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Top 10 Best Cheesecloths in 2020 (Goodcook, Dritz, and More)

Besides making cheese, these soft cloths have a variety of uses in the kitchen and around the home. Cheesecloth is often used to make decorations for weddings or costumes for Halloween. It can polish furniture, cars and silverware without scratches. It will also work for a range of cooking tasks, like growing sprouts, straining yogurt, broths and nut milks, and basting the perfect turkey or chicken. You can even use cheesecloth to wring the liquid from tuna or cauliflower.

We looked around for the best 10 cheesecloths for you. What we loved the most is the Sceng Ultra-Fine Cheesecloth. It's high-grade, unbleached, and suits a range of applications in and around the kitchen. The other products in our top 10 list are selected based on their quality, grade, and users' experiences. If you need help with choosing one from the list, read our comprehensive buying guide that will teach you a lot about cheesecloth. 

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Top 10 Best Cheesecloths

Here we have shortlisted 10 cheesecloths suiting a range of tasks and belonging to a variety of grades. You can easily find one based on the purpose you most use the cheesecloth for. 


ScengUltra Fine Cheesecloth for Cooking


Available sizes1 x 4 yds., 1 x 50 yds.

Regency WrapsNatural Ultra Fine Cheesecloth


GradeNot specified
Available sizes9 sq. ft.

Pure Acres Farm100% Unbleached Cotton Cheesecloth


Available sizes2 sq. yds.

Italiana MiglioreBest Quality Grade Cheesecloth


Available sizes43 sq. ft.

OlicityUnbleached Pure Cotton Cheesecloth

2 pack


Available sizes2.7 sq. ft.

ScengclosUltra Fine Cheesecloth


Available sizes1.7 and 2.8 sq. ft.

GoodcookUnbleached Cheesecloth


Available sizes18 sq. ft.

Dritz 606 Cheesecloth


Available sizes9, 18, 45, 54 sq. ft.

Country Trading Co.Organic Cotton Cheesecloth


MaterialOrganic cotton
Available sizes18 sq. ft.

BetyBedy Unbleached Cheesecloth


Available sizes49.5 sq. ft.

Compare the Best Cheesecloths

Sceng Ultra Fine Cheesecloth for Cooking  1


Regency Wraps Natural Ultra Fine Cheesecloth 1

Regency Wraps

Pure Acres Farm 100% Unbleached Cotton Cheesecloth 1

Pure Acres Farm

Italiana Migliore Best Quality Grade Cheesecloth 1

Italiana Migliore

Olicity Unbleached Pure Cotton Cheesecloth 1


Scengclos Ultra Fine Cheesecloth 1


Goodcook Unbleached Cheesecloth 1


Dritz   606 Cheesecloth 1


Country Trading Co. Organic Cotton Cheesecloth  1

Country Trading Co.

BetyBedy  Unbleached Cheesecloth 1



Ultra Fine Cheesecloth for Cooking

Natural Ultra Fine Cheesecloth

100% Unbleached Cotton Cheesecloth

Best Quality Grade Cheesecloth

Unbleached Pure Cotton Cheesecloth

Ultra Fine Cheesecloth

Unbleached Cheesecloth

606 Cheesecloth

Organic Cotton Cheesecloth

Unbleached Cheesecloth


Ultra-Fine Long Cheesecloth for a Whole Range of Tasks

Unbleached Cheesecloth for Cooking and Crafts

Grade 50 Cheesecloth With a Handy Guide

Versatile Grade 60 Cheesecloth for the Best Cheese and Nutmilk

Double-Layered Cheesecloth for the Most Serious Cheesemakers

Round Precut Cheesecloths for Extreme Filtering Tasks

The Perfect Soft Cheesecloth for Different Uses

High-Quality Grade 10 Cheesecloth for Crafts and Cooking

Grade 60 Organic Cheesecloth

Grade 50 Cheesecloth Perfect for Filtering and Canning

Grade90Not specified50609090+40106050
MaterialCottonCottonCottonCottonCottonCottonCottonCottonOrganic cottonCotton
Available sizes1 x 4 yds., 1 x 50 yds.9 sq. ft.2 sq. yds.43 sq. ft. 2.7 sq. ft. 1.7 and 2.8 sq. ft.18 sq. ft. 9, 18, 45, 54 sq. ft. 18 sq. ft. 49.5 sq. ft.

How to Choose a Cheesecloth - Buying Guide

A lot of people mistake gauze for a cheesecloth. But cheesecloths are thicker and have a tighter weave than gauze. Before buying a cheesecloth, you need to know the type you need for the task at hand. 

In addition, it has to be made of good quality material to withstand constant filtering and straining tasks without breaking down easily. Read on to know what factors affect the selection of a cheesecloth. 

Know the Different Grades of Cheesecloths

Cheesecloths are graded to indicate the number of threads used in every square inch. A low-grade cheesecloth will have fewer threads per square inch than a higher grade cheesecloth. The grade of cheesecloth can also affect its filtering and sieving capabilities.

Open-Weave Cheesecloths Let Fluids Pass Through Easily

Open-Weave Cheesecloths Let Fluids Pass Through Easily

Grade 10 cheesecloths are very thin and will have 20x12 threads per square inch and have larger holes than other grade cloths. Grade 20 cheesecloths also have large holes and have 20x16 threads per square inch. They are mostly disposable and won’t last long.

Since these open weaves let fluids and air quickly pass through, they are suitable for straining juices, stocks, or soups. For cheesemaking, you need a tighter weave. But if you prefer a looser weave like grade 10 cheesecloth, you can still find success by folding it to create layers. 

Some people prefer using it for bundling herbs and spices or as décor for events. They can also double as mosquito and fly nets wherever necessary. They also find applications in waxing, polishing furniture, and cleaning. 

Medium-Weave Cheesecloths are Highly Absorbent

Medium-Weave Cheesecloths are Highly Absorbent

Cheesecloths of grades 40, 50, and 60 belong to the medium-weave type and are mid-weight. Grade 40 cheesecloth will have 24x20, grade 50 will have 28x24, and grade 60 will have 32x28 threads per square inch. They are versatile, highly absorbent, and durable and work well for cheese, syrup, jelly, and more.

Grade 60 cheesecloth is the most popular of all due to its versatility in cooking. It can help make ricotta and cottage cheese, strain stocks, or drain and thicken yogurt. It's also great for squeezing fruit juice without seeds, basting poultry, or poaching fish. Or just use it to wrap baked foods and goodies! 

The Finest Weave Cheesecloths are Highly Durable

The Finest Weave Cheesecloths are Highly Durable

If you’re looking for extra-fine weave, you should go for grade 80 or 90 cheesecloth. Grade 80 cheesecloth will have 40x32 threads, and grade 90 will have 44x36 threads per square inch. Both types are great alternatives to butter muslin and are washable and reusable. 

Grade 90 cheesecloths are regarded as having the highest quality and the finest weave. You need a grade 90 cheesecloth when the most refined filtering or straining is required. They sieve slowly yet can deliver fantastic results while making cheese, straining soups and stocks, and winemaking. 

Due to their ultra-fine weaves and durable construction, they are used to make teabags as well. These grades of cheesecloths also find use in making crafts, bandages, and curtains. A grade 90 cheesecloth can also hold enough moisture for basting poultry and other meats. 

Choose Based on the Cloth Quality

 Choose Based on the Cloth Quality

A good quality cheesecloth will be made using 100 percent cotton to make it highly absorbent. Cotton is also a highly resilient material. It can withstand high heat and detergents without deforming. Cheesecloth should be lint-free. A cloth that deposits lint after washing can affect the straining and filtering performance during the next use. 

It’s also essential to choose an undyed cotton material so that it doesn’t transfer any unsafe dyes and unwanted material onto the foods. If the material is too tightly-woven, it might not be that efficient in sieving liquids. 

For organic cotton cheesecloths, look for GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification that attests to its authenticity. The certification ensures that the fibers used are at least 70 percent organic. It’s also an assurance that the product was not manufactured using toxic dyes and bleaches.

Select Between Bleached and Unbleached Cheesecloths

Select Between Bleached and Unbleached Cheesecloths

The idea of bleached cheesecloth might turn you off. But they are safer than most natural cheesecloths, as long as they are bleached with a non-chlorine bleach like peroxide.

For cheesecloths, organic doesn’t always mean safe. Natural and organic cheesecloths might contain impurities from cotton fibers such as oils, seed particles, and "pepper trash."

Non-chlorinated bleaches don’t have chemical binders, making these bleached cheesecloths safe to use in cooking. Most cheesecloths come unbleached. You can sanitize them at home before and after every use, using a natural food-grade disinfectant like vinegar, borax, or hydrogen peroxide

Bigger Cheesecloths Can Find Multiple Uses

Bigger Cheesecloths Can Find Multiple Uses

Since a cheesecloth can serve more than one purpose, it’s best to go with a bigger cloth. If you buy a bigger cheesecloth of between 20 and 30 square feet, you can cut it into multiple pieces and categorize them for various tasks. This will help you minimize waste and find more uses for the cut cheesecloths.

Sometimes cheesecloths are cut and sold in yards. One square yard or nine square feet of cheesecloth is just enough for most cooking tasks

Most cheesecloths are made of high-quality cotton. A higher grade cheesecloth can last longer even after cutting it into several pieces to serve multiple purposes. You need to store it in a cool and dry place. However, if your needs are minimal, you can go with a smaller or medium-sized cheesecloth between two and nine square feet. 

Products That Can Come Handy in the Kitchen

Products That Can Come Handy in the Kitchen

Sometimes you just need the right tools for the job. If you're looking to add some specialty items to your kitchen gadget collection, check out these suggestions.


If you're into making cheese or wine frequently, finding the right cheesecloth can significantly improve your cooking experience. Sometimes one cloth can suit many tasks. If you want you cheesecloths to be multifunctional, it's best to go with a bigger cloth that can be cut and customized as per your needs. 

When grade and quality matter highly for a cheesecloth, it will also help check what other users have to say about the cloth's properties. 

Author: Biji Ravindran

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