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Top 10 Best Snowsuits for Kids in 2021 (Reima, PatPat, and More)

If you want to make sure your kids remain warm and safe in the snow, then you need to grab some high-quality snowsuits. Snowsuits work well since they provide plenty of insulation, resistance to the snow, and comfort for playing and snow sports alike. This makes them great for the odd snow day or any area that gets consistently cold weather.

That's why we took it upon ourselves to research the best kid's snowsuits out there and compile them into a top 10 list. We love the Stavanger Kids' Winter snowsuit from Reima since it has pockets, a detachable hood, and waterproof material. We have nine other great options to browse; and don't skip our buying guide, as it's full of information that will help you choose the right one!

  • Last updated: 02-22-2021
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A Quick Explanation of Kids' Snowsuit Sizes

A Quick Explanation of Kids' Snowsuit Sizes

Before we look at the top 10 list, let's discuss kids' snowsuit sizes. If you don't understand what the 2T and 5Y sizes mean, you may struggle to find the right snowsuit for your child.

Luckily, the system keeps things simple. It uses the letters M, T, and Y to let you know that the sizes relate to months, toddlers, and years, respectively. For example, a 2T size means the snowsuit is designed for two-year-old toddlers while a 7Y will fit an average sized seven-year-old child.

Some clothing brands will also use the standard XS, S, M, L, and XL sizes. However, since kids of similar ages can vary in size, and companies will use their own sizes and measurements, most kids' snowsuits will include a size chart that will let you know the height and weight suggested for each snowsuit.

Top 10 Best Snowsuits for Kids

If you don't know where to start with snowsuits for kids, you should check out our top 10 list. We will point out our favorite choices, so you can find the snowsuit that can keep your child warm and comfortable.

Available sizes2T-10Y
Material100% polyester with polyurethane coating
Available colors10

SmontyToddler Snowsuit


Available sizes3Y-6Y
Material100% polyester
Available colorsBlue

Mountain WarehouseCloud All In One Waterproof Snowsuit


Available sizes24M-8
Material100% nylon, fleece lined
Available colors2

BurtonToddlers' One Piece



Available sizes18M-S
MaterialNot specified
Available colors7

Mountain WarehouseKids Ski Jacket and Pant Set


Available sizes2T-16
Material100% polyester
WeatherproofNot specified
Available colors4

BallyHooded Two-Piece Snowsuit Set


Available sizes18M-5Y
WeatherproofNot specified
WaterproofNot specified
Available colors5

ColumbiaToddler Double Flake Set



Available sizes6M-24
MaterialNylon and polyester
WeatherproofNot specified
Available colors12

L.L.BeanInfants' and Toddlers' Cold Buster Snowsuit



Available sizes6M-18M
Material100% polyester with nylon lining
Available colors2

London FogGirls' Snowsuit



Available sizes12M-6
MaterialsShell and lining 100% polyester; trim 82% acrylic, 18% polyester
WeatherproofNot specified
WaterproofNot specified
Available colors15

ColumbiaKids' Buga II Snowsuit



Available sizes6T-kids' XL
Material100% nylon with polyester insulation
WeatherproofNot specified
Available colors6

Compare the Best Snowsuits for Kids

Reima Stavanger Snowsuit 1


Smonty Toddler Snowsuit 1


Mountain Warehouse Cloud All In One Waterproof Snowsuit 1

Mountain Warehouse

Burton Toddlers' One Piece 1


Mountain Warehouse Kids Ski Jacket and Pant Set 1

Mountain Warehouse

Bally Hooded Two-Piece Snowsuit Set 1


Columbia Toddler Double Flake Set 1


L.L.Bean Infants' and Toddlers' Cold Buster Snowsuit 1


London Fog Girls' Snowsuit 1

London Fog

Columbia Kids' Buga II Snowsuit 1



Stavanger Snowsuit

Toddler Snowsuit

Cloud All In One Waterproof Snowsuit

Toddlers' One Piece

Kids Ski Jacket and Pant Set

Hooded Two-Piece Snowsuit Set

Toddler Double Flake Set

Infants' and Toddlers' Cold Buster Snowsuit

Girls' Snowsuit

Kids' Buga II Snowsuit


Snowsuit That Protects, Insulates, and Looks Nice

Jacket and Snow Bib for Flexibility

A Waterproof Snowsuit With Tons of Features

A Great Snowsuit for Kids That Love the Snow

Perfect for Families That Want Matching Snowsuits

A Cute Snowsuit With a Fur Hood for Skiing Trips

A Less Bulky but Warm Option for Growing Kids

An Option That Will Grow With Young Toddlers

Lots of Color Options and Styles

A Waterproof Design Meant for Winter Sports

Available sizes2T-10Y3Y-6Y24M-818M-S2T-1618M-5Y6M-246M-18M12M-66T-kids' XL
Material100% polyester with polyurethane coating100% polyester100% nylon, fleece linedNot specified100% polyesterPolyesterNylon and polyester100% polyester with nylon liningShell and lining 100% polyester; trim 82% acrylic, 18% polyester100% nylon with polyester insulation
WeatherproofWeather-resistantYesYesWeather-resistantNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedWind-resistantNot specifiedNot specified
WaterproofYesYesYesYesWater-resistantNot specifiedYesWater-resistantNot specifiedYes
Available colors10Blue2745122156

How to Choose a Snowsuit for Kids - Buying Guide

Finding the right snowsuit for kids is more than just letting them pick their favorite color, although that's important too! Consider things like the features, how easy it is to put on and take off, and how weatherproof it is.

Choose Between One-Piece Suits and Separate Pieces

You will come across one- and two-piece snowsuits for kids, so you should figure out which type you want your kid to wear. Let's look at some of the pros and cons for both!

Snug and Warm One-Piece Snowsuits

Snug and Warm One-Piece Snowsuits

A one-piece snowsuit has fewer issues when your child wears it. For example, the clothes will remain secure, so your child won't have to pull up his or her pants while playing in the snow, and snow won't get in not matter how active they are

However, your kids may struggle with one-piece snowsuits at first. One-piece snowsuits are more difficult to put on than two-piece snowsuits, so your child will need some help. This will involve a learning curve that might slow you down, but your kid will learn how to put it on with time.

Snug and Warm One-Piece Snowsuits

Young children may have more trouble taking off a one-piece snowsuit, so that can cause a problem if he or she needs to quickly use the bathroom. This is worse for children who have frequent accidents, so you should consider a two-piece snowsuit if your child struggles with potty training.

If you do go with a one-piece snowsuit, you will have more space to hang it up after your kid uses it. One-piece snowsuits will only take up one hook when you dry them, but two-piece snowsuits may need two hooks.

The Convenient Two-Piece Snowsuit

The Convenient Two-Piece Snowsuit

Two-piece snowsuits allow your kid to grab what he or she needs in the snow. For example, depending on the weather conditions, your kid may only want to wear a snow jacket over his or her clothing. This also works well if your child wants to go outside for a few minutes.

However, you will need to keep track of both snowsuit pieces. Your kid could end up misplacing one of the pieces, making things more difficult when you need them both. Even though two pieces are easier to put on, they may waste more time if your kid loses track of them.

The Convenient Two-Piece Snowsuit

Also, a two-piece snowsuit won't protect your child as effectively against the snow. Since some kids tend to roll around in the snow or roughhouse while outside, the snow could slip in between the suit pieces (unless it has a bib). On top of this, since it has two pieces, it won't insulate heat as effectively as a one-piece snowsuit.

Kids do have more freedom and flexibility with two-piece snowsuits since they can easily mix and match them as needed. For example, your kid could wear a snow jacket with a pair of jeans.

Prioritize Protection and Safety

Even though you want to find the right type of snowsuit, you should also keep your child warm, so you should remember these safety points.

Focus on Warm and Effective Material

Focus on Warm and Effective Material

You will come across various types of material for snowsuits, but you can’t go wrong with polyester. Polyester can keep your kid warm, especially if you use it with other fabrics. Polyester also works well as a waterproof material, making it great for the snow.

You should remain wary of other types of materials since you want to keep your kid safe. For example, some materials may absorb water and make your child cold, such as cotton. However, materials that absorb water can still work as snowsuits if they're mixed with weather and rain-resistant material. 

Keep in mind that some snowsuits will include mixed materials, such as polyester and nylon. As an added point, some snowsuits will mention their down content, which lets you know what material they use for the inside of the snowsuit.

Snowsuits Offer Weather and Water Resistance

Snowsuits Offer Weather and Water Resistance
You will come across snow-proof snowsuits and snow-resistant ones. If an outfit is snow-proof or waterproof, then it won't absorb water. It will also prevent snow and water from entering the snowsuit.

On the other hand, snow or water-resistant material will do a good job of keeping your outfit dry, but it might not work in extreme conditions. For example, the outfit could become wet if the wearer spends too much time in the rain.

Some snowsuits offer cuffs that will prevent snow from entering the suit. These types of cuffs work well for kids who fall over or trip often. They also fit easily under mittens and gloves.

Consider Hooded Snowsuits

Consider Hooded Snowsuits

While some kids prefer to wear hats while outside, you may want to get your child a hooded snowsuit. A hood won't get lost, unlike hats.

Even if your child wears a hat, a hood can provide an extra layer of protection from the cold. This will help your child stay warm if they wear both. Children don't focus on staying warm when they play in the snow, so they could use this added protection.

Hoods are also convenient when the snow starts to fall while your kid is outside. If your kid doesn't like hoods, you can find snowsuits with removable ones. This way, if your child ever needs a hood, you can put it back on the snowsuit.

Pick a Color That's Easy to See and Recognize

Pick a Color That's Easy to See and Recognize

Most people view colors as a way to add style to clothing, but color has some functions that make it important to consider.

If you find yourself outside with other people, you need an easy way to identify your kid. This makes bright, neon, or unique colors a great option for your kid's snowsuit. Whenever you need to find them, you can immediately see your kid, even if he or she begins to wander off.

If you plan to identify your kid through his or her snowsuit, you should avoid buying snowsuits similar to other kids in the neighborhood. You could lose track of your own child if too many people have the same outfit.

Pick a Color That's Easy to See and Recognize

Also, you should look into reflective colors for kids who like to play during the late afternoon or evening. This involves picking colors people can easily see at night, such as yellow, bright pink, or neon colors.

You can also find snowsuits with reflective strips, or consider adding one. This will provide your kids some extra safety from cars since it gets dark early in the winter.

Look for Other Useful Snowsuit Features

Snowsuits will have different features that make them stand out from other options. You should keep your eyes open for these useful features.

The Convenience of Boot Zippers

The Convenience of Boot Zippers

Your kid may struggle with snow getting into their boots. For example, if your child puts on his or her pants first, then the boots will be exposed, so snow could easily slip inside of them.

This makes snowsuits with boot zippers excellent since you can avoid this problem. Your child can put on the pants, unzip the boot zippers, put on their boots, and zip them back up. This will make the snowsuit cover their boots and prevent snow from entering them.

These boot zippers should help you protect your child's feet from the snow while preventing problems later in the day. For example, if the snow melts inside of the boots, you need to dry them before you let your child wear them again.

Look for Secure Pockets

Look for Secure Pockets

Kids like to have easy access to pockets. Otherwise, they could lose important items, such as their gloves.

If you get a snowsuit with pockets, you should prioritize secure pockets. While your kid can easily access open pockets, his or her belongings could fall into the snow. Instead, you should look for pockets that include buttons or zippers to keep your kid's belongings safe.

More Tips for Dressing Your Kid for the Snow

You'll need more than just a good snowsuit to fully protect your child from the cold! Here's a video with some useful tips for how to cover the gaps, what clothes to wear underneath your snow wear, and what specific snow gear you should have on hand.

Don't Just Survive the Winter- Enjoy It!

Don't Just Survive the Winter- Enjoy It!

Whether you love the ice and snow or not, you have little choice but to try and make the best of it! Check out these products that can bring fun and comfort during the cold season.


Keeping your children happy and safe in the snow comes down to picking the right snowsuit. As you go through the snowsuits available, you can choose a material you like, find a snowsuit that will keep your kid safe, and pick one with the features that matter to you.

If you look through this list and keep the buying guide in mind, you can pick a snowsuit that will keep your child warm and comfortable.

Author: Garrett Garcia

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