• 10 Best Confetti Poppers in 2022 (Confetti Cannons, Amscan, and More) 1
  • 10 Best Confetti Poppers in 2022 (Confetti Cannons, Amscan, and More) 2
  • 10 Best Confetti Poppers in 2022 (Confetti Cannons, Amscan, and More) 3
  • 10 Best Confetti Poppers in 2022 (Confetti Cannons, Amscan, and More) 4
  • 10 Best Confetti Poppers in 2022 (Confetti Cannons, Amscan, and More) 5

10 Best Confetti Poppers in 2022 (Confetti Cannons, Amscan, and More)

When it comes to celebrations, the more festive, the better! Whether it's New Year's Eve, a gender reveal party, or a wedding, a confetti popper is a quick way to level up your celebration with its colorful element of surprise. However, because there are a lot of different confetti poppers out there, we understand that it can be quite overwhelming to choose the right one for your celebration. So, mybest did the hard part for you. 

We looked far and wide and found the top 10 best confetti poppers on the market. Topping our list is Legend & Co.'s air-powered multicolor confetti cannons, which launch biodegradable confetti into the air. Knock yourself out by taking a look at our curated list and checking out our buyer's guide while you're at it!

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How to Choose a Confetti Popper - Buying Guide

When choosing a confetti popper, make sure you get one that is easy to open. Also, consider the kind of confetti that will be released into the air. 

Choose a Popper That's Easy to Open

Choose a Popper That's Easy to Open

Confetti poppers come with different popping methods. While some are easy to open, others may require some force. Keep this in mind especially if you plan on giving one to a child. 

Some confetti poppers have a string that you pull while holding the main body steady. This is pretty easy to do for both adults and children, and we recommend this type for parties with little kids.

Choose a Popper That's Easy to Open

Push pop launchers require a push in order for them to release confetti into the air. Depending on the the material, this method can be a bit hard for little children. If you’re at a party where children are supposed to launch a popper at a certain time, you may want to consider getting one with an easier launching method.

Other poppers require a twist in order to shoot confetti into the air. Like push poppers, they might be a bit difficult for little children to work with. However, adults aren’t likely to have any trouble with these. Some even require a method similar to popping open a champagne bottle!

Pick a Popper With Fun Confetti Fillings

Pick a Popper With Fun Confetti Fillings

In addition to confetti, some poppers also release folded-up streamers. These can look like long, shiny strings. They might be easier to clean up since long streamers are easier to grip and pick up than tiny pieces of paper.

Other confetti poppers release cut-up squiggles or curlicues into the air when they’re burst open. These types of fillings are great for pictures since their minuscule size won’t take up too much of the spotlight. Instead, they’ll add to the ambiance of a photo’s main focus.

Some confetti poppers are designed to release colored powder into the air. This can add a cool smoke-like effect to a special occasion like a gender reveal party or even a wedding. Others even have star-shaped confetti pieces.

Consider the Material That the Confetti is Made Of

Consider the Material That the Confetti is Made Of

Since confetti is something meant to be spread everywhere, consider the material it's made of. Keep in mind that there's a big chance you won't be able to pick up every single piece, since some might be easy to miss because of their small size. 

If you plan on popping confetti at an outdoor event, get poppers containing materials that won't harm the environment you're in. Remember colored dyes may be safe but could still stain floors and sidewalks, so check user reviews if you're concerned about that.

Consider the Material That the Confetti is Made Of

Tissue paper is eco-friendly and can be recycled. On the other hand, confetti made of foil may be made with mylar or plastic which is not biodegradable. Pieces that you aren't able to clean up won't decompose on their own. It's important to keep this in mind especially at an outdoor event. 

Confetti poppers that contain colored powder are usually made of corn or rice starch and food-safe dyes. But you should still avoid breathing it in or getting any in your eyes. These types are best used outdoors, unless you want to clean blue powder off of every surface in the room!

Other confetti poppers have flower petal fillings, which come with a natural scent. These might have a specific shelf life, as petals will decompose or dry and lose their scent. 

10 Best Confetti Poppers

This diverse selection features unique confetti poppers. From streamers to colored powder, these picks are bound to help you to take things up a notch when it comes to throwing a party. 

Legend & Co. Large Confetti Cannons 1

Legend & Co.

Confetti Cannons Air Compressed Party Poppers 1

Confetti Cannons

Amscan Giant Confetti Cannon 1


TUR Brands Party Poppers 1

TUR Brands

Sweet Baby Company Baby Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon 1

Sweet Baby Company

Party Popteenies Surprise Poppers 1

Party Popteenies

The Confetti Cone Company Bridesmaid Confetti Wand 1

The Confetti Cone Company

Pocketfold Invites Surprise Confetti Popper 1

Pocketfold Invites

SFX Blast! Cannons 1


EnFete Confetti Cannon  1



Large Confetti Cannons

Air Compressed Party Poppers

Giant Confetti Cannon

Party Poppers

Baby Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon

Surprise Poppers

Bridesmaid Confetti Wand

Surprise Confetti Popper

Blast! Cannons

Confetti Cannon


Make Time Stop With Slow-Falling Confetti

Confetti With a Bit of Shine and Sparkle

Shoot Streamers 32 Feet into the Air With This Giant Confetti Popper

Spread Shiny Confetti Everywhere With 12 Poppers

Pop a Two-Layer Cloud of Colorful Powder, Shiny Foil, and Tissue

Pop Confetti and Get a Set of Dolls

A Petal Confetti Wand for Bridesmaids-to-Be

Share Exciting News With This Fun Confetti Popper

Make the Moment Sparkle

Make a Special Moment Feel More Magical With Rose Gold

Number of poppers512112461121
Pop methodTwist TwistTwistTwistTwistTwistPush-popPush-popTwistTwist
FillingLittle rectanglesSmall piecesStreamers and confetti accentsSmall piecesPowder and star-shaped confettiVariety confettiPetalsCirclesSmall rectanglesCircles
Filling materialTissueTissuePaperFoil paperTissue, foil, and corn starch Not specifiedPaper, larkspur, and delphiniumsTissue and foilMylarNot specified
ColorsMulticolorMulticolorMulticolorMulticolorBlue or pink with gold accentsMulticolorPink5SilverRose gold

Legend & Co.Large Confetti Cannons


Number of poppers5
Pop methodTwist
FillingLittle rectangles
Filling materialTissue

Confetti CannonsAir Compressed Party Poppers


Number of poppers12
Pop methodTwist
FillingSmall pieces
Filling materialTissue

AmscanGiant Confetti Cannon



Number of poppers1
Pop methodTwist
FillingStreamers and confetti accents
Filling materialPaper

TUR BrandsParty Poppers


Number of poppers12
Pop methodTwist
FillingSmall pieces
Filling materialFoil paper

Sweet Baby CompanyBaby Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon


Number of poppers4
Pop methodTwist
FillingPowder and star-shaped confetti
Filling materialTissue, foil, and corn starch
ColorsBlue or pink with gold accents

Party PopteeniesSurprise Poppers


Number of poppers6
Pop methodTwist
FillingVariety confetti
Filling materialNot specified

The Confetti Cone CompanyBridesmaid Confetti Wand


Number of poppers1
Pop methodPush-pop
Filling materialPaper, larkspur, and delphiniums

Pocketfold InvitesSurprise Confetti Popper


Number of poppers1
Pop methodPush-pop
Filling materialTissue and foil

SFXBlast! Cannons


Number of poppers2
Pop methodTwist
FillingSmall rectangles
Filling materialMylar

EnFeteConfetti Cannon


Number of poppers1
Pop methodTwist
Filling materialNot specified
ColorsRose gold

Baking a Cake for Your Party?

If you're throwing a party anytime soon, check out these products that can help you whip up a beautiful, delicious cake that everyone will enjoy! 

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