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Top 10 Best Cut-Resistant Gloves for the Kitchen in 2020

If you use a mandoline slicer, grater, or even just kitchen knives, you've probably experienced some close calls or actual injuries. Cut-resistant gloves should be something every home chef uses regularly! However, there are plenty of options, and you may find yourself wondering which ones are the best.

Read on for our buying guide that's packed with useful information on how to choose the best cut-resistant gloves. On top of that, we have selected 10 popular products that you should consider. NoCry's cut-resistant gloves are our top-ranking product because they're comfortable to wear, made with safe materials, and provide high cut protection. Want to see more? Check out the rest of the products on our list!

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  • Last updated: 12-25-2020
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Top 10 Best Cut-Resistant Gloves for the Kitchen

These cut-resistant gloves are all different in terms of design, materials, and cut protection levels. However, they're all food safe and meet recognized cut protection standards.


NoCryCut Resistant Gloves

1 pair


Cut protection level5
Available sizesS-XL
MaterialPolyethylene, spandex, fiberglass

DowellifeKitchen Cuts Gloves

2 pairs


Cut protection level5
Available sizesS-XL
MaterialUHMWPE, glass fiber

Stark SafeCutting Resistant Gloves

1 pair


Cut protection level5
Available sizesS-XL
MaterialPolyethylene, silica

SchwerCut Resistant Glove

2 gloves for one hand


Cut protection level9
Available sizesS-XXL
MaterialPolyethylene, stainless steel

Dex FitCru553

1 pair


Cut protection level5
Available sizesXS-XL
MaterialHPPE, nitrile

G & F ProductsCutshield 77100

1 pair


Cut protection level5
Available sizesM-XL
MaterialHPPE, silicone

EvridwearKid Sized Cut Resistant Gloves

1 pair


Cut protection level5
Available sizesS-L
MaterialHPPE, glass fiber

HereToGearCut Resistant Gloves

2 pairs


Cut protection level5
Available sizesXXS-XXL
MaterialNot specified

ChefsGradeCut Resistant Safety Glove

1 glove


Cut protection level5
Available sizesM
MaterialHPPE, glass fiber, stainless steel

JH SafetyC0222S3 Cut Resistant Gloves

3 gloves


Cut protection level5
Available sizesS-L
MaterialKevlar, Dyneema

Compare the Best Cut-Resistant Gloves for the Kitchen

NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves 1


Dowellife Kitchen Cuts Gloves 1


Stark Safe Cutting Resistant Gloves 1

Stark Safe

Schwer Cut Resistant Glove 1


Dex Fit Cru553 1

Dex Fit

G & F Products Cutshield 77100  1

G & F Products

Evridwear Kid Sized Cut Resistant Gloves 1


HereToGear Cut Resistant Gloves 1


ChefsGrade Cut Resistant Safety Glove 1


JH Safety C0222S3 Cut Resistant Gloves 1

JH Safety


Cut Resistant Gloves

Kitchen Cuts Gloves

Cutting Resistant Gloves

Cut Resistant Glove


Cutshield 77100

Kid Sized Cut Resistant Gloves

Cut Resistant Gloves

Cut Resistant Safety Glove

C0222S3 Cut Resistant Gloves


Versatile, Comfortable and Machine-Washable

Color-Coded Gloves for No Cross-Contamination

A Tight-Fit Design Made With Breathable Materials

Ultimate Protection With a Rust-Proof Metal Mesh Glove

Anti-Slip Grip With a Touchscreen Capability

Heat-Resistant Anti-Slip Gloves

Protective Gloves for Your Little Kitchen Helper

Two Pairs of Gloves Available in Many Sizes

Extended Cuff to Protect Your Wrist

Colorful Gloves Great for Multiple Purposes

Cut protection level5559555555
MaterialPolyethylene, spandex, fiberglassUHMWPE, glass fiberPolyethylene, silicaPolyethylene, stainless steelHPPE, nitrileHPPE, siliconeHPPE, glass fiberNot specifiedHPPE, glass fiber, stainless steelKevlar, Dyneema

How to Choose Cut-Resistant Gloves for the Kitchen - Buying Guide

Choosing the right cut-resistant glove not only helps to minimize the risk of hand and finger injuries, but it also helps you save time in the kitchen. 

Decide How Much Protection You Need

Decide How Much Protection You Need

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) recognizes nine levels of cut resistance. The levels indicate how much weight is needed to cut through materials. This means a higher level offers higher cut protection.

In general, most cut-resistant gloves offer level four or five cut protection, which makes them a perfect option for both light and heavy-duty use. Since they're extremely cut- and abrasion-resistant, they're suitable for cutting meat and bones or using a mandoline slicer, as well as shucking oysters.

If you're looking for light protection while chopping fruits and vegetables or slicing bread, we recommend you consider levels one to three. However, gloves with level six and above make an excellent choice for more dangerous kitchen tasks like butchering and cutting frozen meats.

Choose a Material Based on the Type of Task

There are cut-resistant gloves for industrial use, but we're focused on the kitchen. Still, not all kitchen tasks are equal, and the material you need depends on what you want to do with your gloves.

Metal Mesh and High-Performance Polyethylene Gloves Offer Maximum Protection

Metal Mesh and High-Performance Polyethylene Gloves Offer Maximum Protection

Metal mesh gloves are extremely sturdy and durable, so they're ideal for riskier applications like using a slicer or cutting frozen meats. Since they're made of stainless steel, make sure to choose the one that is rust-proof.

Some metal mesh gloves come with a fabric strap to keep the gloves tight around the wrist, while others offer an adjustable stainless steel wrist strap. A fabric strap can be easily contaminated by bacteria, so make sure to wash the gloves properly after using them.

High-performance polyethylene (HPPE) is lightweight, elastic, and 10 times stronger than steel. It's resistant to chemicals and moisture. In general, gloves made of only HPPE offer level two or three cut resistance. However, they can achieve level five protection if they're made with a combination of HPPE and steel or another type of fiber. 

Spectra and Glass Fiber Gloves Provide Comfort and Flexibility

Spectra gloves are made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber (UHMWPE) which is 15 times stronger than steel, so they're extremely durable. Plus, they're soft, lightweight, and moisture-resistant, making them comfortable to wear.

Glass fiber gloves are resistant to water and flames. They have a silky smooth, breathable texture. So, they're a great option to wear all year round. They offer level three cut resistance, meaning they protect from moderate cut hazards. 

Aramid and Kevlar Gloves are Highly Heat-Resistant

Aramids like Kevlar are highly heat-resistant materials, which can withstand a temperature of up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit! Aramid gloves offer excellent abrasion and cut resistance. Asides from gloves, aramid is used to make aprons, mitts, and leggings as well.

Kevlar gloves are made with strong para-aramid fiber that offers levels two and three cut resistance, making them suitable for light chopping in the kitchen. However, they can take in moisture and don't let your skin breathe. So, they're not a good choice for wearing all day during summer.

Dyneema and Basalt Gloves Offer Excellent Abrasion Resistance

The similarities between Dyneema and basalt fiber gloves are excellent abrasion resistance and high cut-proofing, so they're a great choice for slicing various types of foods.

Basalt fiber gloves are resistant to tears, acidic foods, and salt, whereas Dyneema gloves provide good protection from chemicals and moisture. One drawback of Dyneema gloves is low heat resistance, so make sure to wash them at a temperature below 104 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Make Sure They're Comfortable to Wear and Fit Your Hands Perfectly

Make Sure They're Comfortable to Wear and Fit Your Hands Perfectly

There are two things you have to measure to find the right size: the palm width and the middle finger length. The proper fitting gloves are extremely important. If the gloves are too big, they can easily slip off, increasing your risk of injury. But if they’re too small, they’ll restrict the movement of your hands. 

Choosing the right material is another thing you should pay attention to. Some materials are more flexible and breathable than others, such as Spectra, glass fiber, Dyneema, and high-performance polyethylene.

Consider Gloves With Anti-Slip Features, Touchscreen Designs, and More

It's a good idea to consider non-slip gloves that come with an adjustable wrist strap to reduce the risk of injury. You can find gloves with silicone dots or palms to keep your hand from slipping and protect them from strong heat.

A touchscreen design allows you to freely use touchscreen devices like cell phones and tablets. You can pick up the phone, check recipes, or adjust the volume without taking the gloves off, making it very convenient to use.

Machine washing and a warranty are bonus options that you should consider as well. Keep in mind that not all materials are machine washable, so always make sure to check the product description before buying. When it comes to a warranty, you can find ones from 90 days to a one-year warranty. 

Looking for More Kitchen Tools and Gadgets?

Looking for More Kitchen Tools and Gadgets?

Cooking and cleaning up don't have to be chores. Make your time in the kitchen fun and efficient with these other helpful products.


Asides from the types of materials, the other important things when it comes to choosing cut-resistant gloves are size, cut-resistance levels, and safety concerns. Don't forget to consider ones that offer extra features like and anti-slip grip, touchscreen design, and a warranty, too!

Whether you plan to buy cut-resistant gloves for culinary or other uses, we hope you found the perfect ones that you're looking for! 

Author: Apinya Masuda

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