• Top 10 Best Microwavable Heating Pads in 2021 (Carex, Revix, and More) 1
  • Top 10 Best Microwavable Heating Pads in 2021 (Carex, Revix, and More) 2
  • Top 10 Best Microwavable Heating Pads in 2021 (Carex, Revix, and More) 3
  • Top 10 Best Microwavable Heating Pads in 2021 (Carex, Revix, and More) 4
  • Top 10 Best Microwavable Heating Pads in 2021 (Carex, Revix, and More) 5

Top 10 Best Microwavable Heating Pads in 2021 (Carex, Revix, and More)

Microwavable heating pads offer many health benefits, including providing relaxation, repairing damaged muscles, and increasing circulation. Since there is no cord needed, they're also convenient in terms of use and travel. But because of the many options available, you may wonder how are they different and what needs to be considered when buying a microwavable heating pad.

Don't worry! Our buying guide provides you some information that we think is important for you to know when choosing a microwavable heating pad online! We've also picked the 10 best products that are different in design and material. Carex's heating pad is our top pick because it's filled with a mix of organic ingredients, comes with a form-fitting design, and has a soft and comfortable cover that is less likely to irritate the skin. 

  • Last updated: 02-20-2021
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Top 10 Best Microwavable Heating Pads

These are the best microwavable heating pads that we could find after carefully sifting through choices on Amazon. Be sure to find one that best suits your purposes.


CarexThe Original Bed Buddy


MaterialCotton, polyester
Size4 x 17 in.
FillingOrganic buckwheat, rice, herbs, flowers
Available scentsUnscented

My Heating PadHot and Cold Therapy


MaterialCotton, fleece
Size6 x 11 in.
FillingRice, flaxseed, lavender flowers
Available scentsLavender, unscented

RevixMicrowave Heating Pad


MaterialMinky fabric
Size12 x 20.5 in.
FillingMillet, flaxseed, mixed herbs
Available scentsHerbal, unscented

ThermalonMoist Heat Heating Pad


MaterialPolyester, spandex
Size9 x 12 in.
Available scentsUnscented

ComfortCloudHeated Body Pad


Size22 x 13 in.
FillingClay beads
Available scentsUnscented

SunnyBayNeck Heating Wrap


Size28 x 7 in.
Available scentsUnscented

Roscoe Medical Hot & Cold Therapy Gel Pack



MaterialNot specified
Size5 x 10 in.
Available scentsUnscented

PhysioNaturalMicrowavable Back Wrap


MaterialMinky fabric
Size10 x 18 in. heating area
Available scentsUnscented
WarrantyMoney-back guarantee

BruderMoist Heat Eye Compress


MaterialNot specified
SizeNot specified
FillingNot specified
Available scentsUnscented

HuggarooMocrowavable Heating Pad


Size28 x 6 in.
FillingClay beads, flaxseed, mixed herbs
Available scentsHerbal scents, unscented

Compare the Best Microwavable Heating Pads

Carex The Original Bed Buddy 1


My Heating Pad Hot and Cold Therapy 1

My Heating Pad

Revix Microwave Heating Pad 1


Thermalon Moist Heat Heating Pad 1


ComfortCloud Heated Body Pad 1


SunnyBay Neck Heating Wrap 1


Roscoe Medical  Hot & Cold Therapy Gel Pack 1

Roscoe Medical

PhysioNatural Microwavable Back Wrap 1


Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress 1


Huggaroo Mocrowavable Heating Pad 1



The Original Bed Buddy

Hot and Cold Therapy

Microwave Heating Pad

Moist Heat Heating Pad

Heated Body Pad

Neck Heating Wrap

Hot & Cold Therapy Gel Pack

Microwavable Back Wrap

Moist Heat Eye Compress

Mocrowavable Heating Pad


Perfect Shape for Relieving a Stiff, Sore Neck

Versatile Design and a 12-Month Warranty

Soft Shoulder and Neck Heating Pad

Pocket Design for Hands and Feet

Large Heating Pad With Washable Cover

Fashionable Color Options You Can Use in Public

Quick-Heating Gel Pad in Three Sizes

One-Size-Fits-All Waist Belt

Self-Hydrating Heating Pad for Dry Eyes

Heated Wrap for Headaches and Sinus Pain

MaterialCotton, polyesterCotton, fleeceMinky fabricPolyester, spandexFleeceFleeceNot specifiedMinky fabricNot specifiedPolyester
Size4 x 17 in.6 x 11 in.12 x 20.5 in.9 x 12 in. 22 x 13 in.28 x 7 in.5 x 10 in.10 x 18 in. heating areaNot specified28 x 6 in.
FillingOrganic buckwheat, rice, herbs, flowersRice, flaxseed, lavender flowersMillet, flaxseed, mixed herbsPolyesterClay beadsFlaxseedGelFlaxseedNot specifiedClay beads, flaxseed, mixed herbs
Available scentsUnscentedLavender, unscentedHerbal, unscentedUnscentedUnscentedUnscentedUnscentedUnscentedUnscentedHerbal scents, unscented
WarrantyNo12-monthNoNo12-monthNoNoMoney-back guaranteeNo12-month

How to Choose a Microwavable Heating Pad - Buying Guide

Check out our tips and suggestions on how to choose a microwavable heating pad that meets your needs.

Pick the Right Size and Shape Heating Pad

Pick the Right Size and Shape Heating Pad

Microwavable heating pads come in a wide range of sizes, usually ranging from five by 10 inches to 13 by 26 inches. The most common shapes are rectangular and square. 

If you're looking for an all-purpose heating pad, consider small, rectangular heating pads. They work great on any part of the body, including the shoulders, neck, forehead, abdomen, back, legs, and ankles. Consider extra small square pads for warming your hands or targeting cramps. 

Pick the Right Size and Shape Heating Pad

Larger heating pads are great for the back and shoulders. If you're looking for a heating pad for your eyes, consider microwave masks designed especially for your eyes. 

When it comes to size, you should think about storage space, too! If convenience is your main concern, choose small heating pads. Larger heating pads can take up storage space and be difficult to travel with. 

If You Have Sensitive Skin, Choose Cotton or Minky Fabric

If You Have Sensitive Skin, Choose Cotton or Minky Fabric

The exterior materials of microwavable heating pads are usually made with cotton, spandex, or polyester-based fabrics like fleece and minky, also known as microfiber

Although your favorite material depends on personal preference, it's a good idea to consider cotton or minky fabric for people with very sensitive skin. These materials are softer and more gentle on the skin compared to other types of materials. 

Decide Which Filling You Prefer

Decide Which Filling You Prefer

Many microwavable heating pads are filled with natural materials like wheat, barley, rice, oats, corn kernels, clay beads, flaxseed, millet, walnut shells, cherry pits, buckwheat hulls, dried peas, and dried pinto beans. However, you can also find some products filled with a synthetic gel that can be used for both heat and cold therapy.

When it comes to the best heat retention, many people say corn kernels, rice, flaxseed, clay beads, and walnut shells are the winners. Food-based fillings like rice and wheat can start to degrade after being heated a number of times and will eventually need replacing.

Decide Which Filling You Prefer

Generally speaking, you can wash only the cover of the heating pads and should try to avoid the water seeping into the filling to prevent mold. However, heating pads that are filled with walnut shells, cherry pits, or clay beads allow you to wash the whole heating pad because they won't get mold.

Although scents depend on personal preferences, some people find rice and cherry pits have a sweet and relaxing smell. Buckwheat hulls and walnut shells offer an earthy smell, whereas dried peas and pinto beans offer a beany odor that some people find unpleasant. Flaxseed can start to smell rancid when overheated or heated repeatedly. 

Look for Heating Pads With Extras

Look for Heating Pads With Extras

Microwavable heating pads come either unscented or with scents. Keep in mind that "unscented" doesn't mean it's completely free from aroma. You can still smell a natural scent from the type of filling you choose. If you buy an unscented heating pad, you can still add any essential oil that you enjoy as well.

Essential oils can enhance relaxation, which helps to relieve stress and improve your sleep. The most popular scents are lavender, peppermint, chamomile, lemongrass, rosemary, and rose. Keep in mind that these scents are temporary and will fade over time. 

When it comes to the design, it's a good idea to consider ones with handles, a snug fit, tie-on strap, or adjustable strap to prevent slipping. A pocket design is ideal for hand and foot warmers. Other features that you may want to consider are a carrying bag, a removable cover for washing, and a warranty. 

Don't forget about safety, too! No matter what type of material you choose, make sure it's safe to use in high heat. Also, strictly follow the directions to avoid fires.

How to Know When to Use Heat Therapy

Even if you get a heating pad, do you know when to use it? In this easy-to-follow video, you can learn when to use hot versus cold therapy to treat your aches, pains, and injuries. 

Time to Relax With These Products

Time to Relax With These Products

Need something to help with pain? Looking for stress relief? Check out these products to help relax your body and unwind after a hard day. 


Choosing the right microwavable heating pad is easy if you keep our suggestions in mind. Material, size, shape, and filling are the four main things we want you to remember. Don't forget to consider added scents and straps, too! 

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and find a microwavable heating pad that matches all your needs soon. Good luck with your search!

Author: Apinya Masuda

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