• Top 10 Best Coffee Subscription Boxes in 2021 (Trade, Atlas Coffee Club, and More) 1
  • Top 10 Best Coffee Subscription Boxes in 2021 (Trade, Atlas Coffee Club, and More) 2
  • Top 10 Best Coffee Subscription Boxes in 2021 (Trade, Atlas Coffee Club, and More) 3
  • Top 10 Best Coffee Subscription Boxes in 2021 (Trade, Atlas Coffee Club, and More) 4
  • Top 10 Best Coffee Subscription Boxes in 2021 (Trade, Atlas Coffee Club, and More) 5

Top 10 Best Coffee Subscription Boxes in 2021 (Trade, Atlas Coffee Club, and More)

The world of coffee is wide and wonderful. Blends or single-origin beans, espresso or French press, with cream and sugar or black; there are so many different coffees and ways to enjoy them. But grocery store selections are often lacking in variety and freshness. A coffee subscription box, on the other hand, will provide you with the freshest beans on a regular schedule, allow you to explore new flavors, and teach you more about the coffee you're drinking.

We've rounded up a list of the best coffee subscription boxes out there. For a personalized experience with a large selection of beans, we recommend The Hookup box from Trade Coffee. They'll learn your preferences to curate coffees just for you, and each box is highly customizable. See our other favorites below, and check out our buying guide for tips on how to get the best bean for your buck.

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  • Last updated: 01-04-2021
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Top 10 Best Coffee Subscription Boxes

Our top 10 list includes a range of boxes for everyone, from casual coffee drinkers to connoisseurs searching for rare single-origin beans. 

Price range$12.50-$22 per 12 oz. bag
Frequency1-6 wks.
CustomizationGrind, coffee, number of bags
SpecialtyCurated recommendations

Atlas Coffee ClubCoffee of the Month Club


Price range$9-$28
Frequency2 or 4 wks.
CustomizationRoast, number of bags
SpecialtySingle origin

Driftaway CoffeeCoffee Subscription


Price range$14.57-$22
Frequency1, 2, or 4 wks.
CustomizationGrind, bag size
SpecialtySingle origin

Grounds & HoundsCoffee Club Subscription


Price range$13.99+
Frequency1, 2, 4, or 8 wks.
CustomizationGrind, coffee, number of bags
SpecialtySupport animals with each purchase

Angels' CupThe Black Box


Price range$8.99-$17.49
Frequency1-4 wks.
CustomizationGrind, roast
SpecialtyBlind tasting

Blue BottleEspresso Assortment


Price range$11-$13
Frequency1-4 wks.
CustomizationNumber of bags

MistoboxCoffee Subscription


Price range$10.95-$14.95
Frequency1-4 wks.
CustomizationGrind, roast
SpecialtyCurated recommendations

CremaCoffee Subscription


Price rangeAprox. $17 per 12 oz. bag
Frequency3, 5, or 10 days; 1, 2, or 4 wks.
CustomizationGrind, bag size, coffee
SpecialtyCurated recommendations

BeanboxCoffee Tasting Subscription


Price range$16.50+
SpecialtyPacific Northwest

Moustache Coffee ClubCoffee Subscription


Price range$13-$22
Frequency1, 2, or 4 wks.
SpecialtyCurated recommendations, single origin

Compare the Best Coffee Subscription Boxes

Trade The Hookup 1


Atlas Coffee Club Coffee of the Month Club 1

Atlas Coffee Club

Driftaway Coffee Coffee Subscription 1

Driftaway Coffee

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Club Subscription 1

Grounds & Hounds

Angels' Cup The Black Box 1

Angels' Cup

Blue Bottle Espresso Assortment 1

Blue Bottle

Mistobox Coffee Subscription 1


Crema Coffee Subscription 1


Beanbox Coffee Tasting Subscription 1


Moustache Coffee Club Coffee Subscription 1

Moustache Coffee Club


The Hookup

Coffee of the Month Club

Coffee Subscription

Coffee Club Subscription

The Black Box

Espresso Assortment

Coffee Subscription

Coffee Subscription

Coffee Tasting Subscription

Coffee Subscription


Personalized Coffee Recommendations

A Box for the World Traveler

Discover New Single-Origin Coffees

Help a Pup With Every Cup

Blind Tastings to Discover Your True Favorites

A Box for the Home Barista

A Curated and Customizable Coffee Playlist

A Box With Nearly Endless Options

The Best of the Pacific Northwest

Know Where Your Coffee Comes From

Price range$12.50-$22 per 12 oz. bag$9-$28$14.57-$22$13.99+$8.99-$17.49$11-$13$10.95-$14.95Aprox. $17 per 12 oz. bag$16.50+$13-$22
Frequency1-6 wks.2 or 4 wks.1, 2, or 4 wks.1, 2, 4, or 8 wks.1-4 wks.1-4 wks.1-4 wks.3, 5, or 10 days; 1, 2, or 4 wks.Monthly1, 2, or 4 wks.
CustomizationGrind, coffee, number of bagsRoast, number of bagsGrind, bag sizeGrind, coffee, number of bagsGrind, roastNumber of bagsGrind, roastGrind, bag size, coffeeRoastCoffee
SpecialtyCurated recommendationsSingle originSingle originSupport animals with each purchaseBlind tastingEspressoCurated recommendationsCurated recommendationsPacific NorthwestCurated recommendations, single origin

How to Choose a Coffee Subscription Box - Buying Guide

There are lots of options when it comes to coffee subscription boxes, though many of them seem similar when you first start looking. Here are some things to think about to help you select a box that suits your needs. 

Ask Yourself How Adventurous You Want to Be

Whether you’re interested in the story behind your beans or just want coffee now, there's a box out there for you. The first step is to determine how adventurous you want to be.

Tailored Boxes for Specific Preferences

Tailored Boxes for Specific Preferences

If you already know what you like, look for a subscription box that’s tailored to your preferences. If you love coffee from a specific roaster, see if they have a subscription box. This will let you try new coffees from a trusted source

Different regions tend to produce coffee with specific flavor profiles. For example, Ethiopian beans are known for being wild and fruity, while coffee from Brazil is nutty and chocolatey. If you know that you prefer coffee from a specific region, look for a box that sources coffee from your favorite area

Whatever your preference is, take some time to check out the subscription service’s website to see what selections they offer. The more specific you can be about your preferences, the more likely you are to get something you like.

Multiple Roasters for Adventurous Coffee Drinkers

Multiple Roasters for Adventurous Coffee Drinkers

If you want to branch out with your coffee, look for a subscription service that partners with a variety of roasters so you can try beans you wouldn’t normally encounter. You can even find boxes that curate blind taste tests, which can be a fun way to find new favorites.

Not sure what you want? Some boxes have you take an online quiz when you sign up so that they can customize your box to fit your preferences.

Pick a Subscription That Matches Your Coffee Habits

Picking a box that fits your lifestyle and coffee-drinking habits is important. Most boxes will allow you to control the frequency of deliveries and choose between whole bean or ground coffee.

Frequent Delivery for Coffee Addicts

Frequent Delivery for Coffee Addicts

How often do you drink coffee? Are you a cup (or three) a day type of person, or is coffee an occasional treat? Since coffee is best when fresh, look for a box that fits your schedule. You don’t want a pile of unused beans, nor do you want to run out of coffee when you need it most.

Think about how long it typically takes you to go through a standard 12-ounce bag of coffee, then choose a box with a delivery schedule that matches your pace. However, boxes that send you smaller amounts of coffee are great for less frequent coffee drinkers or those who want to try a lot of different types.

Grind Options for Different Brewing Methods

Grind Options for Different Brewing Methods

French press or pour-over? Whole bean or pre-ground? When looking at boxes, look for bean preparation options that fit with your coffee routine. Some boxes let you choose between whole beans, ground coffee, or pods

If you prefer to get your coffee pre-ground, make sure the grind works with your brewing method. Finely ground coffee is great for pour-over and coffee machines, while a French press needs a coarser grind.

Figure Out Your Coffee Subscription Priorities

While all coffee subscription boxes have one thing in common (coffee), they differ in the details. Figure out what’s important to you in a subscription.

Get Freshly Roasted Coffee for the Best Flavor

Get Freshly Roasted Coffee for the Best Flavor

If having freshly roasted coffee is one of your top priorities, look for a box that lists this information upfront on their website. 

Boxes that provide coffee from multiple roasters may not guarantee a roasting date, but they should at least provide one for each bag. Boxes that come from a single roaster are more likely to be super fresh. Some roast as few as six hours before shipping.

Decide if You Want to Repurchase Favorites

Decide if You Want to Repurchase Favorites

Do you want to be able to re-order the coffee that you end up loving? Not all subscription boxes offer this, so it’s important to check beforehand. 

Boxes that specialize in rare or micro-lot coffees are less likely to let you re-order, simply because they run out. Boxes that work with bigger-name roasters are more likely to have the same coffee on hand when you want to order more.

Use Fair Trade Coffee for Ethical Beans

Use Fair Trade Coffee for Ethical Beans

Most coffee is grown in South America and Africa, and it goes through many steps to make it into your morning cup. Prioritizing fair trade coffee is a great way to be more conscious about the effect our coffee consumption has on farmers, their communities, and the environment. 

Fair trade coffee adheres to certain economic, environmental, and social standards, both on the sides of the producers and the traders. This helps empower producers and their workers by ensuring fair prices and ethical working conditions

It also helps to protect the environment by encouraging eco-friendly cultivation and preventing the use of pesticides. If buying fair trade is one of your priorities, look for a box that provides information about their sourcing practices on their website.

Single Origin for Traceability

Single Origin for Traceability

As coffee culture becomes more and more prevalent, people are becoming interested in its traceability. In contrast to blends, single-origin coffee comes from a single producer, crop, or region specified on the label. 

Single-origin coffee usually has a distinct flavor profile based on where it comes from; this is influenced by factors like altitude, climate, soil, and processing conditions. If you’re interested in knowing exactly who and where your coffee comes from, look for a subscription box specializing in single-origin coffee.

Look for Boxes That Allow Customization

Look for Boxes That Allow Customization

One of the downsides of subscription boxes is that you might get things you don’t like or need. To ensure that you enjoy your box every time, look for one that allows some level of customization. 

Some boxes allow you to choose the type of roast you like, whether it’s light, medium, or dark. Others let you pick specific coffees to add to your box, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Step Up Your Coffee Game

Step Up Your Coffee Game

Your box of beans is on the way! In the meantime, make sure you have the right tools to brew the best possible cup. Check out some of our favorite pieces of coffee equipment below.


Coffee subscription boxes come in many different varieties. And while each one has its specialty, the ultimate result is the same: fresh, high-quality coffee delivered right to your doorstep. What's not to love? 

Check out the customization options to make sure the box will fit your coffee habits and preferences. If you have a specific interest, like espresso or single-origin, you can likely find a subscription specializing in that. And if you're still unsure, look for a box that allows one-time orders so you can try it out before you commit.

Author: Melissa Jong

Keep Your Coffee Fresh in a Pro-Recommended Canister

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