• Top 10 Best Tea Subscriptions in 2021 (The Whistling Kettle, The Tea Spot, and More) 1
  • Top 10 Best Tea Subscriptions in 2021 (The Whistling Kettle, The Tea Spot, and More) 2
  • Top 10 Best Tea Subscriptions in 2021 (The Whistling Kettle, The Tea Spot, and More) 3
  • Top 10 Best Tea Subscriptions in 2021 (The Whistling Kettle, The Tea Spot, and More) 4
  • Top 10 Best Tea Subscriptions in 2021 (The Whistling Kettle, The Tea Spot, and More) 5

Top 10 Best Tea Subscriptions in 2021 (The Whistling Kettle, The Tea Spot, and More)

Tea is more than just hot leaf juice. It's a beverage that soothes the soul, clears the mind, and gives a pretty decent hit of caffeine when needed. As all tea drinkers know, it's not limited to the two colors of green and black. Tea comes in a wonderful variety of flavors and textures that change from region to region and can be blended to create delightful new concoctions. The pleasure of tea is something that everyone can enjoy.

The charmingly named Whistling Kettle is a great subscription for tea novices and addicts alike. Their expert curations introduce you to a wide variety of flavors from the top tea producers from around the world. Below you'll find some of our top picks of tea subscription boxes that will surely introduce you to some exotic flavors. And check out our buying guide on tips for deciding which tea subscriptions are worth your time!

  • Last updated: 01-14-2021
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Top 10 Best Tea Subscriptions

Below we have compiled our selection of tea subscriptions that are full of flavor and sure to pique the interest of both casual and avid tea drinkers.


The Whistling KettleTea of the Month Club


Price range$16 - $24
Delivery frequencyMonthly delivery
Tea typeLoose leaf; mystery

Sips BySips by Box Tea Subscription


Price range$15
Delivery frequency Monthly delivery
Tea typeLoose and bagged

The Tea SpotMonthly Tea Subscription Box


Price range$14.95
Delivery FrequencyMonthly delivery
Tea typeMystery
Price range $21.25 - $30
Delivery frequencyCustomizable
Tea typeCustomizable

Simple Loose LeafTea Subscription


Price range$10 - $13
Delivery frequencyCustomizable
Tea typeLoose leaf

Global Tea HutTea and Tao Magazine


Price range$25 - $75
Delivery frequencyMonthly
Tea typeLoose leaf; mystery
Price$31 - $48
Delivery frequencyBimonthly
Tea typeMatcha powder

Suki TeaTea Box Subscription


Price range$12.12
Delivery frequencyMonthly
Tea typeLoose leaf and bagged; mystery

Dollar Tea ClubLoose Leaf Tea Subscription


Price range$1 - $25
Delivery frequency Monthly
Tea typeLoose leaf; mystery

TeatuliaTea of the Month


Price range$35
Delivery frequencyCustomizable
Tea typePyramid tea bags

Compare the Best Tea Subscriptions

The Whistling Kettle Tea of the Month Club 1

The Whistling Kettle

Sips By Sips by Box Tea Subscription 1

Sips By

The Tea Spot Monthly Tea Subscription Box 1

The Tea Spot

Tea Runners Tea Box 1

Tea Runners

Simple Loose Leaf Tea Subscription 1

Simple Loose Leaf

Global Tea Hut Tea and Tao Magazine 1

Global Tea Hut

Matcha Source Tea Club 1

Matcha Source

Suki Tea Tea Box Subscription 1

Suki Tea

Dollar Tea Club Loose Leaf Tea Subscription 1

Dollar Tea Club

Teatulia Tea of the Month 1



Tea of the Month Club

Sips by Box Tea Subscription

Monthly Tea Subscription Box

Tea Box

Tea Subscription

Tea and Tao Magazine

Tea Club

Tea Box Subscription

Loose Leaf Tea Subscription

Tea of the Month


Expertly Curated Box for the Tea Enthusiast

Personalized Brews for Your Unique Tastes

Experience the Thrill of the Unknown

Customizable Tea Subscriptions

Hand-Packaged Premium Teas in Eco-Friendly Packaging

An International Community of Tea Wisdom

A Treasure Trove for Matcha Lovers

An Elegant Subscription for the Tea Hobbyist

A Treasure of Blended Teas for Tea Addicts

A Convenient Option for the Tea Lover

Price range$16 - $24$15$14.95$21.25 - $30$10 - $13$25 - $75$31 - $48$12.12$1 - $25$35
Delivery frequencyMonthly deliveryMonthly deliveryMonthly deliveryCustomizableCustomizableMonthlyBimonthlyMonthlyMonthlyCustomizable
Tea typeLoose leaf; mysteryLoose and baggedMysteryCustomizableLoose leafLoose leaf; mysteryMatcha powderLoose leaf and bagged; mysteryLoose leaf; mysteryPyramid tea bags

How to Choose a Tea Subscription - Buying Guide

Before signing up for a tea subscription, there are a few things to be aware of, like what types of tea you prefer, how much preparation you want to do, and how often you will drink it. Check out our buying guide to get started!

Decide Your Level of Expertise

Decide Your Level of Expertise

If you're a newbie when it comes to the world of tea or haven't thought about it beyond buying a pack of 50 tea bags from your supermarket, tea subscription boxes can help you find new and delightfully tasting teas. Even connoisseurs of the beverage can find subscriptions that specialize in unique flavors that tickle their experienced tastebuds.

Many tea subscription services have fun quizzes that can help you decide what kind of tea is right for you or if you should choose something new that you haven't had the chance to try yet. Additionally, many tea services focus on growing their plants organically and promoting fair trade practices.

Wherever you live, tea subscriptions will send you a plethora of different teas from different parts of the world, like Nepal, China, and Japan. Also, getting a tea subscription is a great way to support small businesses that hope to promote more awareness of a particular type of tea or method of roasting tea leaves.

Consider the Frequency of Delivery

Consider the Frequency of Delivery

Most tea subscription services have an option for you to decide how much tea you would like to have delivered. If you are someone who enjoys a hot 'cuppa' twice a day every day of the week, you can opt for a biweekly or monthly delivery to fulfill your tea cravings.

On the other hand, if you are more of a coffee person or someone who only occasionally likes to indulge in some tea, perhaps a bimonthly or a quarterly subscription will be more suitable for your needs.

Look at the Variety of Teas Included

Look at the Variety of Teas Included

When thinking about what kind of tea you want, it can get a little daunting as there are so many different flavors and blends to try. You may also not want to splurge on a large packet of tea that you're not so sure will be any good. Tea subscriptions are handy because they let you choose a small amount of each tea to try out.

You can also go for a themed box, which may focus on a particle region, such as a Japanese themed box full of different types of matcha. If you're already an avid tea lover who is looking for something more adventurous in the realm, you can try Pu'er, a type of fermented tea from the province of Yunnan in China.

Look at the Variety of Teas Included

There are also more avant-garde blended and spiced teas. Tea subscriptions often celebrate the change of seasons with corresponding blended teas, such as pumpkin spice in the fall and floral, fruity types in spring.

Tea is a comfort drink, though, so many people like to stick to their old favorites. Tea subscription boxes can help you curate your cupboard with flavors that harmonize with your daily life. On the other hand, if you enjoy being surprised by your own decisions, you can opt for mystery boxes that come with a selection of different types.

Know How You Want to Prepare the Tea

Know How You Want to Prepare the Tea

Tea comes in both loose leaves and in teabags. Depending on your schedule, you can choose one or the other. When you're in a hurry, tea bags come in handy as they just need to be dipped in hot water and the cleanup is minimal.

On the other hand, if the ritual of tea making is half the charm, you can opt for loose leaf. Depending on the type of tea leaf, you may need some specialized equipment, and at the least a teapot and a strainer. For types like matcha powders, you may need a small whisk as well.

As there is no paper between the tea and the water, loose leaf teas are said to have greater clarity in flavor and texture. Loose-leaf tea can also be used multiple times without losing its flavor and can be composted once it loses its strength.

More Tea Recommendations for the Tea Lover

More Tea Recommendations for the Tea Lover

Looking for specific teas to enjoy in the morning? Check out our other selections to help you find what you are looking for.


When choosing a tea subscription box, think about your tea habits and how often you want to receive a box. Also, consider if you prefer something rare and unusual that you want to drink with a touch of culture or you just something warm and sweet.

Tea subscription boxes are a great way to find rare gems that aren't really available in the local supermarket. If you're bored with the same old flavors, a subscription box will certainly send a few surprises your way.

Author: Amena Rahman

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