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  • 8 Best Saline Solutions for Piercings in 2022 (NeilMed, Recovery, and More) 3
  • 8 Best Saline Solutions for Piercings in 2022 (NeilMed, Recovery, and More) 4
  • 8 Best Saline Solutions for Piercings in 2022 (NeilMed, Recovery, and More) 5

8 Best Saline Solutions for Piercings in 2022 (NeilMed, Recovery, and More)

New piercings are exciting but require a little extra care. Anyone who's gotten professionally pierced has probably been instructed to use saline solution. Saline is the best way to clean fresh wounds, helping your body's natural healing processes avoid running into any speedbumps. When deciding what solution to get, you are choosing a product that will have direct contact with your healing tissue, so you want the best!

So, we did the research to find the most trustworthy products available. Our top pick is NeilMed's Piercing Aftercare Fine Mist. This simple saline solution is frequently recommended by piercers. Plus, it has a fine mist nozzle for better reach and coverage. Scroll through the rest of our list to find the solution that suits you, and check out the buying guide if you're not sure what to look for!

  • Last updated: 05-02-2022
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What is Saline Solution?

What is Saline Solution?

Saline solution uses salt and water to clean and irrigate wounds and infections. The salt (sodium chloride) draws water from the bacteria in the wound, killing them. If these bacteria are left to fester, an infection can arise. The solution also works by flushing any debris from the wound.

Saline solution is used to clean wounds because it is non-toxic and does not damage the healing tissue. It also doesn't detract moisture from the affected area.  

The salt in saline is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent, so it can reduce swelling in addition to killing infection-causing bacteria. That said, if you have an infection that doesn't die down, seek medical care.  

3 Best Saline Solutions for Piercings

Healing tissue is sensitive and needs proper care to recover in a healthy way. To ensure you select a saline solution that is safe and effective, follow the advice of professionals and look for products with excellent customer reviews. Based on research and reviews, we've come up with a list of three great saline solutions!

These prices were gathered from their respective e-commerce pages on April 12, 2022.

Amount6 oz.
Formulated withUSP grade water, USP sodium chloride
Amount4 oz.
Formulated withPurified water, sea salt, lysozyme, sodium benzoate

Steri-WashAftercare Piercing Spray


Amount3 oz.
Formulated withPurified water, USP sodium chloride

Compare the 3 Best Saline Solutions for Piercings

NeilMed NeilMed Piercing Aftercare Fine Mist 1


H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray 1


Steri-Wash Aftercare Piercing Spray 1



NeilMed Piercing Aftercare Fine Mist

Piercing Aftercare Spray

Aftercare Piercing Spray


Our Top Pick - Sterile Saline Solution With a Handy Nozzle

Best Enzymatic Sea Salt Spray for Quick Healing

Best Travel-Sized Saline Solution Used in Hospitals

Amount6 oz.4 oz.3 oz.
Formulated withUSP grade water, USP sodium chloridePurified water, sea salt, lysozyme, sodium benzoatePurified water, USP sodium chloride

More Great Saline Solutions for Piercings to Consider

While our top three picks are great all around, these seven other choices are good picks for specific concerns or situations, such as if you want a travel-size bottle or need to treat oral piercings.

Amount1.5 oz.
Formulated withPurified water, sodium chloride
Amount8 oz.
Formulated withHypochlorous acid, electrolyzed water, sodium chloride

H2OceanArctic Ocean Rinse Mouthwash


Amount8 oz.
Formulated withPurified water, sea salt, xylitol, natural flavor, lysozyme, menthol, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate

WacanFast-Acting Broad Application Saline Solution


Amount4 oz.
TypeApplicable solution
Formulated withSea salt, clove bud oil, clove leaf oil; vitamins A, C, and E

After InkedPiercing Aftercare Spray


Amount3 oz.
Formulated withWater, sodium chloride

How to Choose a Saline Solution for Piercings - Buying Guide

Some saline solutions are more popular than others, but the one piece of advice to follow above all others is to find what works for you and stick to it. 

If you don't know where to start or have had problems with other products you've tried, here are some guidelines to keep in mind when looking for a saline solution for piercings.

Look for Safe and Simple Ingredients

Look for Safe and Simple Ingredients

Not all piercing solutions are saline solutions! Simple is best since additives are more likely to interfere with healing than assist in it, but some ingredients are safe and beneficial. For irritated and angry piercings, solutions with chamomile can soothe and speed up healing by opening up blood vessels and drawing out toxins.

Tea tree oil is sometimes included for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. However, tea tree oil is drying and can slow the healing process or cause irritation in new piercings. We would not recommend using it unless advised by a medical or piercing professional. 

The sodium chloride used in saline solution is refined and man-made. If you prefer natural ingredients, sea salt is a feasible substitute. Sodium bicarbonate can be included to reduce stinging or irritation. Though a normal saline solution should not have these negative effects, some may find the sodium bicarbonate offers a gentler cleanse. 

Use Saline Soaks and Sprays for Optimal Aftercare

Use Saline Soaks and Sprays for Optimal Aftercare

Saline solutions usually come in a bottle for soaking or a spray can. Both sprays and soaks will dehydrate harmful bacteria

Saline soaks flush your piercings more fully than a spray. If you do a soak, dispose of any remaining solution instead of reusing it to avoid contamination. Dunk the pierced body part or apply the solution to the location without allowing any liquid to escape. Don't soak your piercing if it is bleeding, as this can prevent clotting.

Sprays are ideal for piercings in a location that is hard to reach or otherwise challenging to soak for a few minutes. Sprays are portable, so they are good for on-the-go, low-maintenance, or immediate care. 

Use Saline Soaks and Sprays for Optimal Aftercare

You can soak or spray your piercing without cotton balls or Q-tips, though these tools can be helpful for getting in corners or crannies. You can also use a saline or sea salt solution for oral piercings by rinsing and spitting the solution.

If you plan on making your own, just know that the Association of Professional Piercers, with both soaks and saline spray, it's better to go for a sterile, bought solution rather than a homemade one! You can still use a homemade soak during the times when you run out of solution, though.

How to Make Your Own Salt Water Soak

Have you ever found yourself running low on saline solution, but not knowing what to do between the time you order a new one online and when it actually arrives at your house? Well, you can actually make a sea salt soak that is also effective at cleaning and caring for your piercings! Here are some tips, tricks, and a recipe from UrbanBody Jewelry.

Need Other Solutions?

Every problem has a different solution! Check out these articles for other products that will help soothe various ailments. 

Amazon's Best Selling Body Piercing Aftercare Products

Author: Claire Copeland

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