain their fluffiness even after multiple washes. 

On top of that, bamboo fibers are naturally antibacterial and can help prevent acne-causing bacteria. Therefore, they're great for those with acne-prone skin. Since the fibers are rounded, they are less likely to irritate the skin. That's the reason why many people with sensitive skin love using bamboo towels.

Bamboo towels are ideal for babies as well! As mentioned above, they're much softer and more absorbent than cotton towels to leave your baby feeling comfortable.

Thanks to their strong antimicrobial properties, they're also less likely to cause rashes or irritation to your baby. Bamboo towels are considered hypoallergenic and work for babies with highly sensitive skin or eczema as well.

However, 100 percent bamboo towels are lightweight and thin. So if you prefer your towels to be a little bit thicker, go for a combination of cotton and bamboo instead. Blended towels are still soft and durable.

Dr. Lauren Levy
Board Certified Dermatologist
Dr. Lauren Levy's Comment

All skin types can use a bamboo facial towel without hesitation. They will not irritate. The one downside to bamboo cloths is that they will become saturated with water quickly and stain easily. The bamboo fabric is the least irritating so if you have facial eczema, rosacea, or an active rash on your face that needs soothing, choose a bamboo cloth.

Microfiber Towels Can Effectively Remove Makeup

Microfiber Towels Can Effectively Remove Makeup

When it comes to removing makeup, even stubborn waterproof ones, microfiber towels are the perfect option! Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that's made from a polyester and polyamide blend. 

Although this material is super soft and gentle on the skin, it holds up to tough makeup and can withstand many washes without becoming warped. 

Microfiber towels are dirt-attracting as well and can help you remove impurities and everyday grime. While they work well with just water, you can pair them with a creamy cleanser for even better results. Microfiber towels are also quick drying

② Consider the Size and Design of a Face Towel

Consider the Size and Design of a Face Towel

A standard face towel usually measures 12 by 12 inches. If you're looking for a smaller one to use for babies, consider a towel that's about nine by nine. 

Although face towels are usually square-shaped, there are rectangular ones as well. One isn't necessarily better than the other, but rectangular ones may be easier to hang on a towel rack. Many are designed with a small loop that's perfect for hanging on a bathroom hook. 

10 Best Face Towels

Find choosing a face towel challenging? Here are our 10 best products based on crucial factors such as the material, number of pieces, and reviewer satisfaction.
Click to purchase

MakeUp Eraser

The Original MakeUp Eraser

MakeUp Eraser  The Original MakeUp Eraser 1枚目

Double-Sided Towel Perfect for Makeup Removal


Utopia Towels


Utopia Towels  Washcloths 1枚目

Simple, Soft Towels With Double-Stitched Edges


Hiphop Panda

Bamboo Baby Washcloth

Hiphop Panda Bamboo Baby Washcloth 1枚目

Soft Bamboo Towels for Sensitive Skin



Microfiber Facial Cloth

Sinland Microfiber Facial Cloth 1枚目

Quick-Drying Microfiber Towels


Cotton Craft

Assorted Colors Washcloths

Cotton Craft Assorted Colors Washcloths 1枚目

Lightweight Towels That Come in Various Basic Colors



6 Colors Washcloths

Cleanbear  6 Colors Washcloths 1枚目

Terry Towels With Reinforced Edges



Facial Washcloths

Sinland  Facial Washcloths  1枚目

Incredibly Soft Towels for Your Daily Wash



Makeup Remover Cloth

Nugilla Makeup Remover Cloth 1枚目

Long Towels Great for Sensitive Skin



Bamboo Face Towels

Yoofoss Bamboo Face Towels 1枚目

Thin, Lightweight Towels Designed With Hemmed Edges



Muslin Baby Washcloths

Omilion Muslin Baby Washcloths 1枚目

Perfect Choice for Your Baby

Product details

MakeUp Eraser The Original MakeUp Eraser


Double-Sided Towel Perfect for Makeup Removal

This towel features a double-sided design. One side has long fibers to exfoliate your skin while the short fiber side will help you remove your makeup. Before the first use, it's suggested that you wash the towel to remove excess fluff. 

A few buyers said it irritated the skin around their eyes. Meanwhile, the majority of buyers said it worked great for removing makeup, even tough waterproof mascara. They like how you only need to wet the towel and don't have to use any cleansing products at all.


Utopia Towels Washcloths24 pack


Simple, Soft Towels With Double-Stitched Edges

This set of 24 cotton towels comes with double-stitched edges to minimize fraying. They're woven with ring-spun cotton and the big pack means you'll never run out before laundry day.

A few buyers reported problems with linting, poor stitching, or said they fell apart quickly. But most felt that they were soft, absorbent, and gentle on their sensitive skin. Many used these towels daily for makeup removal, too. Moreover, people liked how they stayed soft even after many washes.


Hiphop PandaBamboo Baby Washcloth6 pack


Soft Bamboo Towels for Sensitive Skin

These towels are made with 90 percent bamboo, a highly soft and absorbent material. The fabric is hypoallergenic and odor-resistant, making it suitable for babies or those with sensitive skin. The towels are designed with a hanging loop, and two layers with reinforced edges for extra durability. 

A few buyers mentioned that because the towels are two layers, the top layer can slide around if you wipe hard. But the majority were content with their absorbency and softness. They commented that the towels didn't irritate sensitive skin, and that they're just the right thickness.


SinlandMicrofiber Facial Cloth6 pack


Quick-Drying Microfiber Towels

These microfiber face towels are odor-resistant and can dry quickly. On top of that, microfiber towels are naturally anti-bacterial and can absorb grime, dirt, and oil without the use of chemicals. Therefore, they are ideal for removing makeup and exfoliating the skin. 

Most reviewers like that these face towels were soft and gentle on their sensitive skin. However, some mentioned that the towels were actually too soft, so it took a bit of scrubbing to remove makeup. Still, most people loved that they dried easily hanging up in their showers, were durable, and didn't absorb any smell. 


Cotton CraftAssorted Colors Washcloths28 pack


Lightweight Towels That Come in Various Basic Colors

This set of 28 ring-spun cotton towels comes in seven muted colors that blend well with any home decor. The material is lightweight and has a strong absorptive power that can wick away sweat and moisture readily. It's also soft and highly durable. 

A few reviewers complained that these towels shrank. However, most people loved the lightweight, soft feel of the towels. They found the thickness just right. Many also said they cleaned up nicely in the washing machine and held up after multiple washes. 


Cleanbear 6 Colors Washcloths6 pack


Terry Towels With Reinforced Edges

These towels measure 13 by 13 inches and come in six different colors. The terry loops are soft and able to wick moisture away quickly. What's more, the edges are reinforced to prevent fraying during washing. 

A few buyers complained about the thin material and mentioned that it can pill up. Nonetheless, the majority of reviewers were pleased with their softness and durability. They also commented that the towels didn't discolor after being washed in the washing machine. 


Sinland Facial Washcloths 6 pack


Incredibly Soft Towels for Your Daily Wash

These towels from Sinland are made from a combination of 20 percent bamboo, 30 percent polyester, and 50 percent polyamide compound fiber to offer you softness and comfort. They're also machine-washable, but make sure to tumble dry them on low heat only. 

Some users found the towels too bulky, while a few others thought they felt too furry and weren't absorbent. Most buyers liked that the face cloths were super soft and were capable of removing makeup, dirt, and grime without becoming smelly over time. Even after numerous washes, they still remained soft. 


NugillaMakeup Remover Cloth5 pack


Long Towels Great for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, these polyester towels can be your best friend. The material is non-irritating and can effectively remove your makeup. They're machine-washable and there's a loop in one corner of each towel.

Most reviewers were surprised at how well these towels cleaned their makeup, including waterproof mascara, so they no longer had to buy makeup removal wipes. However, some mentioned that they had to use a bit of force in order to get their makeup removed.

Still, the majority vouched for the towels' softness and gentle feel, saying they didn't irritate their sensitive skin


YoofossBamboo Face Towels10 pack


Thin, Lightweight Towels Designed With Hemmed Edges

These bamboo towels are soft, absorptive, and quick drying. They are designed with hemmed edges to prevent unraveling during washing. They're gentle on sensitive skin as well, so you can use them as baby washcloths or bibs.  

Some reviewers found the towels to be too thin and also said the threads came apart easily. But there were compliments about how these towels were super fluffy, lightweight, and not irritating on the skin. Many also loved the pastel colors. 


OmilionMuslin Baby Washcloths12 pack


Perfect Choice for Your Baby

Measuring nine by nine inches, these washcloths are quite small and come in many different animal designs to please your kiddos. Since they're made from natural cotton, these towels are less likely to irritate your baby's skin. The manufacturer also offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Some buyers complained that the towels shrank with every wash. Nevertheless, many others loved how soft and absorbent these towels were. They mentioned that the towels were the perfect size for babies or for face cloths for makeup removal. Buyers were pleased with their durability as well. 

How to Properly Wash Your Face With a Face Towel

How to Properly Wash Your Face With a Face Towel

You might think that washing your face with a face towel is nothing complicated. But actually, there are a few tips and tricks that will help you clean your face more effectively.

First, soak your towel in lukewarm water to encourage your pores to open up for a deeper cleanse. Wring the towel out so it's damp, not dripping wet. Rub your face in a circular motion to further open up your pores. Start from the T-zone area and move outward to the rest of your face. After a couple of minutes, you'll find your skin looking and feeling more refreshed.

Since all the impurities and makeup are sucked into the face towel, make sure to wash it in warm water and a little soap to prevent bacterial contamination. If you have sensitive skin, we suggest washing it with hypoallergenic laundry soap.

Dr. Lauren Levy
Board Certified Dermatologist
Dr. Lauren Levy's Comment

My biggest tip is not to rub too hard with your face towel. This will lead to trauma to the skin, which can leave it looking red and chapped. 

Gently move the towel in a circular motion to wipe off the water and cleanser. I usually recommend using the towel around the eye area first; this way, the towel is clean without any dirt on it when it gets near the delicate eye skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to reviewing and commenting on our buying guide, Dr. Levy also took the time to answer some commonly asked questions about face towels.

How often should you wash your face towel?

"I recommend using a different face towel daily, especially if you have acne or sensitive skin," Dr. Levy says. "Face towels absorb dirt, oil, sweat, bacteria, and moisture, so using a different face towel daily can prevent all that unwanted material from ending back up on your face. 

Additionally, if your face towel does not dry well, especially during the humid months, bacteria and fungus can grow on it. You can wash them weekly, as long as you have enough facial towels for each day of the week."

What's the difference between a face towel and a washcloth?

Dr. Levy explains, "This is really a matter of semantics. A washcloth is a smaller towel that can be used for the face or the hands. Face towels (a type of washcloth) tend to be smaller than the hand towel type of washcloth. Sometimes facial towels are slightly softer than other washcloths meant for the hands."

Put on Your Best Face With These Skincare Products

Your face is exposed to UV rays and pollution, and might get age spots and other blemishes. If you want to maintain the health of your skin, it's important to use the right skincare products. Check these out!

Buying Guide Reviewed by Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Lauren Levy

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